Изменение стоимости доставки DPD

News 14.01.2021 Войтик Роман

The best prices and discounts on printing when you order online

News 14.01.2021 Voytik Novel

By automating processes and using modern equipment we were able to get some of the lowest prices in the country when printing via the Internet. We guarantee professional quality and high level of service.

График работы печатного центра Карандаш 25.12.2020 - 10.10.2021

News 24.12.2020 Войтик Роман

Обращение к беларусам

News 30.11.2020 Войтик Роман

Новый онлайн консутруктор для заказа маек, свитшотов, толстовок, сумок с принтами

News 28.10.2020 Войтик Роман

Ways to print photos

News 07.10.2020 Voitik Roman

Overview and description of all the ways print photos. Pros, cons and harakteristika each type of printing.

A refutation of false information

News 07.09.2020 Voitik Roman

Parking in the shopping center "Capital" - first 2 hours free

News 10.07.2020 Voitik Roman

Now in our pavilions in the shopping center "Capital" to arrive has become more convenient - Parking in the Parking lot of a shopping center free the first two hours

Schedule of the pavilions of the printing area with 3 to 5 July

News 01.07.2020 Voitik Roman

Schedule pavilions print center from 1 to 3 may

News 29.04.2020 Voitik Roman