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Dense and durable material for use as indoors and outdoors. Suitable for repeated long-term use.
Mesh vinyl
Durable perforated material. Perforation significantly reduces the weight and windage of the design.

Duplex printing

Duplex printing
to Select duplex printing for use of material from two sides.

Cutting around the perimeter

Cutting the perimeter
Trim the white margins at the edges of the sheet after printing.


a Round metal ring that is installed around the perimeter of the banner. Standard installation step every 400 mm. Distance from the cutter edge is 25 mm, the safe zone is 20 mm. by means of a cord, plastic ties, screws, etc. allow you to securely and conveniently attach a printout on various structures (walls, columns, pipes, etc.)


Special elastic cord is passed through a mounted on banner eyelets, allows you to attach a printout between any structures (columns, pillars, posts, etc.).

Profile plastic

Profile plastic
Plastic profile gives a finished look to the print. Slats fastened at the top and bottom of the banner. Included - special lugs for installation (top rail), the profile ends are closed with decorative plugs. Color - black.


the edge of the banner (optional field 10 cm) podymaetsja and securely bonded to the canvas from the reverse side. Serves for the mounting on the pipe, insert weighting or grommet machine while stretching the cord.

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Order a souvenir banners as a gift for guests in memory of Belarus. The best designer banners on the theme of the Republic of Belarus, national symbols, Belarusian embroidery and national Belarusian ornament.
Layouts for state organizations and educational institutions have been prepared in accordance with the rules and GOST, using state symbols.
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Thank guys, very good service. Quickly accepted the task, suggested option announced the price, did the job on Sunday, and a special thanks for quality packaging, so in the rain and comfortable to wear neatly twisted banner, Packed and squeezed with rubber bands. All the best!
About delivery
Very good
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Ordered business cards, banners and folders via the Internet. Feedback is received quickly. To cards no complaints, the banners at the highest level! but the folder is unfortunately disappointed :( not quite what we would like. The proposed agreement with personal contact in our time is not very important - already it would be good to learn how to make remotely! But overall, well - quickly, politely, efficiently!
About delivery
Everything is OK, but we must learn to work remotely
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I ordered the printing of photos number 48. Pleasantly surprised. Firstly, for such a price, the quality is simply wonderful. Secondly, they promised within a week, and sent it the next day. I didn't even have to wait. And packed the photos securely and neatly. Thirdly, a very convenient built-in editor, I have all the photos from different devices, I easily set up the print area myself. Thank you very much! I will order more.
Makarova Anna
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I ordered the printing of photos in an online editor several times. Excellent print quality (even old pictures) at a reasonable price, the work is done on time. I thank the Pencil team for their excellent work. I will continue to be your client. And I advise others to contact Pencil.
Galaburda Tamara
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the service is excellent
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In the first I made an order online, I was worried about the quality of the photos because a lot of photos had accumulated, but in fact everything turned out very well.. Very quickly, which pleases (in the morning they were given for printing, by the evening they were already sent by mail), it is pleasant with high quality and at a price... Thank you very much for your work...
Untmoale Lyudmila
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Fast, convenient, high-quality
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Thank you very much for the photo album! Bright, made of good quality paper. And a very nice price!
Romanyuk Natalia
About design
You can experiment to your taste!
About Product
The bright moments of our life seem to be in front of us again.
About delivery
The order went into operation very quickly. The album arrived at the post office in 3 days. Nice is not the right word.
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