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Заказать настенные часы с фото по доступным ценам
Order a wall clock
A wall clock with photos, inscriptions and wishes is a stylish element of the interior and an original gift for loved ones for a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or other significant event. A wall clock with a logo is an excellent business souvenir and an unobtrusive advertising medium. The watch will last a long time and will remind you of your company for many years. This is one of the corporate souvenirs that must be used (as opposed to more budget options).
We offer both a classic wall clock in a round plastic case, and a large designer clock with a plastic dial cut out of almost any shape. Figure cutting allows you to realize a wide variety of ideas: a watch in the form of a beautiful image, a company logo, a trademark outline with a full-color print on the front side.
Изготовление настенных часов с фото, логотипом, надписью срочно и на заказ
Types and sizes of wall clocks
You can order a classic wall clock in a round plastic case in gold or silver color. The dial of such watches is printed on a professional laser printer. To increase the service life, the printout is laminated with a glossy film of 100 microns.
We also make custom Designer watches with a plastic dial (plastic thickness 2-4 mm), which can be almost any shape. Such watches can have dimensions up to 1x1.5 m, the default size is 400 mm (check with the operator). The image printed on a professional printer (photo, logo, etc.) is pasted on the dial.
We also produce paintings with clocks - modular paintings on canvas or with photos on plastic.
Prices, discounts, deadlines
Name/Quantity1 - 34 - 910 - 99>99
Classic watches: plastic case, D=29.8 cm, dial D=24.4 cm59,954,952,949,41
  • Prices for classic watches in a plastic case are valid when ordering in an online editor. For a complete system of prices and discounts when ordering in the pavilion, see the price list.
  • Production time - 24 hours (for orders up to 200 rubles)
  • Super-urgent production is possible: check the possibility and cost with the operator by phone +37517 3 290 290 .

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The best ideas for your watch

  • Clock with your favorite photos - order a wall clock with a photo of a pleasant trip or a landmark event, with a portrait of a loved one. Such watches will awaken good emotions and memories in you, making life warmer and brighter.
  • A clock with confessions or congratulations - if you want your confession or wish not to get lost in the everyday hustle and bustle, place it on the clock.
  • Funny clock - a wall clock with a funny image will cheer you up even in sad moments.
  • Office watches - a watch with a logo in the corporate style of the company will perfectly complement the interior of the office, help strengthen the team spirit in the team, and will also be a useful souvenir for business partners.

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Watch with photo, logo to buy online
star star star star star
Hello. We ordered a watch with our own design on this website. The order was executed very quickly and very efficiently. If necessary, I will only use the services of this site!!!
Dancer Tatiana
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About Product
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star star star star star
I am very satisfied with all my orders, they do it quickly, efficiently
Olga Leshko
star star star star star
I wore the watch with a photo for a gift. The order is made quickly, the quality was pleased. watch, though simple, are 4 year at home, not broken. Thank you, recommend!
Eka Kolyadina
star star star star star
Wonderful shopper. Arrived on the same day that the post office opened. Everything is done very efficiently and beautifully. It's great when you can portray your creativity in such high-quality things. Thank you very much❤️
Krukovich Vladislav
star star star star star
Thank you very much for the high-quality and fast work, at a very good price! I've been looking for a printing center for a long time to print business cards! And it turned out that the best price in Pencil! Thanks
Maria Paltseva
star star star star star
For the second time I order my graduates these 20* 30 photo albums for a bracket. Prices are very democratic, children and parents have a lot of impressions. A great memory for many years. Thanks!
Tsurankova Olga
About design
We used a ready-made template, diluting it with our own pictures. Even a schoolboy can cope with an online editor.
About Product
We completed the albums efficiently and quickly. Students are delighted with the gift of the class teacher.
About print
Everything is on top. Even the old, scanned photos turned out well
About delivery
Super fast, always in touch.
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