Wallpapers Peacocks in blue

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You can select the size of Wallpaper. We are always available fliteline Wallpaper.
Use the finished design to create the layout with the operator or designer.


the non-woven Wallpapers
"Breathable" material on non-woven basis. Perfect for custom interior decoration. The texture "bark".
Wallpapers are easy to apply on walls conventional adhesive for non-woven Wallpaper. Roll width 1.04 m.

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Wallpapers Peacocks in blue

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Photo Wallpapers for the hallway. Use in the hallway and corridors mural with drawings that expand the volume. Or choose Wallpaper with vertical or horizontal lines to expand the space of a small room.
Wallpapers for the bedroom. For the bedroom is better to choose prints with a positive story (nature, mountains, flowers) in soft colors that will make the atmosphere more relaxing and liberating.
Wallpapers for the living room. For living room you can use more bold and bright Wallpaper. Get creative, think about what best describes your character or your family character: a special kind of graphs, a remarkable place of abstraction.
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The website chic. It's very simple and clear...the Speed, quality and responsiveness of staff all at the highest level! Ordered 56 pieces photo figure 48 A4 and I paid only 30 rubles!!! Pleases discounts. When paying via SSIS 3%, and when the first order collage with their layout gave 10% on your next order! It is now my favorite in printing pictures...
Grudnichka Olesya
About design
Just Shine.
About Product
Quality customer 100%
About print
Super. All doubted the choice, but it turned out that in vain
About delivery
I love it..from the moment of ordering and the finished photo on hand it's only been three days. Ordering
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Design beadwork in the frame of a baguette. Ordering is done quickly and efficiently.
Natalia Kuzma
About delivery
Thank Victoria, who took the order, for assistance, consultation in a double frame.
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Order prints of the photos , was dealt with very quickly! I will seek another
Maxim Kasonka