Invitations Camouflage background

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Prices are indicated for printing from a ready-made layout. Delivery in Belarus from 75 rubles for free.
It is easy to change text, photos, pictures in the design. It is convenient to edit and visualize your ideas. You can order from a smartphone, while the full functionality is available from a computer. It is easy to make an order with different data (for example, last name, first name, position) and the same design - see the video instructions here. Other materials and sizes, editing and design services are available when ordering in the pavilion.


Without adding
Card does not add up.
Adding up
Card folds at the top (narrow or wide depending on your layout) side.
Addition to
Card folds on the side (narrow or wide depending on your layout) side.


Premium semi-matte paper
Excellent print quality due to smooth surface, uniform structure and high whiteness ratio.
coated Paper (glossy) premium
Perfectly captures the bright, saturated colors.
Paper, designer Kraft
Stylish design material. Consists of recycled materials, does not contain acids and is entirely subject to subsequent processing. Emphasize ecological and natural character of the product. Print layouts without dense fills.
designer mother of pearl Paper
Designer paper Majestic (majestic) c pearl finish. Print layouts without dense fills.
Designer Texture paper
Designer paper with textured surface. It is used for printing stylish letterheads, inserts for postcards and invitations, certificates and other advertising and information products. For printing layouts without dense fills.
Paper designer velvety
Designer paper Touche Cover (Touch Cover) - a nice touch, gives the printed product a sense of luxury and exclusivity. Recommended simplex printing without dense fills.

Type print

and Laser printing
High print quality is achieved through the use of high-performance professional equipment.
UV printing
Ultraviolet (UV) printing is used to print full-color images, as well as to print white on dark materials.
Print color
This print mode is used primarily for creating full-color images on light materials.
Printing white color
the Image is printed in white. This mode is mainly used for creating contrasting prints on dark /colored materials.
Printing white and color printing
This print mode is used primarily for creating vivid full-color and white images on dark materials. Printing white is used as the substrate, followed by full-color printing.


Coating a transparent film. Protects from external influences and gives a presentable appearance.

Type of lamination

Emphasizes the saturation and brightness of the printed image.
does Not glare and gives a respectable appearance to the finished product.
Special slim (32 µm) coating with a tactile surface. Does not glare.

Round corners

rounded corners
Rounded corners are bent less when using, longer still presentable greeting cards, invitations.

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Invitations Camouflage background

Book invitations Camouflage background for your occasion:

Invitations as a gift for a husband, a man. Order a unique Invitations with photos for a man by February 23. Designer souvenirs for a beloved boyfriend or son, grandfather, brother or husband.
Invitations as a gift for colleagues and loved ones on Defender of the Fatherland Day, a souvenir on men's Day. Choose a design and order unique, cool Invitations with photos for real men by February 23 on their men's day. Designer souvenirs for the day of the Soviet army for a loved one, friend, colleague, boss or relative.

star star star star star
I ordered invitations for the anniversary of the organization. Everything is wonderful, both the quality and the organization of work itself.
Shulga Galina
star star star star star
The European service is beyond praise. I ordered the printing of photos. When I brought the envelope home, I found that some of the pictures were mixed up in format. Within an hour, the issue was resolved by Alexander, an employee of the Tyuhai printing center, and the corrected photos were brought to my home with Yandex Delivery. Many thanks to such responsive employees and the highest service of the company.
Alexey Stelmakh
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star star star star star
Hello. Thank you very much!!! Such a quality of the photojournal and photo cards, well, just a delight, I did not expect, there are no words... I want to look at this beauty and look at it. I ordered it as a gift, I will definitely order it for myself. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Alyona Kosyakova
star star star star star
Due to the huge number of photos, I ordered the most inexpensive print "Digit 48". And you know, I'm thrilled! The paper is thick and glossy on both sides. The photo is neatly and securely packed (received by mail). Despite the fact that we have our own printing center in the city, I will definitely order only here! Inexpensive! High quality! Quickly! Thank you! Prosperity and grateful customers!
Clerk Ekaterina
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star star star star star
I ordered it for the first time . I was satisfied, even very pleased. I made the order by mail. The photos arrived two days after the order was placed. I picked it up at the post office. I live in the village and it is very convenient for me. The photos are high-quality. Thanks a lot Pencil!!!
Irina Lukashevich
star star star star star
To be honest, I was prepared for the worst, based on the sad experience of printing in other centers. After receiving the photos, I was shocked by the excellent quality!!! Everything is so fast and convenient in this center. It took me about a minute to upload 200 photos while lying on the couch at home from my phone. Then I just came and took the finished photos. It is very convenient, high-quality, professional. I definitely recommend "Pencil"❤❤❤❤❤
Savitskaya Irina
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10 out of 10
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