Print photo cards to order is easy: choose a design and edit. Either book your online layout.

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To order photographs

Photographs are a great way to share memories! To make photoscene, decorate the working space or the interior of the house - now conveniently and easily through an online editor.

Excellent print quality is achieved with professional equipment and original consumables. We print photographs as quickly as possible. You can upload photos online instagram, facebook or from your computer. Our online editor also allows you to place an order from your mobile phone.

Retouching, photo restoration, photo montage, color correction and other services promptly and professionally performs our design Department.

Size: Square (9x9 cm), Polaroid (8. 8x10. 7 cm) or 10x15 cm, find the directory a suitable design, in the easy online editor, simply insert pictures and edit the labels.

Photographs SquarePhotographs PolaroidPhotographs 10x15 cm

Печать фотокарточек из инстаграм на фотобумаге или плотном картоне
  • stylish designs in catalogue
  • simply print out from the social networks, Instagram, upload from mobile phone
  • any order quantity
  • beautiful storage box, convenient stand
  • you can hang a garland on lace
Order your stylish accessories: box, stand, mounting kit decor (linen bag with lace and miniature clothespins):

Delivery in Minsk, mailed to the Republic of Belarus and anywhere in the world.
Custom design in our design Studio, record by phone.+375 17 3 290 290.

Calculate your layout


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Prices are for printing from the ready-made layout. The shipping cost is not included, delivery is possible all over Belarus




9x9, 8,8x10,7, 10x15 cm


- Photo paper (glossy, Semigloss, matte)
- Photo paper matte + cream designer cardboard (thickness 1.1 mm )

Standard (standard photo printer, the best photo)
BoxCoffee color, with the braid for easy removal. Size 10x15 cm
Fits up to 16 (paper + cardboard) or 40 (photo) photo cards
StandFor one photographs

Kit decorCord length of 2 m, 8 miniature clothespins, linen bag
An order can have any number of photo cards and accessories

Prices and terms


Название/количество12 - 34 - 910 - 50>50
На плотном картоне5,104,002,902,60звоните
На фотобумаге1,201,101,000,90звоните

Название/количество1 - 9>9
Комплект для декора10,607,50

Prices are valid when ordering through the online editor. A complete system of prices and discounts if you order in the pavilion, see in our price list.
Prices are in Belarusian rubles.

The production time

  • when ordering in the online editor: 24 hours (for orders up to 200 RUB.)
  • if you order the pavilion: up to 1 hour (with a ready layout, for orders up to 100.)
  • when ordering by e-mail with the form on the website: up to 4 hours (when the finished layout, for orders up to 100.)


  • Garland of Polaroid photo cards – universal version of the design as a working space and home interior. You can quickly hang and easy to replace.
  • The void at the head of the bed or on any spare wall you can fill the application out photo cards. Stick can be chaotic, in the form of initials or hearts.
  • A map of the world can liven up the photographs from Your trips.
  • Tree Instagram will harmoniously look in modern interior. One of the varieties of photographs on the Christmas tree.
  • The photo on the table with a comfortable stand – pleases Your eye, simply replace with another photo, just took out of the box.
  • New view grandma's conserves – photographs the Polaroid in the banks. You can add "to taste" flower petals and multi-coloured pebbles design.
  • Photograph signed – original card-invitation or greeting for friends and family.
  • Gel beads + photographs – romantic way to congratulate a loved one.
  • Photographs in the frame is a photo collagethat can be changed, when there will be new pictures.
  • A nice addition for those who often is in the kitchen – photographs for the doors of the kitchen furniture.
  • A photograph of the bouquet of flowers in bright highlight Your feelings.
  • A cake with a photograph on skewers will be especially tasty for all guests.

Our works
Cards for instagram photos, Polaroid on paper or cardboard
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Amazing!! Well done guys! Ordering is done very efficiently and in the fastest time possible. Thank you so much ! I advise all)
Fomenko Vadim Konstantinovich
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Addressed in Pencil to print posters of large dimensions. Sent it via the editor. Employee Nikita I almost immediately called back , explained the details of my order and the next day the order was ready. Thank you for quickly and efficiently fulfilled order.
Alexander E
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Ordered a t-shirt and mug. Did everything in 1 hour. On the day of order. Mike's handsome mug too.
Egor Voronov