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Photos of the documents

  • Photos of the documents
  • Equipment and materials

Photos of the documents

Срочное фото на документы в центре Минска
When preparing important documents, every minute counts, so each of us are faced with the need to print an urgent photo on documents, such as passport or visa.
We are doing this! Within 7-10 minutes your photos will be ready.
We are in the center of Minsk:
  • on Independence square (metro station Ploshchad Lenina)
  • 7, B. Khmelnitskogo street, behind the cinema "October" (metro station Academy of Sciences)

Printing ID photos:

  • Urgent photo on documents – will be ready within 7-10 minutes. Time are subject to a possible turn in the pavilion.
  • Not urgent photo on documents (in order) – will be ready for tomorrow. This photo is cheaper and will be ready the next day after ordering;
  • A copy of the photo on documents – in the presence of pictures (negativity) we can make it a photo on documents. The original must be of good quality. A copy can be performed promptly and to order.

How do we do it?

Фото на документы - форматы фотографий
  • We carry a digital camera some pictures (up to 3 PCs for free), from which you can choose any option.
  • Then photo copied to the computer are color correction and cosmetic retouching photos. Beauty retouching includes correction of the time, small defects of the skin; shape and facial features remain the same.
  • You are printing a photo the right size according to the customer requirement.
  • Our designers can change the clothes in the photo to the official costume. Please note: the pictures with the design process (change of graphic elements, photo montage, drawing, applying filters) may not be accepted by a third party for use in documents or for other purposes.

    For more information about printing photos on the documents printed in the center of the Pencil

    • We can produce both color and black-and-white photo for any document.
    • Photo printing is done on matte or glossy photo paper according to customer requirements.
    • We can do a photo on documents without printing on paper, saving it on digital media.
    • A free recording on digital media and send file to e-mail client.
    • We print pictures on any kinds of documents - passport, visa, student ticket etc.

    Popular formats of photos:

    We can print your photos almost any size. Our operators will advise you on the requirements of ID photos for different embassies or the passport offices. Before ordering we advise you to check the current photo requirements Embassy (size, background, percent, person, type of paper). Below are the most popular formats:
    • passport photos - 4×5 cm, the face 32 to 35 mm
    • photos for the visa with the specific photo requirements - 3×4; 3,5×4,5; 3,5×4,0; 4×5; 4×6; 3,5×3,5; 5×5, background grey, white, etc.
    • photos on pass certificates, photos for personal Affairs - 2×3, 4×6, 3×4 corner, 3×4 area, 3,5×4,5; 4×5; 4,5×6; 9×12
    • photos for the honor roll (according to customer requirements) – 10×15, 13×18, 15×21

    Equipment and materials

    We use professional equipment and original consumablesthat allows you to carry your photos in excellent quality.
    Experienced operators will advise you on the size of ID photos, choose the material for printing photos. Our operators make professional color correction and cosmetic retouching your photos.
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    I want to Express my gratitude to the staff of "Pencil "in the street Minsk.Thank you very much for your work with the photos on the passport of my children. Everything turned out just fine! Especially Zoe(the name sorry can't remember)Zoe you are a great man!!! Happiness,joy,love you!!! With respect and much gratitude Elizabeth.
    Wojciechowska, Elizabeth V.
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    star star star star star
    I rarely write reviews, but here I just want to say a HUGE THANK you to this Pencil for what it is! Pencil is the best online store! And now the details: 1) the quality of the products. Did passport photo (by the way, this was THE best passport photo I've ever seen!). All things were made in great quality (we ordered a modular picture, mug, photo book, photo collage.). 2) CUSTOMER SERVICE. The pencil is very much concerned about their reputation and tries to do everything possible to make the buyer satisfied. For example, two weeks after I took the photo on the passport, I realized that I need an electronic copy. Of course, no receipt, no order number I already had. Constant despite that, my photo found and sent by e-mail (absolutely free!). This is just one example of many, when we helped support. 3) PAYMENT. We live abroad and to pay for the goods in online stores is very problematic. You should send copies of your passport, wait a few days for the approval of the store, in principle, many do not take payment online. In pencil it's simple. they use the Webpay system, any problems, delays in payment, etc. is Super! 4) SPEED. Orders are fulfilled very quickly! Super fast! Almost always the same day or the next day to receive your order. 5) QUALIFIED PERSONNEL. All employees of the pencil is very polite people who always behave professionally and can quickly answer any question. I love this store more for a huge selection of products, design freedom (I can do any design, comfortable working in their program), quality, speed, ease of payment and shipping. Very nice pencil!!
    Borisova Tatiana
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    The best experience possible!
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    A wonderful quality printing!
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    Courtesy and professionalism
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    The website chic. It's very simple and clear...the Speed, quality and responsiveness of staff all at the highest level! Ordered 56 pieces photo figure 48 A4 and I paid only 30 rubles!!! Pleases discounts. When paying via SSIS 3%, and when the first order collage with their layout gave 10% on your next order! It is now my favorite in printing pictures...
    Grudnichka Olesya
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    Just Shine.
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    Quality customer 100%
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    Super. All doubted the choice, but it turned out that in vain
    About delivery
    I love it..from the moment of ordering and the finished photo on hand it's only been three days. Ordering