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Prices, terms, discounts

Print photo collages with your photos

Photo collages for image storage
Photo collages help to keep in memory important events of our lives. Pictures from travels made in the important minutes, often remain only in the memory of computers or phones. But only printing a favorite photo can be demonstrirovat loved ones and allow yourself to enjoy them long years.
Photo collages on paper or canvas allows you to combine one image for a story of a story. Order your photo collage to preserve pleasant memories.

Order online or in the pavilion
Select the layout of the photo collage in our catalog, the online editor allows you to easily arrange photos and make labels. If you can not make order by yourself, the operator or the designer in the pavilion can help with layout preparation for printing.

Tips designers for self-ordering of photo collage
  • In advance collect all the photos and drawings that may be useful to you. This will facilitate the work.
  • It is desirable that all the photos were in the same style. For example, only black and white or with the use of special filters. If you don't know how to use the graphical editors, our designers will help.
  • Write a caption to the collage. It can be funny greetings, quotes, comments, sayings or catch phrase. So you will make the collage more "alive".

Prices, terms, discounts

30х40 см, бумага полуматовая премиум 160г5,13,812,511,55
42х59,4 см (А2), фотобумага матовая 180г9,949,78,538,09
59,4х84 см (А1), фотобумага матовая 180г18,4315,8415,3714,61
  • Other dimensions and materials. Printing from the layout, prepared in accordance with the Rules of preparing layouts. When printing from a catalogue of designs, the price increases by the price-use design Printing center "Karandash". A complete system of prices and discounts provided in our price list. Calculate the price of printing a photo collage for your layout.
  • The production time of 24 hours (for orders up to 200 RUB.). Perhaps supercrane manufacturer: the opportunity to price check with the operator on the phone +37517 3 290 290.
  • Calculate your layout

    Photo collages

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    Max file size - 200 MB.
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    Prices are for printing from the ready-made layout. The shipping cost is not included, delivery is possible all over Belarus


    Formats photo collages

    In the online editor is available for custom formats: 30x40 cm, 40x50 cm, 40x60 cm and 60x80 cm Sending your file via the order form or from the operator in the pavilion you can choose any size for your collage. The operators will always tell you what is the optimal size to choose for your photo and its purpose. Maximum printing width 160 cm.
    Standard sizes and aspect ratio of photo collages:
    Фотоколлажи, печать фотографий на бумаге

    Materials and technologies

    Materials and technologies for photo collages

    Professional equipment and original materials for print
    The photo collage print is done on professional equipment using original consumables. This allows to obtain products of excellent quality.

    The most popular materials available when you order online. Media mashup can be divided into two group depending on the format:
    • Up to A3 (29,7х42 cm) - materials for laser printers:
      • premium semi-gloss paper is the most popular material for laser printing
      • glossy (coated) paper - perfectly captures the bright, saturated colors
      • Kraft stylish design material
    • More A3 (29,7х42 cm) inkjet large format printing:
      • Photo paper - professional heavyweight paper
      • Photo paper premium professional heavyweight paper with premium quality
      • Simple dense paper - practical and durable material for calendars-posters
      • Plastic 2 or 4 mm - lightweight and durable material, glued by printing on self-adhesive film
      • 10 mm foam Board - lightweight and durable panel, made of polyurethane, glued the printout on self-adhesive film
    When ordering your photo collages pavilonah printing center "Karandash" is available and other materials, for example, designer, textured, pearlescent paper, banner, canvas and more.

    Additional protection
    For extended use, additional protection from mechanical impacts and burning in the sun photo collages, it is recommended to laminate: to do this, use a Matt or glossy transparent laminating film.

    A collage of photos as a gift

    A custom gift to a friend. How well do you know the Hobbies and habits of the other? Look remarkable pictures with him or her.
    Souvenir of the second half. Photos of you together, a momentous event and phrases, tender words – the collage will be undeniable proof of your love and devotion.
    The first birthday of the child. Images every month in one collage will show how fast the child grew up in the first year, as he has changed. Collect the collages in the first years of a child's life in the collection.
    A gift to a colleague or boss. Pick up the remarkable photos of each employee to make a nice souvenir. Make signature-wishes from everyone. It will emphasize the warm attitude to man.

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