Wedding printing. Perfect preparation for short term

Wedding romantic and exciting occasion... At the time of registration of marriage is accepted an important and responsible decision. In the coveted "Yes" has lots of meanings. Much to prepare for the celebration.
For the bride and groom, their parents preparing for a wedding takes a lot of time and effort. But how to start a wedding? With proposals of marriage – one of the most anxious moments in the relationship of a boy and a girl.
What a romantic "tricks" are no young people to surprise your beloved. Our printing center is helping to present this point originally and gently.
05224 pazl karandash05220 kruzka karandash
Collecting puzzle "marry me" you show an incredible sensitivity. And subsequently filling in the frame and remember this moment forever! Order a "marry me" pour her a drink sweetheart, and maybe even sink to the bottom ring on the engagement. Either complement the idea with a puzzle like this mug and conquer favorite!
02324 kruzka karandash02325 kruzka karandash
For the most self-confident in the catalog of designs mugs – tested variant – paired circles "marry me!". Photo and inscriptions on mugs will draw in memory this unforgettable moment again and again.

05192 plakat karandash
In the directory and posters large selection of love designs. Poster "marry me" speaks for itself. Arrange a romantic evening with candles and get your coveted "Yes!".

...And here the date is fixed, start quivering and responsible care.
Printed center "Pencil" is 20 goods and services for the organization of memorable celebration and preservation of memorable moments:

For inviting guests, decorating the hall and car

1. Invitation
02483 priglashenie karandash05025 svitok priglashenie karandash05155 priglashenie karandash
A gorgeous way to invite guests to the wedding send out personalised invitations with your photo or choosing a design without a photo. And invitation, scroll, sure will surprise and will please family and friends.
2. Place cards for guests
02481 rassadochnye kartochki karandash04227 rassadochnye kartochki karandash05156 rassadochnye kartochki karandash
Name cards on the tables will create a cozy atmosphere and will help you quickly and conveniently to seat guests. Invited will be pleased that their choice was treated personally.
3. Flags, garlands
04338 flazhki karandash04339 girljandyi karandash05084 flazhki karandash
With flags and garlands easy to create a festive atmosphere. Garland to help you isolate or combine desired zones in the hall. Paper flags on sticks will decorate tables and will delight younger guests. Developed designs for the location of your photos or without photos.
4. Press wall
04347 press voll karandash03178 press voll karandash05037 press voll karandash
Order your stylish photo zone. The large size banner with your names, event date and any thematic labels will make the piquancy to the occasion. Place it indoors, for example, the table of the newlyweds. Either on the street in any convenient, beautiful location. The wedding photos will appeal to all guests, and the result will exceed expectations.
5. Tablecloth
04342 skaterti karandash04188-skaterti-karandash02773-skaterti-karandash
The table of the newlyweds will be a solemn special if you make it with the original cloth with your initials, photos. This wedding table decor a sign of perfect organization.
6. The label on a bottle<
04336 jetiketka na butylku karandash00722 jetiketka na butylku karandash02157 jetiketka na butylku karandash
Champagne wedding tables with photographs of young will amaze guests. Use a bottle wedding photos for the raffle or auction. It will become an enviable trophy for invited guests.
7. The icons are witnesses and tapes
04345 znachki karandash02787 lenty karandash05042 znachki karandash
These accessories are essential in the wedding. Operational production of badges, ribbons for witnesses and matchmakers will allow time to prepare for cherished day. Take advantage of our print center and we will take care of every detail of this day.
8. Car stickers
nakleyki na auto karandash
The car of the bride and groom in wedding procession is always the most delicious. Make it compelling order a sticker Just married. It will lend a fabulous, positive and originality.

For video monitoring of the event

9. Presentation
The exciting event will immerse guests into your Love story. Acquaint with our childhood, history of Dating and meeting. Our designers will prepare a spectacular and unique slideshow.

