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For gift ideas for February 14

It's time to become more creative.

February 14 surprise your loved ones not only with bouquets of red roses and boxes of chocolates in the shape of a heart. Say "no" to boring greetings and creatively show their affection with gifts that are made especially for loved ones.

Turnkey solution: photographs of happy moments, beautifully decorated in a frame. It's not just a gift, but also a decor item that will remind your loved one of you every day! Choose the appropriate fillet and Mat, or choose one of the design options.

View directory photos in the frame on Valentine's Day.
Personalized phone case - this creative and practical gift: protection for your smartphone and a unique style. Choose our ready designs or use your best pictures. Phone always in hand, which means you will be close to your partner, even when you are in different places.

See the catalog of designs for covers.
Planning a romantic evening by candlelight, watching a movie or just dinner on Valentine's Day? Let the champagne or wine will be just the two of you. Order your labels with your pictures and you will become even bizh this evening!

See the catalog of designs for labels on the bottle on Day Svogo Valentine.
Order your custom mosaic with your favorite photo of your happy couple. See how your best memories appear in parts, with this exciting gift is perfect for a date at home. Learn your history together, then the puzzle can be glued, place in a frame and hang it as a painting you have created together.

See the catalog of designs for jigsaw puzzles with photos on Valentine's Day.
Personalized mug with photo — a great gift for Valentine's Day. Create a mug with a funny photo and fill it with coffee, tea, hot chocolate and your favourite sweets when you give. If a loved one is always in the way, think about a mug that is ideal for travel and keeps the temperature of the drink — bottle-drinking bowl.

See the catalog of designs for mugs on February 14.
Create your own romantic photo book to show your true feelings to your loved one. Complete the pages of memorable photos from travels, sharing holidays and visits. Add captions to photos, change the background and format of the album. All this can be done in the online editor.

Proceed with selecting the design and creation of photo album for Valentine's Day.
Print on canvas of your favorite photos is a great gift for any man in your life. Give your sweetheart a unique work of art that can easily hang on the wall to show guests. Choose a ready-made design, specify the desired size, add photographs and place your order directly in the online editor. You'll create a great print on canvas for someone you love.

Go to the catalog designs to print photo on canvas for Valentine's Day.
Remind loved ones often about his love and affection: even the smallest thing can take you back to moments of happiness. Magnet with photo is one of those things that really can make your day unique! Select your favourite photos, invent labels for your spouse and each morning will be filled with tenderness. A refrigerator magnet will become not just a decoration, it will be saved by your emotions.

See the catalog of designs for magnets with a photo on February 14
Turn your favorite photos into home décor with personalized pillows with prints. Select a few photos for the cushion in the style of a collage, or apply a monogram with your initials. You can choose ready-made designs from a catalog and order a few cushions in the same style. This gift will surely appeal your loved one.

See the catalog of designs for pillows for Valentine's Day.
Sweets is the most popular gift to your loved one. So why not make individual packaging for chocolates as a unique recognition with our feelings? Use ready-made solutions or create your own layout wrapper: it can be poetry about love, traits that you love your mate or your photos.

Look for inspiration in the catalogue of designs wrappers for chocolate on Valentine's Day.
Paired t-shirts — it's so romantic! Why not give this to your loved one, at the same time to refresh your wardrobe. T-shirt, sweatshirt, t-shirt, you can print your photos or picture that will be complete only if you kiss each other. If even things you already have, you can order a personalized t-shirt or a photo. For example, with heroes of your favourite film or outstanding athletes.

View a catalog of designs for t-shirts on February 14, that our designers have created for you.
The most valuable gifts are those which are made by hand and designed to trifles. The set can be any, we will manufacture a box to the desired size, garnish with filler and print all the necessary paraphernalia: stickers, a postcard, a magnet, tape.

Collect all the gifts you want to pack in the kit, and we will help to arrange everything and suggest original solutions.

Examples gift set that can help inspire you:

For lovers of tea parties
  • Mug with customized design
  • Tea bags with individual stickers
  • Bags of candy with stickers
  • Postcard with the recognition in the pure and gentle feelings
For athletes
  • T-shirt with print, tied with a ribbon with words of love
  • Bottle drinking bottle with printing
  • Chocolate individually wrapped
  • Magnet with photo
For fans to read For business For lovers of nature and travelling
  • The picture with the beautiful landscapes (choose a picture)
  • The bottle trough with photos for long walks and trips outside the city
  • Pillow with print, which you can take with you in the car while traveling
  • Bag with photo, with bark convenient to walk to the beach and even shopping (to go to view catalog of bags)
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