Wall flip calendars from 4.41 BYN when ordering "Online promo 48 hours". More detailed
Wall flip calendars from 4.41 BYN when ordering "Online promo 48 hours". More detailed

Labels, stickers


To order prints stickers is easy: choose a design in a catalog or book your layout

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To buy stickers, stickers

Urgent printing of labels and shipping 1 day
Manufacturer of stickers, labels, labels of any shape, color and size: round, rectangular, square. Plotter cut stickers along the contour. Printed center "Pencil" uses only original consumables and guarantees high quality printing and cutting. The total printing speed of our equipment allows to print 25-45 square feet per hour depending on the material used and the print resolution. Equipment is duplicated, that allows to process any number of copies.

Stickers and labels make it easy to brand any of your products
Use the stickers for packaging, personalization of the brand, business mail, advertising campaigns, corporate gifts and business gifts. Order your self adhesive address labels or stickers with the return address that helps your business stand out to increase awareness and sales. You can buy Christmas stickers to create personalized gifts, signs the content of folders, boxes, cans, storage items, and other tasks of your projects and businesses.

Use prepared layouts in the catalogue or order design stickers
Select decals and stickers on any topic in our catalog of designs. Make an appointment with the designer and order your unique design stickers. We can also help you to edit the ready-made designs of stickers in the online editor or to quickly print your finished layout stickers.

Prices on stickers, stickers
STICKERS, copies/1 set*110100
Rectangular (itself maples. paper, laser print)
38х21, 63х38, 64x34, 70x25, 99x38, 99x68 mm2,75Of 2.06Of 1.61
A6 (105х148 mm)9,104,553,11
A5 (148x210 mm)8,324,473,13
A4 (210x297 mm)Of 7.934,423,07
A3 (297x420 mm)7,544,383,07
Round (itself maples. film, inkjet print)
Diameter 55 mm, set of 50 PCs.12,7810,687,78
Diameter 70 mm, set of 32 PCs.12,8510,79Of 7.88
Diameter 100 mm set of 15 PCs.13,0011,128,06

  • * the label size and the quantity in 1 set: 38х21 mm - 65 PCs., 63х38 mm - 21 PCs., 64х34 mm - 24 PCs, 70х25,4 mm - 33 PCs, 99х38 mm - 14 PCs., 99х68 mm - 8 PCs., A6 (105х148 mm) - 8 PCs., A5 (148x210 mm) - 4 PCs., A4 (210x297 mm) - 2 PCs, A3 (297x420 mm) - 1 PCs., d=55 mm - 35 PCs., d=70 mm - 20 PCs., d=100 mm - 8 PCs. other size, shape and materials. Call: +375 17 3 290 290.
  • Printing from the layout prepared in the online editor or in accordance with the Rules of preparing layouts. When printing from a catalogue of designs, the price increases by the price-use design Printing center "Karandash". A complete system of prices and discounts provided in our price list. Calculate the price stickers for your layout.
  • The production time of 24 hours (for orders up to 200 RUB.). Perhaps supercrane manufacturer: the opportunity to price check with the operator on the phone +37517 3 290 290.

Calculate your layout

Labels, stickers

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Prices are for printing from the ready-made layout. The shipping cost is not included, delivery is possible all over Belarus

Make a stylish gift using a personal stickers is easy and simple.

To do this, use ready-made stickers in our catalog. Try stickers with your wishes, logo and name. After all, the value of a personalized gift is much higher! Add good, nice greetings and wishes. Give stylish gifts and create pleasant memories about your event.
With stickers you can easily transform any gift set of tea, coffee, cosmetics, chocolates, a jar of honey or a packet of nuts and a set for men, women, corporate recruitment staff and partners.

Our works
Stickers, decals, labels printing
star star star star star
I ordered round stickers across onlinedoctor. Work it simple and clear. Were the issues with the original photo. But in the end it turned out better than expected. All done quickly and efficiently. And the price pleases.
Natalia Leonova
star star star star star
Needed stickers. Applied to other printing houses. No one answered, so much a month. In Pencil at 14.00 applied at 15.00 ordering expected in the selected pavilion!!!! To work with the editor very easy. Another would be to expand the dimensions of the labels, at least under card. Handsome. Now just a Pencil!!!
About delivery
Everything perfectly
star star star star star
Amazing!! Well done guys! Ordering is done very efficiently and in the fastest time possible. Thank you so much ! I advise all)
Fomenko Vadim Konstantinovich
star star star star star
Addressed in Pencil to print posters of large dimensions. Sent it via the editor. Employee Nikita I almost immediately called back , explained the details of my order and the next day the order was ready. Thank you for quickly and efficiently fulfilled order.
Alexander E
star star star star star
Ordered a t-shirt and mug. Did everything in 1 hour. On the day of order. Mike's handsome mug too.
Egor Voronov
star star star star
Quickly during the day, made a pillar in my layout. I liked everything. A tall price. Advertising gave their feedback already during the first days
Galina Gorbunova
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