More than 120 free points of distribution across the country, free mail delivery in Belarus orders from 20p. Courier delivery service door to door throughout Belarus and Minsk. Delivery to Russia and CIS.

You can also get your materials in our pavilions in the center of Minsk.

We guarantee the performance and delivery of your orders within the stated period. All products are securely packaged. Large format printed products we can safely pass even in the mail due to the packing in the tube.

Delivery in Minsk:

Delivery within Minsk by courier on weekdays from 9.00 to 20.00, sat and sun from 11.00 to 20.00:

Order amount
Delivery time
More 200.00 RUB
To 14.00 or 14.00
Less than 200.00 RUB
To 14.00 or 14.00
10.00 RUB.
To 14.00 or 14.00
16.00 RUB.
Delivery in Minsk district - paid, 30.00 RUB regardless of the amount of the order.
* Additional information - see the map.

Bulky orders within the Minsk* - delivered on a cargo taxi:
Type of taxi
Order amount
The price of shipping
Cargo taxi
More 550.00 RUB.
200.00 — 550.00 RUB.
Pay only the cost of a taxi truck (35.00 — 40.00 RUB.)
Less than 200.00 RUB
Paid for courier delivery and freight cost taxi
* Additional information - see the map.
Delivery in Minsk district fee, regardless of the amount of the order. Check the cost and terms of delivery by phone +375 17 3 290 290.

Delivery in Belarus:
Order amount
Delivery type
The automatic parcel terminals and outlets in the offices of DPD in Belarus. The distribution points on the mapThe points of delivery DPD *1-3 working daysFree
Less than 20 RUB.
Points in branches of Belpochta. Mail STANDARD Standard mail delivery in Belarus 2-6 working days 5 RUB.
More than 20 RUB.
Less than 200 RUB.
Shipping by courier to your door. Express mail EMS Express mail delivery in Belarus 1-3 working days10 RUB.
More than 200 RUB.
The maximum dimensions of shipments to points of delivery DPD:
- The points of delivery (Length, Width, Height, max weight): 70cm, 50cm, 50cm, not more than 10 kg
The automatic parcel terminals (Length, Width, Height, max weight): 62cm, 40cm, 36cm, 15 kg

The maximum dimensions of shipments for mail STANDARD:
- The maximum length of the largest side – 105cm, the amount SVD – 200cm
- Weight: not more than 30 kg.

The maximum dimensions of shipments for accelerated mail EMS:
- Maximum weight is 30 kg.
- The maximum length of the largest side – 150cm, the amount SVD – 300cm

Divisible parcels might be split into multiple shipments.

Shipping to Russia.
Delivery type
The time of delivery *
Price **
MoscowCourier delivery to door 1-2 business days22 RUB.
Moscow oblastCourier delivery to door 5-6 working days50 RUB.
Saint PetersburgCourier delivery to door 3-5 working days22 RUB.
All RussiaCourier delivery to door up to 12 working days60 RUB.
* in the period of unfavorable epidemiological obstanovki the delivery time may be increased
** Price for the package weight up to 2 kg, for shipments of greater weight the cost of delivery can be increased (check with the Manager when ordering).

Delivery outside of the Republic of Belarus in the CIS and other countries of the world are in the mail.
Check the cost and terms of delivery by phone +375 17 3 290 290.