The birth of a child is an important event in every family. Time goes by, the baby grows up and remain things that mean a lot to You, with whom You want to leave. We know how to keep them in the best way that they many years of joy to You.

3D design. Traces of little hands and feet. Concise and restrained design in blue and grey tones. No distractions, all attention on the objects. In this case, they are placed under Museum glass. Transparent glass with a UV filter: protects subject from effects of sunlight.

Also the original way to approach the design of important dates is made in the form of embroidery. The overall impression of a light baguette and Passepartout mild. Neat complement also serves as a gray-blue Mat. A geometric figure cut makes the operation more balanced and complete.
If you want to save the pictures, this is best done by printing the photo album. So all the joyful moments of childhood are assembled together. This will help You our ready-made designs. This is a very exciting, convenient and simple: choose your favorite design and placing the desired number of images, and place orders online.
If want to approach to the creation of the album is more original, this will help our design Department. Children – this is happiness. Thanks to them, Your life changes for the better, it becomes more filled and joyful.
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