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Accurate color reproduction is not guaranteed. If necessary, we recommend pre-performing a color test.

We recommend printing photos and full-color images on white fabrics.
Prices are indicated for printing from a ready-made layout. Delivery in Belarus from 75 rubles for free.
* The type of sweatshirt is presented schematically. The appearance and detailed description are here or in Pavilions No. 4, 7 of the Pencil Printing Center.

You can choose a custom shape and size of the image to print on the sweatshirt. We always have in stock:
  • Direct full-color printing
  • Different colors of films for applications
  • Thermal transfer printing
Use a ready-made design to create a layout with an operator or designer.

When ordering more than 10 pieces, you can choose additional colors and sizes! 

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Sweatshirts I miss you

I, miss, you,

Book sweatshirts I miss you for your occasion:

Order sweatshirts Don't know which one to buy sweatshirts? The Pencil printing center offers the best colorful layouts for children's photos or inscriptions. Funny prints, educational designs, cartoon drawings for children for birthday, New year and other holidays: with cars for boys, with dolls and flowers - for girls.

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star star star star star
It was the first time I used the services of the Pencil center and I was very satisfied. Thank you for the quality work done. I printed the book, made the order online, the order was completed ahead of time and this did not affect the print quality. And the order was quickly sent to the post office. I am insanely satisfied with your work, it's nice to hold in my hands. I will also contact you and offer your services to my friends.
Lyudmila Injievskaya
About design
The ability to choose a design at your discretion and for any price category
About Product
Performed at the highest level
About print
About delivery
Everything is fast and on time
star star star star star
I have already received my order. Everything is very fast! Convenient upload system - edited them myself and sent them to print, the photos are the same as the editor. The photos are super, bright and high-quality. Well, sooo happy! I am now a regular customer of yours)
Olga Zychkova
About Product
Promptly, efficiently
About delivery
Convenient to place an order, fast delivery
star star star
It's not the first time I've ordered photo printing here. Everything is gorgeous - both quality and price, and deadlines. Today I am once again trying to upload a photo for printing in the amount of 496 pieces. Photos have been uploaded for more than 5 hours and it is not known whether they will be uploaded or not. Therefore, minus two stars for a very long download
Konovalova Nadezhda
About print
The quality is excellent
About delivery
At the highest level
star star star star star
I want to thank PENCIL for my order-photo printing. At first I was pleased with the price, but I did not expect such quality, which I was pleasantly surprised by + delivery, everything is neatly folded. I advise everyone! Success and prosperity!
Boyko Love
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Highest rating
About print
High, 10 out of 10
About delivery
High, 10 out of 10
star star star star star
I accidentally stumbled upon your page, and I'm just thrilled. This is a godsend, especially for a large number of photos. Everything is fast, high-quality, just super! The packaging is reliable, not a single photo was damaged. It's such an amazing memory. Thanks! I recommend you now to everyone with great pleasure.
Lukashevich Anastasia
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About delivery
star star star star star
I ordered the printing of photos number 48. Pleasantly surprised. Firstly, for such a price, the quality is simply wonderful. Secondly, they promised within a week, and sent it the next day. I didn't even have to wait. And packed the photos securely and neatly. Thirdly, a very convenient built-in editor, I have all the photos from different devices, I easily set up the print area myself. Thank you very much! I will order more.
Makarova Anna
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About delivery
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