Cardboard boxes are the most popular types of packaging materials. Performing the function of convenient and practical packaging, the box also is an effective marketing tool in promoting your brand.

It is important to take care of the original design, recognition and appropriate quality of packing.
We produce boxes with the logo for your products, which will present her in the best light, to attract the attention of the target audience and will provide the necessary storage conditions of the contents.

Bright and stylish packaging to attract the attention of potential buyers, to stress the special attitude to the customer, employee or business partner.
We manufacture corrugated cardboard boxes or heavy paper. The logo or name of your organization can be done as a simple sticker. Also available with full-color pasting adhesive tape.

Our company offers services in manufacturing of boxes from one copy to large print runs.

To create your perfect box we offer more than three hundred types of scans. You just need to specify the desired size and configuration.

Custom design

Our skilled professionals are ready to adapt your layout or develop a custom design for boxes of any complexity.

We offer the service of manufacturing a prototype of the scanner in a single copy, to avoid errors when ordering and the creation of the stamp for cutting of circulation.

In our catalogue you can find some templates for boxes.

Production time:

Piece instance - within one working day.
Manufacturer of circulation for a few days, after approval of the first instance.
To order, send a request by e-mail or call +375(17) 3290296!
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