• Eyelets for banner
  • The cord for the banner

Eyelets for banner

Люверсы для баннеров в Минске
Using eyelets can secure the banner on the street and indoors. The grommets are round metal rings that are installed around the perimeter of the banner. The recommended distance between grommets – 400-500 mm, the distance from the installation center of grommet to edge of trim - 25 mm, to a safe zone of 20 mm.
Threading through them a special cord, you can stretch the fabric banner and hang it on any wall. This mounting option is ideal for placement of advertising banners above the roadway.
If you want to fix banner poster directly on the wall, install hooks at several points and cover them with your banner with grommets – so you get a perfect material tension and secure fit.
The convenience of these mounts is that you can remove the banner without damaging neither the wall nor the material itself.
Diameter of grommet – 10 mm.

The cord for the banner

Шнуры для баннера
Special elastic cord will help you to securely attach your banner ad in any place and in any conditions.
The cord is passed through a mounted on banner eyelets, stretched on both sides and is fixed to the wall, for example, on nails or hooks.
Thus, you can advertise anywhere: on the street, and indoors.
  • Color of cord: white.
  • Diameter: 8 mm.
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