Printing on sweatshirts on the theme, in the style and with inscriptions of the USSR

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Prices, terms, discounts

Sweatshirts as a gift for friends and relatives on the topic of the USSR

Choose a design and order a unique Sweatshirts with photos, inscriptions or jokes on the theme of the USSR, the Soviet Union, the 80s of the last century.

Sweatshirts with an inscription or a photo to order on the theme, in the style and with inscriptions of the USSR

Sweatshirts - a comfortable and stylish long-sleeved sweater with no closure, no pockets, no hood. Sweatshirts became popular and gained a second life when casual style came into everyday fashion.

Create your own design
We offer customized sweatshirts with a designer print that you can make yourself. Feel like a designer and create a unique sweatshirt on the theme, in the style and with inscriptions of the USSR with a print right on our website. A convenient online editor allows you to order the printing of inscriptions, drawings, photos, logos from the comfort of your home. You can choose the color of the sweatshirt, choose the color and font of the text, and post any of your own photos.

Catalog of designer layouts for sweatshirts
We have collected popular ideas and drawings for printing on a sweatshirt on the theme, in the style and with inscriptions of the USSR in our catalog. Choose the appropriate design for your occasion and style, specify the color and size of the sweatshirt. You can pick up the finished order at one of the pick-up points or order delivery in Minsk and Belarus.

Print urgently and to order
Specify the urgency of production - Urgent or 24 hours in advance. Your sweatshirt will be ready in time. In the case of urgent production, the order will be completed as quickly as possible in the order of the queue, it is possible to complete the order up to 1 hour or in your presence.

Prices, terms, discounts
Urgency: Online 24 hours
Sweatshirt, print size - A6 (up to 150 cm2). Online 24 hours66,465,460,659,556
Sweatshirt, print size - up to A5 (151-300 cm2). Online 24 hours70,27064,663,357,9
Sweatshirt, print size - up to A4 (301-630 cm2). Online 24 hours78,573,267,766,561,8
Sweatshirt, print size - up to A3 (631-1260 cm2). Online 24 hours84,777,871,770,264,3
Sweatshirt, print size - larger than A3 (1261-1824 cm2). Online 24 hours98,492,475,573,967,6
Urgency: Urgent, with consultation
Sweatshirt, application size - A6 (up to 150 cm2). Urgently82,97767,462,656
Sweatshirt, print size - up to A5 (151-300 cm2). Urgently87,782,471,866,657,9
Sweatshirt, print size - up to A4 (301-630 cm2). Urgently98,286,275,37061,8
Sweatshirt, print size - up to A3 (631-1260 cm2). Urgently105,991,679,673,964,3
Sweatshirt, print size - larger than A3 (1261-1824 cm2). Urgently123108,883,877,867,6
  • It is possible to print any size, apply on the front and back.
  • Print from a layout prepared in an online editor or independently in accordance with the Rules for preparing layouts. The full system of prices and discounts is presented in our price list.
  • Production time - 24 hours is specified for orders up to 200 rubles. Super-long printing on sweatshirts is possible: check the possibility and cost with the operator by phone +375 17 3 290 290.

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Free delivery by post in Belarus from 50 rubles.

Cash and non-cash payment

Methods of application

Methods of printing on sweatshirts

Methods of applying images to sweatshirts on the theme, in the style and with inscriptions of the USSR
For the manufacture of printed sweatshirts, we offer several printing technologies, depending on the material and type of picture. In general, the optimal technology for your layout will be determined by the operator who will take the order into operation. We can also make a print on your sweatshirts. At the same time, regardless of the technology when printing on our sweatshirts, we always guarantee a high-quality result!

Printing technologies on sweatshirts, material requirements
Direct printing
Direct printing

Direct printing is a great way to print full-color images on hoodies, hoodies, sweatshirts: photos, complex drawings, pictures together with inscriptions. The pattern is pleasant to the touch and does not seal the fabric. The best color reproduction is achieved when printing on light products.

Technical specifications:
- File type | psd, tif, png, jpg
- Color model | CMYK
- Resolution | 300 dpi
- Gradients in the layout | almost invisible
- On black products / black color is not printed
- On white products / white color is not printed
- Restrictions / printing is not possible on seams, near buttons and in other hard-to-reach places
- Maximum print size|380×480mm
- Requirements for the customer's material | withstand temperatures up to 160 0 C (recommended composition: cotton from 60%), smooth surface, do not stretch; the product must be clean, new or washed

Flex printing
Flex printing

Flex application on fabric is an ideal option for hoodies, hoodies, sweatshirts with inscriptions, one-color or two-color images, logos. The application holds perfectly on the fabric, the minimum production time.

