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Ризография А4, А5 в МинскеDr is the process of black and white duplicating, or copying with a digital duplicator (risograph). This is the best option for printing black and white text materials that do not contain dense fill and dies. For this kind of printing is characterized by low cost per print compared with a digital black-and-white or color printing.
The icon is used to print large amounts of handouts of one kind. Most often, leaflets, questionnaires, forms, flyers, ads.
Duplication is economically feasible to use when printing from 50 copies of an A4 of the same species. If you need variable data printing, for such purposes, use black-and-white laser printing.

Print speed

The copy on the printing machine is characterized by high speed: the printing speed is 60-130 copies per minute depending on type and weight of paper.


Название/количество1 и более
Прожиг мастер-пленки для каждого оригинала1,30
Название/количество1 - 4950 - 99100 - 199200 - 499500 - 9991000 - 19992000 - 29993000 - 4999>4999
Ризография, стр. А40,080,080,080,080,080,070,070,070,04

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Prices are in Belarusian rubles.

Print format

Printing will be executed only for A4. Materials smaller (A5, A6) are arranged on the A4, after printing is performed by cutting.


Risography printed in the center of the "Pencil" is carried out on professional level equipment. It can print both on white and on coloured paper of A4 size with a weight of 80 to 160 g/m2.

To make your materials more noticeable, we recommend you to use paper in bright colors. In our center you will find a wide assortment of such colored paper.

The image is formed due to the absorption of paint into the paper surface, so the icon on glossy and coated paper is not performed. It should be noted that the ink for risograph are completely safe, they do not contain harmful impurities is an aqueous oil-based paint glycerin.

Should be considered when preparing the layout

Duplication can be made from the electronic layout, and paper. If the materials are submitted in paper form, it must be thick paper with printed image on one side only. Otherwise, when scanning the image of the back side can be enlightened and be displayed in the layout.

Some important technical facts about the icon:

  • The copier has the technical fields around the perimeter of A4 0.5 cm Information at a distance of 1 cm from the edge of the sheet will not be printed, not scanned from the original layout.
  • Equipment could not provide an exact match copies. It's error when printing is 3-5 mm.

More features of the design for the icon can be found in our "Rules of preparation of files for printing"

Materials for the risography

Risography used for paper with a weight of 80 to 160 g/m2. Print on coated and glossy paper not made. You can print both on white and on colored paper. Possible icon on sticker paper.

Materials list for the icon

MaterialFeature Description
Simple paper 80 g/m2
economical white paper
For printing routine jobs.
Paper 80 g/m2
paper of different colors
Gives the attractiveness and diversity of your office and promotional documentation. Can be used for color classification of documents or as separators.
Paper color
160 g/m2
thick colored paper of different colors
Gives the attractiveness and diversity of your office documents and promotional materials, separators. Longer service life than thin paper.
Premium semi-matte paper - the standard for color printing 90 g/m2
professional presentable white paper
High quality prints with a smooth surface, homogeneous structure and high ratio of white. Suitable for printing simple flyers, leaflets, letterheads, other documents and advertising materials.
Premium semi-matte paper - the standard for color printing is 120 g/m2
professional white paper tighter standard
The opacity of the sheet ensures a good contrast of the printed image. Due to the more dense texture widely used for printing flyers, letterheads, brochures, catalogs, posters, etc.
Premium semi-matte paper - the standard for color printing, 160g/m2
professional white paper medium density
Paper density and high opacity of the sheet allows you to print flyers, brochures, catalogs, posters premium destination. Also used for calendars.
Printing technology: laser color and black and white.
Self-adhesive paper white
paper with an adhesive layer on the reverse side
Samokleyashcheysya paper used in the manufacture of labels, stickers, self-adhesive labels and other advertising and information products.
Self-adhesive paper yellow
Colored paper with adhesive on the reverse side
Gives originality and diversity when printing different promotional materials. Used in the manufacture of bright stickers, self-adhesive labels and other advertising and information products.

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