Making paintings in a baguette, framed to order

Рамки для живописи

Design of paintings, paintings

Oil paintings are one of the most prestigious and valuable objects of art. Such works are traditionally decorated in a wooden baguette.
Classic still lifes and landscapes look great in carved gold and silver frames. Works of modern art and paintings are most advantageous to design in strict narrow profiles of bright colors or in a metal frame.
Оформление акварельной живописи

The design of watercolor painting

Watercolor drawings in the interior create the effect of lightness, lightness and subtle color transitions. Therefore, the design of watercolors requires a special approach and compliance with strict selection rules. 
In addition to the frame and glass, it is necessary to use a passepartout for greater decorativeness and expressiveness. The unfinished edges of the drawing must certainly be open in order to preserve the lightness and lightness of the work.
Графика в раме

Graphic design

Graphics cover a wide range of techniques: drawing in ink, ink, charcoal, sanguine, pastel, pencils, as well as engraving, lithography, etching. For any kind, the specialists of the Pencil baguette workshop will offer a suitable design. 
The classic design of the drawing in black and white tones looks perfect in a narrow aluminum frame using a wide passepartout of contrasting colors.
Картины по номерам

The design of the painting by numbers

A picture painted by numbers will become a sincere and pleasant decoration of your interior.  Bring the finished work on a stretcher or without it — we will select the most suitable baguette and make a frame for the drawing by numbers in the shortest possible time.

Making paintings in a baguette, framed to order: prices, terms

Empty frame (without glass and passepartout)
Frame size Economy* Prestige** Premium***
15x21 cm 33,40 67,09 134,00
21x30 cm 42,58 86,29 169,88
30x40 cm 55,44 110,61 215,33
40x60 cm 73,43 150,80 287,09
60x80 cm 97,05 200,21 382,77

Frame with glass and foam board backdrop
Frame size Economy* Prestige** Premium***
15x21 cm 39,41 73,10 140,01
21x30 cm 54,80 98,51 182,10
30x40 cm 77,48 133,88 238,60
40x60 cm 119,10 195,54 333,62
60x80 cm 190,12 293,28 475,84

Frame with passepartout, glass, foam board backdrop
Frame size Economy* Prestige** Premium***
15x21 cm 49,63 83,43 153,17
21x30 cm 67,31 111,25 200,59
30x40 cm 94,07 150,90 266,58
40x60 cm 144,29 221,58 381,59
60x80 cm 232,49 337,37 563,77

  • The prices are preliminary. Check by phone. + 375 17 3 290 293
  • Glass - glossy or frosted, thickness 2 mm
  • * narrow wooden undecorated baguette, passepartout - with a cream cut
  • ** decorated wooden baguette, passepartout - with a white cut
  • *** premium decorated wooden baguette, passepartout - velvety, with a white cut

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Prices are indicated for printing from a ready-made layout. Delivery in Belarus from 75 rubles for free.

Центры обслуживания, самовывоз
Ул. Гикало, 3
Ул. Б. Хмельницкого, 7
Площадь Независимости
(ТЦ "Столица")
Курьер Карандаш
12,00 руб или бесплатно от 300 руб.
Минск и Беларусь
12,00р. или бесплатно от 100р.
Минск и Беларусь
12,00р. или бесплатно от 100р.
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15,00р. или бесплатно от 300р.
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Грузовое такси
Минск и Минский р-н
48,00р. или бесплатно от 1000р.
Безопасная оплата
  • Картой или ЕРИП
  • Безналичный расчет
  • При получении в Карандаш или Белпочта

Making pictures in a baguette

We select the design for any artwork:

  • Oil painting-frame classic or modern canvases on canvas or cardboard with a baguette
  • Watercolour painting-we will preserve and emphasize the effect of lightness of watercolour works with the help of passepartout
  • Passepartout graphics with colored and black sections will create a classic design or take the perception of the work beyond the usual framework
  • Paintings by numbers – we will select the perfect design for amateur works, including paintings painted on numbers

Our works
Production of frames for the design of paintings to order

Baguette workshop "Pencil" - in the center of Minsk

Address of the baguette workshop:

Minsk, Gikalo str., 3
 Metro station "Yakub Kolas Square"
near the Central Department store

Workshop schedule:

Mon-Sat: 8.00 - 20.00;
Sun: 10.00 - 20.00.


+375 (17) 3 290 295
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It was a very amazing experience. My briefcase. It was necessary to make a scroll of non-standard size and non-standard design in a day! Votik Anastasia immediately got into the orders and provided maximum assistance, and the tone of communication (and we communicated a lot, because I am a demanding customer) was positive and friendly. Thank you so much for your involvement, friendliness and wonderful and above all expectations result!
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Very quickly!
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I am very grateful for the prompt, high-quality work. I ordered stickers for gift bags for children at graduation in elementary school. The order was completed in a few hours and shipped on the same day, so everything arrived on time and made it possible to please the children. Thank you for completing the order very quickly. The quality is excellent. The price is affordable. I recommend the pencil printing center!
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To be honest, I didn't know that a branch of the Pencil printing center had opened on Gikalo! I had an urgent order, but not printing a couple of sheets, but printing a roll-up! And this is far from fast! The guys did it in less than 2 hours! The cost of work has been increased for the urgency of the work, but it is not so important when it is on fire! Thank you very much for your help and assistance! For a professional approach to your work! Also, while waiting for an order, you can drink delicious coffee from the Varka network, they are in the same open space!
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