Technical specifications:
- File type | ai, cdr, eps
- Colors in the layout | no more than 3
- Contours / closed, the minimum distance between the contours is not less than 2 mm
- Features | each color on a separate layer
- Text / translated into curves, all letters combined into one object
- Recommendations / avoid a large number of nodes intersecting contours
- Restrictions / printing is not possible on seams, near buttons and in other hard-to-reach places
- Maximum print size|380×480mm
- Requirements for the customer's material | withstand temperatures up to 160 0 C, smooth surface, do not stretch; the product must be clean, new or washed

Lomond Seal
Lomond Seal

This technology is mainly used for printing full-color images, photos on colored hoodies, hoodies, sweatshirts. The sheet with the printed picture is securely fastened to the T-shirt under the influence of temperature. The applied image significantly seals the fabric, but provides photographic quality. In general, the printout is a rectangle (printed sheet), while we can trim the edges of the sheet along a simple contour (for example, in the form of a "cloud").

Technical specifications:
- Color model | RGB
- Resolution | 300 dpi
- File type | psd, tif, png, jpg, pdf
- Restrictions / printing is not possible on seams, near buttons and in other hard-to-reach places
- Maximum print size|300×420mm
- Requirements for the customer's material | withstand temperatures up to 160 0 C, smooth surface, do not stretch; the product must be clean, new or washed

Care and washing
Regardless of the technology of image application, we recommend uniform rules for the care of printed sweatshirts: gentle machine washing at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C, gentle spin. Products must be turned inside out before washing. Do not soak, do not boil, do not wash with chlorine-containing products. Products with any type of application should be ironed from the wrong side. With proper operation and care, the image does not deform and does not peel off even after 30 washes.

Sizes and colors

Sizes, models, colors of sweatshirts

Choose your sweatshirt
We use high-quality sweatshirts that have proven themselves well with our customers. Made of the highest quality materials, they do not deform after numerous washings. Popular colors of sweatshirts are always available: black, dark and light melange. If you order more than 10 pieces, you can choose additional colors and sizes to order (order by phone. +375 17 3 290 294).

Printing on the customer's sweatshirts
We also print on the customer's sweatshirts, the material of which meets certain requirements (seePrinting methods/Technologies, requirements for materials). At the same time, printing is carried out on the customer's material without a guarantee, under the responsibility of the client. If you need to make a print on your sweatshirt, then bring it to pavilion No. 4, a specialist will evaluate the possibility of application.

Dimensions and characteristics
  • Sizes: S, M, L
  • Colors: light melange, dark melange, black
  • Description: sweatshirt is a kind of sweatshirt with long sleeves without a zipper, without pockets, without a hood
  • Features: other sizes and colors are possible when ordering from 10 pieces
Matching the size of sweatshirts
Свитшоты цвета и размеры
EU sizeSize BYHeight, cmBreast volumeABC
XL (black only)50-52182-18898-1067862,563
XXL (black only)52-54>188102-11478,56563
The actual dimensions may differ from those indicated depending on the delivery

Print on switchto to order in Minsk and Belarus

Order the application of a t-shirt for any of inscriptions, drawings, photos for yourself or as a gift:
  • Order your logo printing on sweatshirts and create stylish corporate uniform for their employees. Sweatshirts with long sleeves will allow you to use the form in the cold season.
  • Print a cool picture or a phrase and make original gift for family or friends - sweatshirt with unique print.
  • Create a unique style for yourself - order your print motivational phrase or figure that describes you as a person.

Our works
Sweatshirts with a seal, inscription, logo. Choose a design in the catalog or send your layout to order a print.
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I express my great gratitude to the employee who completed the order PH157553. I was making an album for the first time, especially a very important one for me - a wedding album👰♀️💍 Everything is done efficiently, quickly, there are no complaints and there can not be!) I am very happy, the photos turned out juicy, bright, I want to review the album) I will definitely come to you for printing photos and will advise you to my friends and acquaintances☺️
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I ordered the printing of business cards. The color rendering is good. Delivery on time. I was worried about sending it by mail, but everything came neatly packed in a box, a bag and a bubble wrap, not a single business card was crumpled. I took the payment by cash on delivery, for which I also thank you, it was more convenient to pay upon receipt. Thanks to the Pencil team👍
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