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Завтра, 20.09.2020, павильоны на пл. Независимости будут закрыты. Павильон №7 на ул. Б.Хмельницкого, 7 будет работать c 10:00 до 22:00

Design #05382
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3% discount
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Prices are for printing from the ready-made layout. The shipping cost is not included, delivery is possible all over Belarus
The design is easy to change text, photos, pictures. It is convenient to edit and visualize their ideas.
When ordering in the online editor:
  • 16 variations of color solutions
  • Production time: 24 hours (for orders up to 200 RUB.)
  • You can order from your smartphone, with full functionality accessible from the computer
  • For mail delivery, click in the basket Plexiglas 2 mm
Other materials and sizes, editorial services and design when ordering available in the pavilion.

Appearance (color, texture) fillet and Mat may vary slightly from the image on the monitor.

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Broken glass in the frame. 28.07.2017 called and came to the pavilion 1A for a new one. Very pleased with the courtesy of staff, both in the pavilion and on the phone and the price of glass. Thank you!

About delivery
On top!
star star star star

Interesting product line from "Pencil" ordered and personally, Souvenirs, and corporate print. Especially like the quality of the framework. New service "online ordering photos in a frame with Passepartout," exceeded my expectations. Easy to order, decent looks. Huge thanks to the Manager of the framing of the pavilion to Catherine for her professionalism in work, ability to work with a client, fate, caring and just human relations!!! But the managers of the pavilion for the manufacture of Souvenirs are not finalized, starting with designers and ending with a courier. Non-coordinated action Department, lead to the fact that such a simple order of hours causes a lot of trouble. Guide note!!!

Sutorminskoe Lesya Yuriivna
About delivery
Different: frames excellent, Souvenirs - not very
star star star star star

The website chic. It's very simple and clear...the Speed, quality and responsiveness of staff all at the highest level! Ordered 56 pieces photo figure 48 A4 and I paid only 30 rubles!!! Pleases discounts. When paying via SSIS 3%, and when the first order collage with their layout gave 10% on your next order! It is now my favorite in printing pictures...

Grudnichka Olesya
About design
Just Shine.
About Product
Quality customer 100%
About print
Super. All doubted the choice, but it turned out that in vain
About delivery
I love it..from the moment of ordering and the finished photo on hand it's only been three days. Ordering