Quarterly calendars from 2.49 BYN when ordering "Online promo 48 hours". More detailed
Quarterly calendars from 2.49 BYN when ordering "Online promo 48 hours". More detailed

Print t-shirts, bibs, bodysuit baby for the occasion "Religion"


Print t-shirts, bibs, bodysuit baby to order is easy: choose a design or request a

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Prices, terms, discounts

Kids t-shirts, t-shirts and photo to order for the occasion "Religion"

Baby shirts with funny inscriptions and pictures is a great alternative to the standard range of children's clothing stores. Cute and funny prints on a child's shirt smile at everyone around you.

Ordering a children's t-shirts online
Our online editor allows you to create designer t-shirts for the occasion "Religion" directly on the site. You can upload photos, drawings, logos to create a label. Editor t-shirts allows you to choose the color, text font, change the size of all the elements, to choose a place for printing.

Baby t-shirt print for a gift
Print custom baby Jersey gift would be great gift for a child's birthday on February 23, the young defender or just because, without reason. The child proudly to say that this shirt gave you.

Prices, terms, discounts
Urgency: Online 48 hours
Название/количество1 - 9>9
Детская, размер нанесения - до А4 (301-630 кв. см)27,4021,90
Urgency: Online 24 hours
Название/количество1 - 34 - 910 - 3940 - 99>99
Размер нанесения - до А6 (до 151 кв. см)33,8028,2025,3023,7019,90
Размер нанесения - до А5 (151-300 кв. см)38,1032,6029,3027,5021,90
Размер нанесения - до А4 (301-630 кв. см)47,7035,6032,5031,9026,00
Размер нанесения - до А3 (631-1260 кв. см)50,3038,4035,9034,9028,60
Urgency: Urgent, in consultation with
Название/количество1 - 34 - 910 - 3940 - 99>99
Размер нанесения - до А6 (до 151 кв. см)42,2033,1028,2026,7019,90
Размер нанесения - до А5 (151-300 кв. см)47,5038,3032,6030,8021,90
Размер нанесения - до А4 (301-630 кв. см)59,6041,9036,1034,2026,00
Размер нанесения - до А3 (631-1260 кв. см)62,9045,9039,4037,8028,60
  • It is possible to print other sizes, coating front and back.
  • Printing from the layout prepared in the online editor, or independently, in accordance with the Rules of the preparation of layouts. A complete system of prices and discounts shown in our price list.
  • Production time - 24 hours, 48 hours is specified for orders up to 200 RUB. Perhaps supercrane print for children's t-shirts - up to 1 hour, or in your presence: the ability and cost specify at the operator on the phone +375 17 3 290 290.

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T-shirts, bibs, bodysuits baby

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The price of urgent production

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Free delivery by post in Belarus from 50 rubles.

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Printing methods

Printing technologies on children's T-shirts

We offer several ways to print on a children's T-shirt, depending on the layout:
  • Flex printing
    It is used when printing inscriptions, one-or two-color simple images, logos, numbers on football uniforms.
  • Direct printing
    Bright, rich printing of full-color images directly on the fabric - for printing drawings with complex colors and gradients, for printing photos. The pattern on the fabric is pleasant to the touch, does not seal the T-shirt.
We guarantee a high-quality result, the brightness of colors and the stability of the applied pattern with any printing technology.

Sizes and colors

Models, sizes and colors of children's T-shirts for printing:

Excellent quality and a wide range of children's T-shirts
  • Composition: 100% cotton, density 155 g / m2; lycra collar, double shoulder seams
  • Colors: White, Black
  • Features: other sizes and colors are possible when ordering from 10 pieces
Matching the sizes of children's T-shirts
Майки детские с печатью - цвета
EU sizeSize BYABC
5XS (2-3 years)24-26393012,5
4XS (4-5 years old)28-30433314
3XS (6-7 years old)32-36503716
2XS (8-9 years old)36-385738,517
XS (10-11 years old)38-405942,517,5
S (12-13 years old)40-42604719
Прикольные детские майки с печатью на заказ - отличный подарок. Ваш ребенок останется в полном восторге от такого сувенира. Закажите майку с любимым героем, фотографией, или любым другим прикольным изображением.

Печатаем на детских футболках по выгодным ценам:

  • Детская майка с фото - дети так любят рассматривать фотографии, сделайте майку с фото и поздравлением для своего ребенка!
  • Парный комплект family look: детская майка + взрослая майка
  • Детская майка с приколами
  • Детская майка с именем
  • Детская майка с любимым героем.
  • Спортивные футбольные детские майки с номером и фамилией, логотипом команды

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To buy baby bibs, bodysuits and t-shirts with the inscription, photo buy online
star star star star star
Ordered a t-shirt with print for baby. Fast and quality work. Beautifully packaged with the results. It was a great gift. Thank you!
Elena Melech
star star star star star
Amazing!! Well done guys! Ordering is done very efficiently and in the fastest time possible. Thank you so much ! I advise all)
Fomenko Vadim Konstantinovich
star star star star star
Addressed in Pencil to print posters of large dimensions. Sent it via the editor. Employee Nikita I almost immediately called back , explained the details of my order and the next day the order was ready. Thank you for quickly and efficiently fulfilled order.
Alexander E
star star star star star
Ordered a t-shirt and mug. Did everything in 1 hour. On the day of order. Mike's handsome mug too.
Egor Voronov
star star star star
Quickly during the day, made a pillar in my layout. I liked everything. A tall price. Advertising gave their feedback already during the first days
Galina Gorbunova
star star star star star
Once ordered to share a Yearbook. She designed the program (in the program to understand even my grandmother), before ordering I was warned. some photos are not very good quality and on the album they will not look good. But when he came to me an album, these photos were the quality is even better. than on the computer. The album came out awesome, 100% meets all needs. The action was amazing. The condition was the presence of mark of the company on the pages of the album. Only paid for shipping. Ordered the calendar now and even there is no doubt that it will be done efficiently.
Yudina Olga
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