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  • Photocopy A1, A2, A0
  • Materials and technologies

Photocopy A1, A2, A0

A copy of A1, A2, A0 and other formats

Photocopy A2, A1, A0
We will make a copy of almost any size - both standard formats A2, A1, A0, and any other. Large-format photocopies are made on roll copiers or printers, in which only the print width is limited. The color copy is performed in 3 stages: scanning on a roll scanner, processing the scanned image, printing. The maximum scanning width is 0.9 meters, the length is practically unlimited. We can make a copy of A2, A1, A0 on any material: banner, self-adhesive film, watman, glossy, matte paper, etc. All orders for copies of A2, A1, A0 and other formats are executed as quickly as possible in the order of the queue (urgency - Urgent, with consultation).

  • Full information about prices and discounts is presented in our price list.
  • The production time is as fast as possible in the order of the queue. Super-urgent production is possible: check the possibility and cost with the operator by phone +375 17 3 290 290.

Materials and technologies

Materials and technologies for photocopy A2, A1, A0

The list of available materials for a copy of A2, A1, A0 is determined by the type of print you choose:

Materials for a professional black-and-white laser copy
  • Premium office paper
  • Tracing paper
Materials for professional color or black-and-white inkjet copies
  • Premium office paper
  • Photo paper and premium photo paper
  • Drawing paper (watman)
  • The paper is simple thick
  • Banner ad
  • Self-adhesive film
Lamination and packaging in a tube
Choose glossy or matte lamination (available for all materials except the banner) to protect your copy from external influences. Please note that you can choose to laminate on both sides. If your photocopy needs to be packed in a lightweight and practical tube (case) for storage and transportation, select the appropriate check box in the order cost calculation form. For more information on the selected parameters, click on the ⓘicon.

Copy better than the originals

Make copies of A2, A1, A0 for your purposes:

  • For work: construction plans, schedules of works, the technological scheme
  • For yourself: embroidery, photo collages from old photos, Newspapers, maps
  • For children: designs, trainer for eyes, Board games
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