Photomosaic gives you the opportunity to capture the most important events in the form of the original panels as a gift for loved ones. This image from hundreds of smaller photos. From a distance they look like a whole picture, but up close individual pictures. It is a kind of puzzle. Most often the basis is a person or people who designed this picture.
The mosaic will look particularly impressive if the size of the finished picture will be no less than 60x80 cm In this case, you can see all the elements of a large canvas.
You will also have the opportunity to get a picture with maximum comfort and choice printed materials:
  • canvas
  • paper
  • self-adhesive film

Basis mosaic can be any image:
  • portrait
  • logo
  • reproductions of famous paintings
To create these panels of images You will help our design Department.
If You want to make someone an original and interesting gift, no doubt, a mosaic of photos will be one of the best options!
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