The contract of a public offer




1.1. This Agreement is a public agreement, according to which LLC "Infoexpert" (the Contractor) undertakes services for printing photo books, photographs, calendars, business cards and other services (hereinafter - services) via the Internet in respect of unspecified persons (Users) who have applied for these services.
1.2. The publication (placing) of this agreement on the website constitutes a public offer (offer) of the Contractor, addressed to an indefinite circle of persons to enter into the agreement.
1.3. Conclusion of the present contract is made by the User to join the agreement, i.e., through the adoption (acceptance) of the terms of this agreement and the information posted on the Website, in General, without any conditions, exceptions and reservations.
1.4. The fact of acceptance (acceptance) of the terms of the present agreement is the user clicks a button "Confirm" on the resources
1.5. Definitions:
Contractor – limited liability company "Infoekspert", UNP 191386320, location Minsk, Nezavisimosti, d. 11, korp. 2, POM. 403/2, tel: +375-17-3290-290
User – a person registered at the Internet site for receipt of services.
Resources – software and design templates, graphic and text materials, as well as other graphic and text material posted on the website
1.6. Place of performance is the Republic of Belarus.


2.1. Provision of services for printing photo books, photographs, calendars, business cards, and perform other services for individual orders placed through the website
2.2. For the performance of its obligations under this contract, the Contractor is entitled to involve third parties, and use of the services and activities of third parties.


3.1. Providing registration information on the resources (hereinafter – the register) to create a user profile by the proposed method, the User thereby confirms the conclusion of the contract on the use of resources layout and printing on individual request with the Contractor on the terms specified in this agreement
3.2. In this case, placing service requests with the resources is right, but not the responsibility of the User.
3.3. The user undertakes to provide the Contractor with accurate and complete information required for registration, conclusion and execution of the contract, and timely to make changes to your user profile in case of change of such information after registration.
3.4. Providing information for registration, the User confirms that he has full legal capacity to contract.
3.5. The contractor guarantees confidentiality of User information and its use solely for the purpose of proper execution of the contract.
3.6. When registering, the User specifies the user name and password, which he undertakes not to disclose for use to third parties.
3.7. In the case of providing incomplete or inaccurate information during registration, the Contractor is entitled to refuse the User registration on the website or to stop it in the future.
3.8. The contractor reserves the right to refuse registration in case the user name and (or) password you can enter a third party into error, to violate the intellectual property rights of third parties, damage to business reputation, honor and dignity of third parties, are obscene or offensive.

4. The use of RESOURCES

4.1. The contractor guarantees to provide the User with complete and accurate information about the services we offer, and permanent storage of materials supplied by the User for at least two years. The contractor shall ensure the storage of completed orders within 1 month.
4.2. Copyright resources belong to the Contractor.
4.3. The user undertakes not to copy, alter or use resources for other purposes except those specified in this agreement.
4.4. When using the resources the User undertakes to respect the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, including:
- not violate copyright, moral, rights, not to denigrate the dignity and reputation of the Contractor and third parties, including not to use other people's pictures without their Express or inferred consent;
- do not use, create, and does not distribute any pornographic, extremist, Nazi, anti-state, as well as materials that advocate violence and cruelty, as well as any other materials, the manufacture and (or) distribution of which is not permitted in accordance with the law.
- do not use images, names, contact information of third parties without their consent, not use them to mislead the Contractor or third parties;
comments and other User notes must not conflict with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and generally accepted norms of morality and ethics.
4.5. In the printout of the document in which there are clear signs of change in the original (for example, the presence of images of seals, stamps, signatures, pasted from other files) may be denied.
4.6. In color printing of official documents, stamps, signatures, sequence numbers stamped "PRINTED FROM DIGITAL MEDIA".
4.7. The seal is not made void (cancelled) the state symbols. Not possible printing of campaign materials (printed materials containing signs of election agitation, agitation on referendum), materials that can be applied in the course of socio-political actions and campaigns. Not used for printing banknotes, securities, payment, travel and other similar documents.
4.8. In these resources the sizes of the layouts of the first figure corresponds to the horizontal size (width).
4.9. When printed as Souvenirs of images of banknotes and coins the size of a banknote should differ markedly from the original: one-sided reproduction of the copy must be less than 75% or more than 125% of the genuine banknotes, while bilateral–less than 50% or over 200% of the original. In the case of the reproduction of separate fragments of images of banknotes such fragments should not be depicted on a background resembling a real banknote. The fragment size must be less than 1/3 the size of the genuine banknote. The fragments should be chosen so that from them could be (to glue) the full image of the banknote. When the reproduction of banknotes in electronic form in the case that a digital image of the banknote is public, it should not exceed 72 dots per inch. Thus the image of the diagonal must be affixed the inscription "PATTERN" "SAMPLE" or "SPECIMEN". The lettering must be contrasting colors, and its length is at least 75% of the length of the image, the height of letters not less than 15% of the width.
4.10. Printing and copying letterhead is carried out on presentation of an official letter of request from the Customer indicating the number of copies. You should also attach a sample letterhead layout. With color printing products with the state emblem, the Customer shall confirm the eligibility of its use –present the certificate of civil servant or a letter from the organization indicating their passport data and passport. When printing the official and other documents, printing and promotional products may require additional evidence of authority of the Customer. When printing and promotional products that contains a reference to a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, the Contractor may request the documents evidencing registration of such legal entity or individual entrepreneur (certificate of state registration, legalized extract from the trading register of country of incorporation).
4.11. For layouts that use state symbols of the Republic of Belarus shall require the User to present the certificate of the civil servant or the documents confirming the right of use of state symbols for the state organisations.
4.12. In case of violation of obligations stipulated in the contract, the Contractor is entitled to refuse to accept the application for execution and shall be entitled to terminate and not allow re-enrollment of the User. If necessary, the Contractor shall be entitled to make claims about bringing the User to civil, administrative or criminal responsibility in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
4.13. When citing materials including copyrighted works, link to required.
4.14. The use of materials without the consent of the copyright holders is not allowed (article 139, 983 GK RB). For the lawful use of the site must be the conclusion of license agreements (licenses) from the copyright holder.
4.15. Rules for the preparation of layouts to print, manufacturing Standards framework for the ordering are an integral part of this agreement.


