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  • Dimensions and technologies

Prices, discounts, deadlines

Срочное фото на документы в центре Минска

Urgent photo for documents

Take a photo for documents in Minsk
It is convenient to take photos for documents at affordable prices - passport, visa, photo for a pass, questionnaire, honor board - in the Pencil service centers. We are located in the center of Minsk at the following addresses: Quick photo on a document
We will take photos of the documents as quickly as possible:
  • Urgent photo – it will be ready within 5-7 minutes. The time is indicated without taking into account the possible queue in the pavilion.
  • Photo for documents to order – it will be ready the next day after placing the order, it is cheaper than an urgent photo.
  • A copy of the photo for documents – we can take a photo for documents using your photo. The original must be of good quality. A copy can to be executed urgently and to order.

Prices, discounts, deadlines
Urgent photo for documents19,9
Photos for documents to order17,9
Urgent copy of the photo for documents17,9

Dimensions and technologies

Sizes, modes and technologies of photos for documents

Photo sizes for documents
We can print photos on documents of almost any format, our operators will advise you on photo requirements for various embassies or passport offices. Before placing an order, we recommend that you clarify the current requirements for the photo from the receiving party: size, background, percentage of face, type of paper. Below are the most popular formats:
  • passport photo - 4×5 cm, face from 32 to 35 mm
  • photo for a visa with certain photo requirements - 3×4; 3,5×4,5; 3,5×4,0; 4×5; 4×6; 3,5×3,5; 5×5, the background is gray, white, etc.
  • photos for passes, certificates, photos for personal affairs - 2×3, 4×6, 3×4 with corner, 3×4 without corner, 3,5×4,5; 4×5; 4,5×6; 9×12
  • photos for the honor board – 10×15, 13×18, 15×21, 20x30

How we take photos for documents
The technology of urgent photo for documents includes 3 stages:
  • With a digital camera, we take several pictures (up to 3 pcs. for free), from which you choose the option you like
  • We copy the photo to a computer, make color correction and cosmetic retouching of the photography. Cosmetic retouching involves correcting temporary, small skin defects, while the shape and facial features remain unchanged.
  • We print the photo of the size you need

Additional options for urgent photo documents
  • Send by e-mail, write to a USB stick - we will record photos on documents on digital media for free, send them to e-mail.
  • Matte or glossy printing paper - according to your requirements, embassy information, passport office, etc.
  • Photo in an official suit - the specialists of our Design Studio can change the clothes in the photo to an official suit. Please note: photos with design processing (changing graphic elements, photomontage, finishing, applying filters) may not be accepted by a third party for use in documents or for other purposes. The deadline for such an order is 20-40 minutes.

Photos for documents of small children
In our pavilions, we photograph children who are sitting on a chair on their own. We recommend photographing younger children at home on their own. Take a few pictures on any modern smartphone or camera that will meet the following requirements:
  • Background: uniform monochrome (preferably light or white)
  • Lighting: uniform straight without sharp shadows
  • Foreshortening: direct, direct look into the frame
  • Face: mouth closed, no smile, eyes open
  • Size: the photo is waist-high or slightly smaller so that the operator will crop the photo in accordance with the requirements of the document
Send the received photos to e-mail with an indication of the contact phone number and information about the type of document for the photo (visa of the country, etc.).

Photos for documents. Quickly. High quality

  • Professional approach - experienced operators will advise on the sizes, photo requirements for basic documents, popular visas.
  • Urgently and efficiently - you can take photos of documents with us in just 5-7 minutes, services are performed on professional equipment, we use original consumables.
  • Digital copy - we will not only print out photos for documents, but also send a digital version to your email for free, write it on a flash card

The Pencil Printing Center is located in the center of Minsk, next to the metro

Where are we located:

Minsk, Gikalo str. 3
 art.m. "Yakub Kolas Square"
near the Central Department Store

Polygraphy and photography. Large format printing. The baguette workshop. Design studio.

Work schedule:

Mon-Sat: 7.30 - 21.00;
Sun: 10.00 - 21.00.


