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Prices, terms, discounts

Kids t-shirts, t-shirts and photo to order pink

Baby shirts with funny inscriptions and pictures is a great alternative to the standard range of children's clothing stores. Cute and funny prints on a child's shirt smile at everyone around you.

Ordering a children's t-shirts online
Our online editor allows you to create designer t-shirts pink directly on the site. You can upload photos, drawings, logos to create a label. Editor t-shirts allows you to choose the color, text font, change the size of all the elements, to choose a place for printing.

Baby t-shirt print for a gift
Print custom baby Jersey gift would be great gift for a child's birthday on February 23, the young defender or just because, without reason. The child proudly to say that this shirt gave you.

Prices, terms, discounts
Urgency: Online 48 hours
Name/Quantity1 - 9>9
Children's, application size - up to A4 (301-630 sq. cm)33,626,9
Urgency: Online 24 hours
Name/Quantity1 - 34 - 910 - 99>99
Application size - up to A3 (631-1260 sq. cm)49,238,334,728
Name/Quantity1 - 34 - 910 - 3940 - 99>99
Application size - up to A6 (up to 151 sq. cm)32,629,425,524,819,5
Application size - up to A5 (151-300 sq. cm)37,234,129,428,721,5
Application size - up to A4 (301-630 sq. cm)4537,232,631,725,4
Urgency: Urgent, in consultation with
Name/Quantity1 - 34 - 910 - 3940 - 99>99
Application size - up to A6 (up to 151 sq. cm)39,934,628,326,119,5
Application size - up to A5 (151-300 sq. cm)46,540,132,730,221,5
Application size - up to A4 (301-630 sq. cm)56,243,836,233,425,4
Application size - up to A3 (631-1260 sq. cm)61,54538,63728
  • It is possible to print other sizes, coating front and back.
  • Printing from the layout prepared in the online editor, or independently, in accordance with the Rules of the preparation of layouts. A complete system of prices and discounts shown in our price list.
  • Production time - 24 hours, 48 hours is specified for orders up to 200 RUB. Perhaps supercrane print for children's t-shirts - up to 1 hour, or in your presence: the ability and cost specify at the operator on the phone +375 17 3 290 290.

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T-shirts, bibs, bodysuits baby

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Printing methods

Printing technologies on children's T-shirts

Ways of applying images to children's T-shirts pink
For the manufacture of children's T-shirts with a photo, an inscription, we offer several printing technologies, depending on the material and type of picture. In general, the optimal technology for your layout will be determined by the operator who will take the order into operation. We can also make a print on your T-shirts. At the same time, regardless of the technology when printing on our children's T-shirts, we always guarantee a high-quality result!

Printing technologies on children's T-shirts, material requirements
Direct printing
Direct printing

Direct printing is a great way to print full-color images on children's T-shirts: photos, complex drawings, pictures together with inscriptions. The pattern is pleasant to the touch and does not seal the fabric. The best color reproduction is achieved when printing on white T-shirts.

Technical specifications:
- File type | psd, tif, png, jpg
- Color model | CMYK
- Resolution | 300 dpi
- Gradients in the layout | almost invisible
- On black T-shirts | black color is not printed
- On white T-shirts| white color is not printed
- Restrictions / printing is not possible on seams, near buttons and in other hard-to-reach places
- Maximum print size|380×480mm
- Requirements for the customer's material | withstand temperatures up to 160 0 C (recommended composition: cotton from 60%), smooth surface, do not stretch; the product must be clean, new or washed

Flex printing
Flex printing

Flex application on fabric is an ideal option for T-shirts with inscriptions, one-color or two-color images, logos. The application holds perfectly on the fabric, the minimum production time.

Technical specifications:
- File type | ai, cdr, eps
- Colors in the layout | no more than 3
- Contours / closed, the minimum distance between the contours is not less than 2 mm
- Features | each color on a separate layer
- Text / translated into curves, all letters combined into one object
- Recommendations / avoid a large number of nodes intersecting contours
- Restrictions / printing is not possible on seams, near buttons and in other hard-to-reach places
- Maximum print size|380×480mm
- Requirements for the customer's material | withstand temperatures up to 160 0 C, smooth surface, do not stretch; the product must be clean, new or washed

Lomond Seal
Lomond Seal

This technology is mainly used for printing full-color images, photos on colored cotton T-shirts. The sheet with the printed picture is securely fastened to the T-shirt under the influence of temperature. The applied image significantly seals the fabric, but provides photographic quality. In general, the printout is a rectangle (printed sheet), while we can trim the edges of the sheet along a simple contour (for example, in the form of a "cloud").