5.1. After you create a layout using resources when you click "Order" the User navigates to page registration. The user defines the number of services and selects the additional options available. On the page design application displays information about the price and cost of the service.
5.2. Next, the User selects the desired method for receiving the results of the performed application.
5.3. If you need to deliver the User specifies a shipping address or verification of previously specified delivery address.
5.4. Next, the User checks the summary information in the application shall if required submit information to provide discounts, determines the method of payment. In the line "Total" shows the total amount for the services under this agreement. By clicking "Submit", this value shall be agreed upon by the User and must be paid in accordance with the selected User.
5.5. After clicking the Confirm button on the user screen displays information about the acceptance of the application. The user must click the "OK" button, then the screen will display the application number and other supporting information, as well as to the specified registration e-mail address will be sent a letter confirming successful transmission of the application.
5.6. The contractor confirms completion of the request by sending a letter to the specified registration e-mail address of the User.
5.7. When you edit a template the User receives a message warning of a possible discrepancy resolution photographs of the selected format. In the case of confirmation of the use of selected photos in spite of such warnings, the User is solely responsible for compliance with the resolution of the photos to the selected format. The user also checks the correctness of the placement of pictures and the lack of grammatical and spelling errors in the text included in the template. The contractor is not required to inspect the edited and filled template for compliance with quality (resolution) photos and the User-selected format/method of printing, as to correct placement of pictures and text errors and is not responsible for the mismatch caused by such deficiencies.
5.8. The contractor is entitled to refuse to accept the application for execution and (or) rendering services, if the provision of such services in accordance with the specified User parameters for technical or technological reasons not possible.
5.9. Payment requests made by the User in time order and by the methods specified when placing the order. Countdown application execution begins with the moment of payment by the User.
5.10. In the case of non-payment obtained from the customer and is not paid in time the application for execution is not accepted and considered void.
5.11. The contractor must give the User the results of services rendered by selected and edited by a User template, in accordance with the information provided to the User at the conclusion of the contract.
5.12. Shipping is within the time and manner specified on resources
5.13. The user is obliged to inspect the results of services rendered at the time of delivery (at the time of receiving the mailing). In case of absence of justified complaints from the User within one day of receipt of the execution result of the application is that the Contractor fulfilled its obligations under this agreement properly.
5.14 the contractor reserves the right to change listed on the website the timing of the order for technical reasons, for example, if the technological features of the equipment used does not allow to execute the order within a specified time. The volume of the order also could affect the timing of its implementation.


6.1. User Rights:
6.1.1. To qualitatively executed result of the provision of the services within the time specified on the resources
6.2. Rights Of The Contractor:
6.2.1. To unilaterally change the conditions of the public offer without prior agreement with the User.
6.2.2. The detection of errors in artwork provided by the User, as well as other independent Contractor of the circumstances that may affect the quality of the service the Contractor is entitled to warn the User and to suspend work under this contract until the moment of addressing these issues.
6.2.3. In case of refusal of the User from the application, the Contractor may charge the actual cost of the performed at the time of failure of the works taking into account the cost used in the performance of materials in accordance with the current prices of the Contractor.
6.2.4. The contractor has the right to make technological changes without prior consent of the User.
6.3. User Responsibilities:
6.3.1. To prepare electronic artwork and transfer it to the Contractor through resources
6.3.2. Provide the Contractor with all the necessary data to perform the services.
6.3.3. To pay for the services in accordance with the approved By the cost in time order and by the methods specified when placing the order.
6.3.4. To resolve possible property claims on authorship and related rights regarding the content of the layout.
6.3.5. Not to take any action that could be considered as violating the laws of the Republic of Belarus or international law, including intellectual property, copyright and (or)related rights, as well as any actions that lead or may lead to malfunction resources
6.3.6. The user accepts that the resources may be accompanied by advertising. The user agrees that the provider shall not bear any responsibility and has no liabilities connected with such advertisement.
6.4. Duties Of The Executive:
6.4.1. The contractor shall ensure quality work within the time specified on the resources
6.4.2. The contractor shall transmit the results of providing services to the User after the completion of the application.


