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Printing and manufacturing banners, banners of any format at competitive prices. Choose a design from the catalog or upload your layout

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Prices, discounts, terms

Printing of advertising banners and stretch marks

Large format printing banners
Printing large format banners is one of the main directions of the printing center of the PENCIL. We produce advertising banners, banners, wedding banners, school construction and decorations, greetings, advertising banners, mobile exhibition stands and other products. Thanks to roll materials manufacturing of banners of almost any size: the width of the printed cloth is 1.6 meters, the length is practically unlimited. Possible gluing of the fabric up to 4 meters.

Urgent manufacturing of banners
Duplication of equipment in the pavilions allows us to execute orders for printing of banners in a very short time. Professional consumables provide high-quality color reproduction and durability of paints for a long time. To order a banner in the pavilion , email or via the website. To pick up a banner or banner by yourself, or arrange a courier service. If necessary, we will promptly prepare a cloth banner to use: install grommets or plastic profile (used on the top and bottom edges).

Design banners
Our designers will create a banner layout for any occasion and event: a banner for Billboard signs on the building or advertising banners. You can choose ready-made banner design in our catalogue, or to order an individual layout. For exhibitions, conferences and weddings, a collection of templates that you can personalize: ready-made layouts banners roll-up and presswalla. If you have an idea — we implement it professionally: from good design to printing and postpress.

Prices, discounts, terms
600 x 420 mm20,1217,1916,71
600 x 2000 mm*125,16106,999,54
1000 x 2000 mm**166,68157,62128,04
1580 x 2000 mm**220,8225,12189,39

  • Included cutting around the perimeter and *10, **14 eyelets. The cost of the cord are not included. Other dimensions and materials. Printing from the layout, prepared in accordance with the Rules of preparing layouts. When printing from a catalogue of designs, the price increases by the price-use design Printing center "Karandash". A complete system of prices and discounts provided in our price list. Calculate the price of printing a banner for your layout.
  • The production time of 24 hours (for orders up to 200 RUB.). Perhaps supercrane manufacturer: the opportunity to price check with the operator on the phone +37517 3 290 290. Free delivery in Minsk and Belarus.
  • Calculate your layout


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    Prices are indicated for printing from a ready-made layout. Delivery in Belarus from 75 rubles for free.

    Materials and technologies

    Materials for advertising
    Depending on the needs of the stretch marks are printed on fabrics or vinyl mesh. The banner is thick and durable material for use as indoors and outdoors. Suitable for repeated long-term use. Roll material maximum roll width - 1.6 m. vinyl Mesh - durable perforated material. Perforation significantly reduces the weight and windage of the design. Is often used for fence construction designs. Roll material roll width - 1.6 m.
    For fixing and installation of banners use specialized eyelets, cord for banner, special plastic profile for banner.


    Printing banners of any size
    For the manufacture of advertising is characterized by large size and lack of standard formats. Each poster is made on an individual layout according to your needs. Maximum print width is 1580 mm (20 mm less than the width of the material due to the technical fields of printer). Modern technologies allow to connect the individual stripes banner fabric with a special adhesive at the same place kleivane will be almost invisible. All the big banners that you have seen are made for this technology.

    Printing banner, advertising banner stretch all sizes

    Print any banner of the exact size of your advertising space for any occasion or event:
    • Opening and closing store, cafe or other institution
    • Banners: Discount, Closeout, Liquidation product
    • Banners with congratulations to 23 February, 8 March, happy birthday, happy New year
    • Banners "for Rent", "for Sale" with a phone number for communication
    • Stretch marks have a pointer and a map for navigation and search of the warehouse or retail outlet
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    Thank guys, very good service. Quickly accepted the task, suggested option announced the price, did the job on Sunday, and a special thanks for quality packaging, so in the rain and comfortable to wear neatly twisted banner, Packed and squeezed with rubber bands. All the best!
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    Very good
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    Ordered business cards, banners and folders via the Internet. Feedback is received quickly. To cards no complaints, the banners at the highest level! but the folder is unfortunately disappointed :( not quite what we would like. The proposed agreement with personal contact in our time is not very important - already it would be good to learn how to make remotely! But overall, well - quickly, politely, efficiently!
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    Everything is OK, but we must learn to work remotely
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    Dear Pencil! Thank you for the wonderful website and the types of services offered — everything is clear and understandable. The order I placed was completed on time, and even ahead of schedule, which turned out to be very useful! Comprehensive answers were received to all questions, more favorable offers and visual original layouts were provided - many thanks to manager Maxim. The error on the site, which caused minor difficulties in completing the order, was eliminated, and all problems were immediately resolved. I will be happy to cooperate with you further and offer you to my friends.
    Natalia Malakhova
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    Hello, thank you very much! I didn't even expect such a wonderful quality of photo books and photo cards. It's just a delight, such beauty, I want to review and revise. I ordered it in padarok, I will definitely order it for myself. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Alyona Kosyakova
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    we design NG calendars for you every year, everything is fine, but I would like more ready-made new Year's templates, almost nothing changes from year to year (
    gaiduchik Natalia
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    It's not the first year I've been making orders in pencil, everything is always at the highest level and most importantly - on time! Many thanks to the staff of the printing center for their attitude to the client, as well as the prompt solution of problems, if any.
    Ryabova Julia
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