Corporate and personal gifts on February 23

Every man deserved!

February 23 — a great opportunity to show all men their significance and to Express gratitude for the courage, strength and protection. Choose a sincere and original gifts for husband, brother, fathers, sons, colleagues at work.

Beermats (coasters mug or Cup) — an unusual gift that will surprise and will be useful to any man. You can order from one piece for work colleagues or a whole set with different designs for the loved one. The coasters not only protect the table from scratches but also give a sense of caring, comfort.

See the catalog of beer coasters on the Day of defender of the Fatherland.
Perhaps the classic way to congratulate the men as the office and home is a poster with pictures of military style. Add enthusiastic inscriptions and words of gratitude to show how you value men. Choose an existing layout from the catalog, print out your or ask one of our designers who will do a photo collage in the required style.

See the catalog of designs for posters.
Any man will appreciate a good bottle of alcohol as a gift. If this bottle is registered, a designer label — the gift will cause a storm of emotions. This souvenir will remain as a decoration for many years and will be the pride of the owner.

See the catalog of designs for labels on the bottle on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.
Don't know what to give on February 23? T-shirt or sweatshirt with print — a nice and versatile gift for any man. You can choose the design, the hobby or theme of the celebration. Perfect for corporate greetings men: think of a caption or slogan of the company, add a logo. For example, each employee can be assigned a personal number, like a football team, write his name.

See the catalog of designs for puzzles with a photo on February 23.
Your man likes to cook, or is it his profession? Apron with the image or inscription is an unexpected and original gift that will be estimated by any representative of the stronger sex.

See the catalog of designs for aprons on February 23.
Get your photo in a beautiful design is always nice, and photo on canvas or a modular pattern is a modern and stylish gift that will decorate any room: living room, bedroom and even office. Add beautiful lettering or quote of a great man.

Proceed with selecting the design and creation of photos on canvas for Defender's Day.
All men love baseball caps: it is an indispensable accessory in summer Sunny weather and the trips to nature. You can order a custom cap design, and your man will be the owner of a unique accessory that can not buy in the store. Such gifts are especially appreciated and bring joy.

Go to the directory of designs of caps for 23 of February.
Ideal for congratulating colleagues, dad, brother or spouse. Mug — daily use, so your kind words and original design will be to remind every day about your devotion and care, to give a good mood at work or home.

To see the catalogue of designs of mugs on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland
Personal pillow with a photo or inscription will appeal to any man: it can be left in the car to take with you on a picnic or just to use at home while watching TV. A useful gift that creates comfort at home or comfort in the car.

See the catalog of designs for pillows on February 23.
Sweets loved by adults and children, so the wrapper for the chocolate in the style of Feb 23, you please any man: from a boy to an adult businessman. Use a sweet addition to your main gift and surprise a loved one.

Choose the design of wrappers for chocolate on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.
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