Technical specifications:
- Color model | RGB
- Resolution | 300 dpi
- File type | psd, tif, png, jpg, pdf
- Restrictions / printing is not possible on seams, near buttons and in other hard-to-reach places
- Maximum print size|300×420mm
- Requirements for the customer's material | withstand temperatures up to 160 0 C, smooth surface, do not stretch; the product must be clean, new or washed

Care and washing
Regardless of the technology of image application, we recommend uniform rules for the care of children's printed T-shirts: gentle machine washing at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C, gentle spin. Products must be turned inside out before washing. Do not soak, do not boil, do not wash with chlorine-containing products. Products with any type of application should be ironed from the wrong side. With proper operation and care, the image does not deform and does not peel off even after 30 washes.

Sizes and colors

Models, sizes and colors of children's T-shirts for printing:

Order printing on children's T-shirts of excellent quality
We use high-quality children's T-shirts that have proven themselves well with our customers. Made of the highest quality materials, they do not deform after numerous washings. Always the most popular colors and sizes. If you order more than 10 pieces, you can choose additional colors and sizes to order (order by phone. +375 17 3 290 294).

Printing on customer's T-shirts
We also print on the customer's children's T-shirts, the material of which meets certain requirements (seePrinting methods/Technologies, requirements for materials). At the same time, printing is carried out on the customer's material without a guarantee, under the responsibility of the client. If you need to make a print on your T-shirt, then bring it to pavilion No. 4, a specialist will evaluate the possibility of application.

Composition and colors of children's T-shirts
  • Composition: 100% cotton, density 155 g/m2; lycra collar, double shoulder seams
  • Colors: White, Black
  • Features: other sizes and colors are possible when ordering from 10 pieces
Matching the sizes of children's T-shirts
Майки детские с печатью - цвета
EU sizeSize BY (height, cm)ABC
5XS (2-3 years)24-26 (92-98)393012,5
4XS (4-5 years old)28-30 (104-110)433314
3XS (6-7 years old)32-36 (116-122)503716
2XS (8-9 years old)36-38 (128-134)5738,517
XS (10-11 years old)38-40 (140-146)5942,517,5
S (12-13 years old)40-42 (152)604719
The actual dimensions A, B, C may differ from those indicated depending on the delivery
Прикольные детские майки с печатью на заказ - отличный подарок. Ваш ребенок останется в полном восторге от такого сувенира. Закажите майку с любимым героем, фотографией, или любым другим прикольным изображением.

Печатаем на детских футболках по выгодным ценам:

  • Детская майка с фото - дети так любят рассматривать фотографии, сделайте майку с фото и поздравлением для своего ребенка!
  • Парный комплект family look: детская майка + взрослая майка
  • Детская майка с приколами
  • Детская майка с именем
  • Детская майка с любимым героем.
  • Спортивные футбольные детские майки с номером и фамилией, логотипом команды

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Super! Thanks a lot, guys! I am very pleased with the quality of the print on the T-shirt!
Anastacia Rudakova
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Ordered a t-shirt with print for baby. Fast and quality work. Beautifully packaged with the results. It was a great gift. Thank you!
Elena Melech
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The Brand Factory company expresses its gratitude to the staff of the Pencil printing center for high-quality work and quick results. It is not the first year that we have been ordering printing and souvenir products at the center. I am glad that all the work can be planned directly through the site using a convenient constructor. There is no need to go anywhere, coordinate. Everything is visually visible at once, you can just give it to print.
Skopinov Artem
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Good afternoon. I made a photo book as a gift. I was very satisfied with the quality of work and speed. Despite the poor quality of the photos, the album turned out to be colorful and high-quality.
Tikhomirova Ekaterina
About design
The paperback album turned out to be very beautiful.
About print
The print quality is excellent.
About delivery
The service is very fast.
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Tikhonovich Elena
About print
Thank you "Pencil" for the excellent quality of T-shirts and printing. You have decorated our family holiday.
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Many thanks to the employees of your center, the order is executed qualitatively 😊 The delivery time and price were very pleased👍👍👍 I will contact you again ☺️👌👌
Ekaterina Kuhlevskaya
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