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Prices, discounts, terms

Buy shopper with print silver

Printing on the bags-shoppers
Shopper with print - the perfect solution for every day. Buying fabric shopper you can walk with him in the store, school, University, or for a walk. The seal on the bag funny inscriptions or pictures to set you apart from the crowd, tell about your character.

The bag tool promotion
The shopper bag is perfect for promotional gift with advertising campaigns and campaigns. Order your print on the bags of the company's logo and slogan at affordable prices - such a gift will assist in effective promotion of your products and services.

Eco-friendly and convenient shopper
Be in trend: use eco-friendly bags and shoppers instead of plastic bags. Let it be your small contribution to improving the ecology of the country. The bag can be folded for compactness, it can withstand a great weight, easy to wash, it can be carried on the shoulder. Black or beige shopper with print look with almost any outfit.

Printing on bags online
Select a suitable design of the bag-shopper silver in our catalog of designs, or create your layout, just add photos, caption, and send it to print. If necessary, please contact our design Studio for the development of exclusive layout.

Prices, discounts, terms
Bags shoppers with a print order of 1 jokes, custom or urgent. Delivery in Minsk and Belarus. Discover the best the price in the manufacture of 48 hours.

Production time - 48 hours
Название/количество1 - 34 - 910 - 3940 - 99>99
Бежевый шоппер, размер нанесения - А4 (301-630 кв. см)21,9021,8021,0019,6017,50
Черный шоппер, размер нанесения - А4 (301-630 кв. см)32,9031,0028,5025,4021,30

Production time - 24 hours
Название/количество1 - 34 - 910 - 3940 - 99>99
Бежевый шоппер, размер нанесения - А4 (301-630 кв. см)27,4025,4023,0020,5017,50
Черный шоппер, размер нанесения - А4 (301-630 кв. см)38,4034,7030,6026,2021,30

Production time - urgent
Название/количество1 - 34 - 910 - 3940 - 99>99
Бежевый шоппер, размер нанесения - А4 (301-630 кв. см)32,9029,0025,2021,3017,50
Черный шоппер, размер нанесения - А4 (301-630 кв. см)43,9038,3032,7027,1021,30

  • It is possible to print other formats: beige bag, 320×360 mm, black - 290×350 mm
  • Printing from the layout prepared in the online editor, or independently, in accordance with the Rules of the preparation of layouts. A complete system of prices and discounts shown in our price list. Calculate the price of bags for your layout.
  • Production time - 48 or 24 hours is specified for orders up to 200 RUB. Perhaps supercrane manufacturer: the possibility and cost specify at the operator on the phone +375 17 3 290 290.

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The types, sizes and technology

The types, sizes and technology bags with print silver

Black and beige bag printable
Bags for printing have comfortable size and fit, sewn from natural cotton fabric. We use for printing are two types of handbags:
Ways to print on bags silver
We use three kinds of printing on bags, the most suitable for your layout will determine our experienced operator:
  • Direct printing - a full color picture is printed directly on the fabric. Paint practically seals the material and looks great.
  • Flex for drawing one-color or two-color images, labels, logos. The picture is cut on a special color film and using the heat press machine is applied to the fabric. The final image with maximum stability.
  • Lomond - picture is printed on paper and then transferred to the fabric. The bag even when printing images without any background is stamped to fill. Technology requires careful attention to the product: hand wash recommended in warm water.

Recommendations for care bags with print
Bags with print wash in a gentle cycle at a temperature up to 40° C, gentle spin. With proper maintenance and care the image can withstand at least 30 washes.

Shopper will emphasize the individuality

Find it in the catalog of designs suitable layout of the bag:

  • Gift for mom - even the closest person remembers your love and care in a convenient shopper easily place small purchases
  • The gift of a friend - order the printing of funny pictures on the bag which will cheer up a friend
  • A gift for a loved one - a bag with a photo will remind you of the joyful moments spent together, sharing the photo or important words will warm a soul mate

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Amazing!! Well done guys! Ordering is done very efficiently and in the fastest time possible. Thank you so much ! I advise all)
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Addressed in Pencil to print posters of large dimensions. Sent it via the editor. Employee Nikita I almost immediately called back , explained the details of my order and the next day the order was ready. Thank you for quickly and efficiently fulfilled order.
Alexander E
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Ordered a t-shirt and mug. Did everything in 1 hour. On the day of order. Mike's handsome mug too.
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