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Making pictures in a frame - it's easy!
We offer a unique opportunity to arrange your photo in a frame and for her to pick up Mat by yourself in the online editor with the best value. Our designers especially for you developed a stylish design of frames with a Mat without it. This section presents designs with different options for the location of the window Mat. Simple and intuitive interface editor allows you to instantly change the selection and combination of shades of baguette and passe-partout. To create a unique and original collage and place it in a baguette now just.

Stylish baguette and passe-partout
Frame editor and have a modern style and eco-design. Interior design is no easy task. This baguette is versatile and goes well with many interior design styles. The choice presented framework of four popular colours of wooden baguette: white, natural, dark brown and dark wenge. To enhance the aesthetic effect complete clearance decorative Mat classic shades: white, ivory, gray or black.

Ready-made collage designs in the directory
The professional team of designers has developed a collection of exclusive photo layouts and backgrounds for photos of different styles. Your photos, combined thought-out compositions with wishes, motivational quotes or your initials, leaving only the framing baguette any color.

Prices and discounts
Название/количество12 - 34 - 910 - 50>50
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с напечатанным паспарту, 30х30 см50,8047,9045,1042,20звоните
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с паспарту, 30х30 см57,5054,3051,2047,90звоните
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с напечатанным паспарту, 40х40 см70,2066,3062,4058,60звоните
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с паспарту, 40х40 см79,5075,1070,7066,30звоните
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с напечатанным паспарту, 50х50 см89,6084,6079,6074,70звоните
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с паспарту, 50х50 см102,2096,6090,9085,30звоните
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с напечатанным паспарту, 30х20 (20х30) см39,5037,3035,1032,90звоните
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с паспарту, 30х20 (20х30) см45,1042,6040,1037,60звоните
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с напечатанным паспарту, 45х30 (30х45) см59,9056,5053,2049,80звоните
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с паспарту, 45х30 (30х45) см68,3064,5060,7056,90звоните
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с напечатанным паспарту, 60х40 (40х60) см84,3079,6075,0070,20звоните
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с паспарту, 60х40 (40х60) см96,7091,4085,9080,50звоните
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с напечатанным паспарту, 60х25 (25х60) см66,7063,0059,3055,60звоните
Фото, фотоколлаж в рамке с паспарту, 60х25 (25х60) см75,6071,4067,2063,10звоните
Prices are valid when ordering through the online editor. A complete system of prices and discounts on photo frames when ordering in the pavilion , see in our price list.
Prices are in Belarusian rubles

Production time
  • when ordering in the online editor: 24 hours
  • if you order the pavilion: up to 1 hour (with a ready layout, for orders up to 100.)
  • when ordering by e-mail with the form on the website: up to 4 hours (when the finished layout, for orders up to 100.)

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Prices are for printing from the ready-made layout. The shipping cost is not included, delivery is possible all over Belarus

Design features

You can select a vertical, square, landscape, portrait and picture frames of different sizes. The interior is easy to combine every one of these frames with different color schemes stylish baguette and passe-partout. Baguette made in Spain. It is lightweight defect and knot free timber wood ayus. The size of the baguette: width 34 mm, height 12 mm, internal width of 23 mm.
Online editor presents the framework in a contemporary style and eco-design. In order to most effectively make your picture in a frame complete with original decorative cardboard Passepartout production Netherlands. Design your photos and images in a baguette and Passepartout makes it easy to fill any space.

When ordering in the online editor, you can choose as a real passe-partout and printed. Frame with printed Passepartout - designed layout that accurately conveys the color and cut of the Passepartout. Printed Passepartout outwardly very difficult to distinguish from the real one even at a distance of 1 meter.

Оформление ваших фото в раму
Удобный конструктор
Рамка с пожеланиями
Рамка с пожеланиями

Это коллективная рамка-открытка, на которой все гости смогут оставить свои пожелания. Такой презент станет замечательным подарком и на свадьбу, и на юбилей, и на любое другое важное событие. Самое ценное в таком презенте – это сам процесс вручения. В рамке с пожеланиями делаются большие поля вокруг фотографии, чтобы все желающие могли написать там свои пожелания.

Срок изготовления - от 1 часа
Срок изготовления - от 1 часа

Стандартный срок изготовления фото в рамке - 24 часа. Возможно суперсрочное изготовление от 1 часа при заказе в павильоне.

Готовые идеи
Готовые идеи

Профессиональные дизайнеры уже разработали для вашего удобства стильные и эффектные дизайны фотоколлажей и фонов для фото. Выбирайте стиль эко или минимализм, классический или винтажный. Пусть фото в рамке станет важным элементам интерьера.

Не только фото
Не только фото

Стильная типографика, напечатанная на качественной фотобумаге и обрамленная в багет, займет достойное место в любом интерьере. Пусть пожелания дорогому вам человеку, мотивирующие цитаты великих людей или правила вашей семьи обретут совершенный вид.

Print photos and photo collage frame editor

Photo paper.
Photo print is produced on advanced equipment and photo paper of premium quality. The image in the pictures is highly detailed.

The foam Board.
Printed on photographic paper image rolled on the foam Board adhesive. Whereby the entire surface of the paper gently and evenly underneath the glass.

The plexiglass. By default, all frames in the frames are manufactured using acrylic plastic. When ordering in the shopping cart you can change the type of glass to another.

Courier delivery possible with any type of glass. Mail can deliver only frames with plexiglass.
star star star star star
Broken glass in the frame. 28.07.2017 called and came to the pavilion 1A for a new one. Very pleased with the courtesy of staff, both in the pavilion and on the phone and the price of glass. Thank you!
About delivery
On top!
star star star star
Interesting product line from "Pencil" ordered and personally, Souvenirs, and corporate print. Especially like the quality of the framework. New service "online ordering photos in a frame with Passepartout," exceeded my expectations. Easy to order, decent looks. Huge thanks to the Manager of the framing of the pavilion to Catherine for her professionalism in work, ability to work with a client, fate, caring and just human relations!!! But the managers of the pavilion for the manufacture of Souvenirs are not finalized, starting with designers and ending with a courier. Non-coordinated action Department, lead to the fact that such a simple order of hours causes a lot of trouble. Guide note!!!
Sutorminskoe Lesya Yuriivna
About delivery
Different: frames excellent, Souvenirs - not very
star star star star star
Amazing!! Well done guys! Ordering is done very efficiently and in the fastest time possible. Thank you so much ! I advise all)
Fomenko Vadim Konstantinovich