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Print modular paintings with your photo book is easy: select a layout and upload your images

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How to order

Printing, production of modular paintings on canvas

Modular paintings on canvas are fashionable and modern solutions for interiors. These are panels divided into two or more parts that look like a single image.
Your picture or photo will become even more spectacular if you place them on the wall in the form of a modular picture.
2 ways to turn your photo or painting into a masterpiece:

1. Send your layout

  • specify the size of the modules, the type of placement (with intervals or close together), and other information
  • the operator will contact you, announce the cost of the order, prepare a layout and produce your modular picture

2. Order the layout in the Design Studio:

The designer will create a modular picture for you, taking into account all the wishes and requirements of the interior space. He will select the necessary dimensions, the number of parts of the picture and their location on the wall.
To develop an individual project, make an appointment with the designer by phone: +375 (17) 3 290 290.
Create the interior as you wish! Use endless possibilities thanks to the placement of modular images in it.

Send File

Picture of modular

Your project files
Max file size - 200 MB.
Order design
We will respond to you within three business hours
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The price of urgent production

You may need to finalize the layout

Free mail delivery in Belarus from 75 rubles.

Types and sizes

Types of modules

Modular paintings are divided into the following types: 
  • A diptych is an image divided into two parts, 
  • Triptych – three parts, 
  • Quadriptych – four parts, 
  • Penaptych – five parts, 
  • A polyptych consists of six or more parts.    
In the Design Studio or in the pavilion, you can order a modular picture with any size of modules up to 130x200 cm from the operator.

 A picture on canvas, divided into several segments, will become the highlight of any interior!


In our print centre prints on canvas are printed on the equipment using original inks. Apply a high level 100% natural cotton canvas which are safe for use in apartments and houses.

Paintings and photos on canvas have a high level of detail. You can choose to print glossy or matte canvas. On glossy canvas your image will become more juicy and will resemble the oil-painted picture. Matte canvas has a more muted colors and is great for different styles of interiors.

Through the use of quality materials and advanced equipment your picture on canvas will retain their original appearance for years to come. It is resistant to scratches, dust, moisture, UV rays.

Natjazhka na podramnik karandash

Stretch on a frame

Each panel is modular painting stretched on stretcher bars by our masters. Stretcher – the wooden frame, which gives the picture the volume and completeness. The modular design is fully ready for easy placement on the wall.

Modular pattern can be manufactured on standard or gallery stretcher.
podramnik standart karandashpodramnik gallery karandash
Standard sub-frame is used for paintings without frame and in the frame. Gallery – great for canvases without a frame. High quality wood stretcher securely holds the canvas in stretched form. We can pull the frame your finished canvas size to 2000x2000 mm.
We produce a modular pattern with the maximum size of one module 1300х2000 mm.
Our works
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Excellent, you can add more styles to photo albums
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I want to express my gratitude for the good work of the Pavilion No. 4 specialists who worked in the late evening on 11.11.22. Skillful and competent consultation helped to solve the issue promptly. Thanks!!!
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They did it quickly. The paint is of high quality. Everything is OK.
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