7.1. The user is solely responsible for all activities that occur under the registered user name, including for violations of rights and legitimate interests of third parties, rights of intellectual property or other violation of law, violations in connection with the content of the layout and use if they are created of materials other than resources
7.2. The user is solely responsible for the accuracy of contact data as well as the contents provided to the Contractor.
7.3. The user bears full and unconditional responsibility for mistakes in the manufacture of the layout.
7.4. The user is solely responsible for complying with the rules make electronic payments and use of Bank cards, including providing false information, unauthorized use of payment instruments to third persons and, if necessary, bear expenses on payment of services of banks and other organizations, which are carried out through electronic payments.
7.5. In the case of User cancellation accepted for processing the request and in case of failure to make payment of services under the agreement, the User shall pay to the Contractor a fine in the amount of the cost of the application (item 6.2.3) and a penalty of 1 (one) percent of the detainees of the payment amount for each day of delay.
7.6. The user is warned that the Contractor is not responsible for the access and use of external resources, links to which can be on the site.
7.7. The contractor shall be liable for the improper performance of its obligations in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus including in accordance with the Law "On consumer rights".
7.8. The contractor is solely responsible for mistakes in the rendering of services, when properly executed by the User of all requirements of preparation of the layout and condition of the accommodation application.
7.9. The contractor is not responsible for the content of ordered services.
7.10. The contractor is not responsible for the quality and suitability of the result of rendering of services in case of violation of User requirements preparation of the layout and condition of the accommodation application.
7.11. The contractor shall not be liable for the suspension or violation of the terms of services by limiting access to resources and (or) failure of the website due to technical reasons due to improper operation of electronic payment systems, mail, or courier service, or otherwise beyond its control reasons.


8.1. The parties are relieved from responsibility for partial or complete nonfulfillment of its obligations hereunder, if this was the result of the action of force majeure circumstances (force majeure), arisen after conclusion of this agreement as a result of events of an extraordinary nature which the Parties could neither foresee nor prevent reasonable measures.
8.2. The force majeure includes events, which the Party cannot influence and for the occurrence of which it is not responsible, such as: war, insurrection, strike, earthquake, flood, fire, severe weather or other natural disasters, government regulations, orders (decrees) of government agencies and officials, laws and other normative acts of the competent authorities adopted after the acceptance of this agreement and render impossible the execution of obligations stipulated by this contract and the actions the state or local public authorities and management, or their representatives, preventing the performance of the terms of this Agreement, and other unforeseen circumstances, including problems in city power, technical problems at transit nodes of the Internet and other disorders of the functioning of networks and data storage outside the sphere of influence of the Parties, but not limited to.
8.3. Upon the occurrence of force majeure, preventing the fulfillment of obligations under the present Contract the period of execution by the Parties of such obligations is postponed in proportion to time of action of these circumstances, and also the time required for the elimination of their consequences, but not more than sixty calendar days.
8.4. If the force majeure circumstances continue to operate over the period specified in clause 8.3 of this Agreement, or when their offensive to both Parties, it becomes obvious that the circumstances last more than this period, the Parties undertake to discuss opportunities of alternative ways of execution of this Agreement or its termination without a refund.


9.1. The contractor may at any time amend this agreement without notice to Users as to bring the agreement into conformity with applicable law, and for other reasons. The user undertakes to regularly check this agreement for updates and (or) changes.
9.2. In case of breach by User of this agreement and (or) legislation of the Republic of Belarus the Contractor is entitled to terminate its registration and thus to terminate the contract on the use of resources to provide services on individual request.
9.3. The user may at any time without prior notice to the other party to terminate the agreement by canceling the registration on the resources Termination of the contract is not exempt from full payment of the application placed before the termination of the contract. Cancellation by the User of the application is possible prior to making application to the work that comes after sending an appropriate notification to the e-mail User.
9.4. The contractor shall be entitled at any time to suspend provision of the services (including receiving orders).


10.1. This agreement is made for better understanding and fulfilment of their rights and obligations by the parties to legal relations arising when placing orders via the Internet site in accordance with the Civil code of the Republic of Belarus, the Law "On consumer rights", the Law "On trade", the Law "On copyright and related rights", Rules of consumer services of the population, the Rules of implementation of retail trade by samples.
10.2. All disputes about or in connection with this agreement will be settled by mutual agreement through negotiations.
10.3. Nothing in the Treaty may be understood as establishing between the User and the Contractor Agency relationship, partnership relations, relations on joint activity, relations of personal hiring, or any other relations, not expressly provided in the agreement.
10.4. In cases not stipulated in this agreement shall be governed by the applicable civil legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
10.5. The book of comments and suggestions, the original registration certificate of the Contractor located at the place of location of the Contractor.