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Delicate wedding collection design "Fresh flowers"

Wedding printing is an integral part of any wedding event. The main task, in addition to the decorative component is in communicating important information about the organizational aspects of the celebration.
In our print centre we strive to create elegant and special printing for weddings. In creating the image of a wedding event can help you with our collection of printed products "Fresh flowers".
Свежие цветы
Spring amazing time of the year that we love for fresh air, soft sun the light and heat. Our professional designers when creating the collection was inspired by spring atmosphere and delicate flowers, which are the main element the wedding decor.
The idea of laying the awakening of nature, freshness, light tone. Thanks to the chosen colour scheme was able to achieve lightness and airiness characteristic of any wedding. Main colors are green and light pink. The composition of white and pale pink buds and fresh greens complement the stylish typography and subtle graphic elements. Floral the composition emphasizes the importance of the moment, creates a soft, fresh and feminine image.
Design "Fresh flowers" is a great choice for decoration of a wedding in pastel colours. This palette is perfect for wedding, nature, fine with the picturesque environment highlighting the natural beauty. Invitation or Seating plan in the style of "Fresh flowers" will be perfect addition to the wedding in style:
  •          Eco
  •          Retro
  •          Country
  •          Scandinavian
  •          Rustic , etc.
Printing in the style of "Fresh flowers" will be a good addition to the design of country weddings, for example, on a country estate with cozy decor, which is dominated by live flowers, candles and light bulbs, and live music. Such a wedding can be also organized in the tent on the river Bank. The decor can dominate green color, and pastels. Thus, the design will organically merge with nature and to complement her beauty.
Пример офорления
The design also perfectly complement the wedding in the style of Scandinavian minimalism. Lots of greenery, natural materials, wooden furniture and large Windows in the interior are in based individution of a wedding in this style. Basic principles – clean lines, forms, freedom, lightness and light. The decor uses a lot of ceramics, glass and candles. An integral part of a table decoration and the bride's bouquet with using a large amount of greens.
Пример оформления
Printing products "Fresh flowers" perfectly complement the wedding party in eco-style. The atmosphere this wedding is filled with warmth and the feeling of a family dinner in the city without frills and luxury. Main scenery: forest vegetation, moss and herbs. In the decor uses many colors, wood saw cut and the arch style macrame. The palette is dominated by green, grey, blue and dusty pink.
Пример оформления
Design being universal will be a great element of your important event which may be a wedding, birthday, anniversary etc.

How to order

You can perform design in our online editor. Service online print Foto Karandash requires no special skills, no need to install additional programs.
You can pick up the finished product in the pavilions of the printing centre, or choose delivery by courier in Minsk, mailed to Belarus.
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