For gifts, guests and the organization of competitions

10. Pocket calendars
05056 karmannye kalendari karandash04182 karmannye kalendari karandash05181 karmannye kalendari karandash
Use pictures from Love story to order pocket calendars as wedding Souvenirs. They like visitors and will recall the celebration for a long time.
11. Labels for chocolate<
03873 jetiketka dlja shokolada karandash03956 jetiketka dlja shokolada karandash05160 jetiketka dlja shokolada karandash
Sweet compliment from the young with delight perceive everybody's invited. Order the wrapper for the chocolate, box of chocolates and presented in the form of chocolate cards to each guest. Or use as a sweet treat for the kids or gifts for contests.
12. Notebooks
05055 bloknoty karandash04181 bloknoty karandash04750 bloknoty karandash
Notebooks with your photos loved ones will delight guests and leave pleasant memories about the holiday.
13. Mugs
05119 kruzka karandash04190 kruzka karandash05083 kruzka karandash
Manufactured souvenir mugs for gifts to the guests of honor at the wedding, a keepsake for yourself or as a gift for a wedding anniversary for the beloved, beloved.

To preserve the memory of the bright event

14. Stickers on CDs and covers
svadebnie diski1 karandashsvadebnie diski2 karandash
Wedding photos and video keep the memory of this groundbreaking event. Drive with customized label and cover in the same style will delight you and give a good mood. On the shelves among the many other disks you can easily find it and show friends the video of the wedding.
15. Flip wall calendars
04746 nastennye kalendari karandash02741 nastennye kalendari karandash
Calendar with wedding photos a great way to extend the holiday feeling. Mark on the calendar important dates and print it for yourself or parents.
16. Wedding photo albums and photo books
04526 fotoalbomi karandash02542 fotoalbomi karandash05182 fotoalbomi karandash
The main Keeper of precious moments of celebration – fromwedding photo album. In a directory, select the design, fill them with photos in the online editor and place the order. Enjoy unforgettable moments, always!
17. Photo collages
04344 fotokollazh karandash03823 fotokollazh karandash05159 fotokollazh karandash
Creating a photo collage of the best wedding photos you can place it in a frame to insert into the photo album or to give family. Add your names, date of the event, valuable inscriptions and the delight of contemplation is assured.

For gifts to the newlyweds

18. Pillow
05112 podushka karandash02129 podushka karandash05180 podushka karandash
Such an unusual addition to a gift for the newlyweds will delight and will decorate their interior. Choose a finished design from a photo or without a photo in the catalog or order the production of pillows for his idea. The term of production is up to 1 hour.
19. Mikey
02272 maika karandash00950 maika karandash01779 maika karandash
Shirts with funny slogans and images will give pleasure to the young. This gift will be indispensable for honeymoon, family photo session, outdoor recreation. In the presence of different models and colors of shirts, lots of designs and the ability to manufacture according to your designs.
Also to give young or order can plates, posters, caps, puzzles, aprons.

In order to arrange a celebration in the same style

Consider every detail of the event, make it stylish and memorable. To create a whole image will help a series of designs, developed in our Studio "Vintage roses", "Transparent pattern", "Tender love", "Vintage lilac", "delicate roses", etc.
dizajn nezhnaja ljubov organizacija svadby karandash
Luxurious ceremony will be remembered by every guest. For the wedding in the style of "rustic", "country", "vintage" the wedding of the attributes with the design of "sweet love". This cute and sophisticated design will create the whole image of the holiday, emphasize the individuality and taste of the young.
dizajn nezhnaja ljubov na pamjat karandash
A disk with photos in a themed cover, photo album, photo collage, calendars will keep the best wedding moments and memories. Pillow, clock, mug with your wedding photos will remind them every time you look.

Design services

You have your own idea for the decoration of the festivity? Designers printed center Pencil ready to realize the most incredible and daring ideas into individual designs.
Make an appointment with the designer by phone.+375 17 3 290 290. All layouts will be created in your presence, you will be able to coordinate every detail of the design and select materials for printing.
Prepare for the wedding quickly and efficiently with products in our printing center. All products for the wedding on the website in the special occasion "Wedding".
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