+375 (17) 3 290 293

Minsk, Independence Square
 metro station "Lenin Square"
crossings at the entrance to the Stolitsa shopping center

Polygraphy and photography. Drawings, posters. Souvenirs and promotional gifts

The working hours of the pavilions:

Mon-Sat: 7.30 - 21.00;
Sun: 10.00 - 21.00.


+375 (17) 3 290 291

Minsk, Bogdan Khmelnitsky str. 7
 art.m. "Academy of Sciences"
Behind the cinema "October"

Polygraphy and photography. Drawings, posters. Souvenirs and promotional gifts

The opening hours of the pavilion:

Mon-Sat: 7.30 - 21.00;
Sun: 10.00 - 21.00.


+375 (17) 3 290 297

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Selivanova Tatiana
About delivery
This is not the first time I have applied to Pencil. Everything is always at the highest level. But today I needed a photo very urgently. I came to the closing and it is logical that my order has already gone the next day.. after my request, the operator girl fulfilled my order. Thank you very much, Yulia Dadychenko! Stolitsa Shopping Center.
star star star star
Adequate staff, calm, quiet atmosphere inside. I took a pack of passport photos, we did everything quickly and efficiently. As for the prices: the average price may be a little too high, so 4 stars
Vladislav Andreev
star star star star star
I want to Express my gratitude to the staff of "Pencil "in the street Minsk.Thank you very much for your work with the photos on the passport of my children. Everything turned out just fine! Especially Zoe(the name sorry can't remember)Zoe you are a great man!!! Happiness,joy,love you!!! With respect and much gratitude Elizabeth.
Wojciechowska, Elizabeth V.
About print
star star star star star
I rarely write reviews, but here I just want to say a HUGE THANK you to this Pencil for what it is! Pencil is the best online store! And now the details: 1) the quality of the products. Did passport photo (by the way, this was THE best passport photo I've ever seen!). All things were made in great quality (we ordered a modular picture, mug, photo book, photo collage.). 2) CUSTOMER SERVICE. The pencil is very much concerned about their reputation and tries to do everything possible to make the buyer satisfied. For example, two weeks after I took the photo on the passport, I realized that I need an electronic copy. Of course, no receipt, no order number I already had. Constant despite that, my photo found and sent by e-mail (absolutely free!). This is just one example of many, when we helped support. 3) PAYMENT. We live abroad and to pay for the goods in online stores is very problematic. You should send copies of your passport, wait a few days for the approval of the store, in principle, many do not take payment online. In pencil it's simple. they use the Webpay system, any problems, delays in payment, etc. is Super! 4) SPEED. Orders are fulfilled very quickly! Super fast! Almost always the same day or the next day to receive your order. 5) QUALIFIED PERSONNEL. All employees of the pencil is very polite people who always behave professionally and can quickly answer any question. I love this store more for a huge selection of products, design freedom (I can do any design, comfortable working in their program), quality, speed, ease of payment and shipping. Very nice pencil!!
Borisova Tatiana
About Product
The best experience possible!
About print
A wonderful quality printing!
About delivery
Courtesy and professionalism
star star star star star
👍👍💯💯🔥🔥I placed an order 2 times. A large number, I corrected it myself in a "Pencil", they printed it out and sent it. The quality of the photo is cool, thick paper, they are sent without delay. I have Minsk-Gomel in 1 day. They sent it in the evening, took it in the morning. With all questions, nuances and other things, employees call up, write to the mail, help. The attitude towards customers (in my case) is excellent. I definitely recommend contacting Pencil, because they have: service + quality of work + price=🔥
Anna Puseva.
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About delivery
star star star star star
It was a very amazing experience. My briefcase. It was necessary to make a scroll of non-standard size and non-standard design in a day! Votik Anastasia immediately got into the orders and provided maximum assistance, and the tone of communication (and we communicated a lot, because I am a demanding customer) was positive and friendly. Thank you so much for your involvement, friendliness and wonderful and above all expectations result!
Ilya Stovba.
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Above all praise
About delivery
Very quickly!
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