Our business idea

Business idea and mission of the Pencil is to help many people to realize themselves in the modern world, offering a wide range of comfortable and functional amenities for a successful business, bold and memorable career, business and family holidays.
We define the mission of the printing center "Karandash" as an opportunity to improve the lives of every person due to high quality and affordable printing services and create opportunities for realization of creative ideas and customer needs.
In the halls of the printing center "Pencil" you will always find a wide range of beautiful and functional products, and will be able to use the services of the company for business or a family holiday, a successful advertising campaign, create unique celebrations and other important events.
The management and staff of the company adhere to the following principles of working with each client:

Open the workflow

All goods and services are created with one main idea: thanks to the prompt acceptance of orders and immediate fabrication of complex composite products and services can be performed with tremendous speed.
Our equipment allows us to produce printed products in the shortest possible time, so you can attend the creation of most of the goods and to see the process of turning a white sheet of paper in a colorful business cards or calendar.
We always try to save Your time and put quality and reliability above the price that You have succeeded in business, career, family.

Composite price - a real savings

Detailed prices are the cornerstone of business ideas and concepts for the development of the printing center "Karandash".
Every time we strive to produce products and perform services faster, better and more effective for Your success!
We are opening up the possibility of ordering printing products: each service consists of several processes which You can pay separately. Thus, we allow the client to adjust the budget of the order and to choose only those services You need.
Thanks to the separate calculation of all components of an integrated advertising and presentation products are available both together and separately for legal entities or private buyers. This method allows to reduce the advertising budget without reducing the quality or quantity of goods.
You can always delete or add services you need at the time of formation of the order.

Range extension

We follow current trends on the market today and open our customers the maximum possibilities for the production of quality printed materials and Souvenirs. That is why our company offers a wide range of goods and services.
The specialists of our printing centre enthusiastically fulfill even non-standard orders and always try to realize Your ideas in life.
In the pavilions of the company "Pencil" you will always receive a detailed consultation of the operators, and also will find samples of Wedding gifts, New year, birthday, Graduation, a Date and other important events.
Our range includes solutions for presentations, exhibitions and seminars, indoor and outdoor advertising solutions for Your business, construction and educational purposes. Among our products and services are suitable for all family celebrations and important events such as a Wedding, New year, birthday, Graduation, a Date, and many others.

We fulfill your promises

Your order will be delivered right on time and even earlier. We put our enthusiasm to save Your time, constantly expanding the range of services improving and modernizing the procedure of customer interaction and service delivery.
We care about Your well-being and are constantly upgrading the processes of interaction in order to maintain a consistently high level of service and quality of the services provided.

The courier is on his way up

We organized the operational service delivery of orders by Minsk, which allows you to finished product for several hours! Our staff is energetic couriers who are well oriented in the city and will deliver the order to You at a convenient time and place.
You can use the standard delivery in the morning or evening, or choose a premium option – individual delivery order at the exact time.

Easy payment, free shipping all over Belarus

Regular mail delivery or Express service EMS to any place in Belarus, issuing points across the country, as well as the electronic payment system make the procedure of ordering and receipt of orders for You in a convenient and expeditious.
Technology processed
Each service printing center "Karandash" is deeply thought out. Backup equipment and extensive inventories ensure the fulfillment of any order. Center for over 15 years and has established itself as a reliable partner that is easy to build long-term relationships.
Today in the print center "Pencil", you can order everything you need marketing service of the company: from business cards to window-dressing. The equipment of printing centre allows you to produce large print runs really quickly:
  • 5000 business cards in 1 hour
  • 300 000 black-and-white pages in 1 day
  • 100 000 full-color pages in 1 day
  • print advertising banner is only 3 hours
  • frame manufacturer customized 1 hour

Privacy and security

Responsible attitude to each of Your document and order is an absolute condition for the creation of partnerships. The system of video, audio and computer surveillance ensures the safety during production and storage of Your orders.
The position of the leader in modern printing market of Belarus imposes upon us special obligations on transparency and openness of the company, which is an important component of a successful business.

Uniform and stable conditions for each

Printed center "Pencil" is a socially responsible company that pays all taxes of the Republic of Belarus and adheres to complete transparency. Such conditions make it possible to provide uniform conditions of cooperation for all clients, which is highly appreciated by managers of medium and large enterprises, trusting the work to us with his subordinates.
We believe that Your order is an irreplaceable, important and valuable and that is why the print center "Pencil" focuses on the development and automation of admission process and manufacturing orders, and also uses a stable electronic accounting system internal interactions. We are ready to incur additional costs to provide reliable execution of Your order.

Professional response to your request

40 Your helpers working at the same time. Every day the number of our customers grows, and we try to give everyone all the features of our services. Today we are distinguished by reliability, openness to the customer and a variety of printing services.
Please contact us by phone, email or come to the pavilions. Choose for yourself a convenient and reliable way of working. We strive to always provide fast, quality and courteous service to everyone.
The PENCIL is affordable and convenient, it gives the opportunity to realize Your goals.
Come to the PENCIL at work and personal matters.
Always come when You have time, we work seven days a week.

Original print quality

Our main feature is an original consumables and professional equipment that allows us to please customers quality products and timely production of goods. Each the order is checked for compliance with quality standards printed center the Pencil, so you can be sure that you get the best!

Real quality

We use the materials of leading world companies: XEROX, EPSON, CANON, HP, KONICA MINOLTA, RISO, MITSUBISHI, MIMAKI, OCE, provide the competent transportation and comply with required conditions of storage each a particular material, be it paper, ink, Wallpaper or self-adhesive film.
Control of each order
The operator performs quality control of each order. Our equipment is regular testing and maintenance that allows to avoid malfunctions, and ensures consistently high quality manufactured printing goods.

Reliable equipment

In our print centre, all equipment is duplicated, which allows to sustain the efficient execution of orders even in case of force majeure. We care about your success and always try to provide finished goods just in time!
In addition, specialists printed center "Pencil" pay attention to the slightest details of the process: for example, art paintings requirements for scanning and printing is much higher than for black-and-white drawing. We use different equipment for color and black-and-white scan, which allows for maximum image quality during subsequent printing.