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Photo on canvas to order is easy: choose a design or request a

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How to order

Printing photos on canvas is the perfect way to add individuality and beauty to any interior. You can turn any photo into a work art, transferring it on the canvas. Place the canvas in living room, kitchen, bedroom or choose a picture for the nursery room.
Print a center Pencil adds personality in your life. Our designers have developed turnkey solutions for printing on canvas. So you can enjoy your photos in bulk paintings. We offer a simple and convenient way to create your canvas yourself in our online editor.
You can quickly to order photos on canvas, get it in 1 day and transform your interior!

Печать на холсте в Минске
Before ordering your photos on canvas, decide the best place for him. Make the necessary measurements to understand what is the size of the finished work will fit perfectly into your interior.

How to order

You can place your order on the website online promo, sakasai print photos on canvas we have in the pavilions, or to request custom design and process your photos in our design Studio. Make an appointment with the designer by phone.+375 17 3 290 290.

Prices and discounts

Название/количество1 - 50>50
Фото на холсте, панорамное 30х90 см80,44звоните
Фото на холсте, прямоульное 40х120 см105,43звоните
Модульная картина, модульный коллаж 3шт 25х50 см109,04звоните
Модульная картина, модульный коллаж 3шт 30х60 см136,00звоните
Модульная картина, модульный коллаж 3шт 35х70 см160,53звоните
Название/количество1 - 23 - 910 - 50>50
Фото на холсте, квадратное 30х30 см32,7429,8228,66звоните
Фото на холсте, квадратное 50х50 см54,1250,7344,48звоните
Фото на холсте, квадратное 90х90 см133,49112,26109,14звоните
Фото на холсте, прямоульное 30х40 см37,3934,3733,24звоните
Фото на холсте, прямоульное 40х60 см55,2652,6045,84звоните
Фото на холсте, прямоульное 60х80 см100,2396,1884,63звоните
Фото на холсте, прямоульное 80х120 см149,69125,84121,49звоните
1 - 56 - 910 - 50>50
Фото на холсте, квадратное 40х40 см42,7338,7935,10звоните
1 - 34 - 910 - 50>50
Фото на холсте, квадратное 70х70 см82,9369,7867,01звоните

Prices valid when ordering through the online editor. A complete system of prices and discounts when the ordering in the pavilion , see in our price list.
Prices specified in Belarusian rubles.

Production time

  • when ordering in the online editor: 24 hours (for orders up to 200 RUB.)
  • if you order the pavilion: up to 2 hours (at the finished layout, for orders up to 100.)*
  • when ordering by e-mail with the form on the website: up to 5 hours (finished the layout for orders up to 100.)*
* For orders placed before 17.00. Orders placed after 17.00 will be ready the next day in 12.00.

Decorate your home and give gifts to nice to everyone! Travel photography, wedding photos, baby pictures, family photos, stylish pop art portraits and more many other ideas in the paintings on canvas in your interior.

Calculate your layout

Photo on canvas

Your project files
Max file size - 200 MB.
Cost of manufacturing
Number of copies
for 1piece
3% discount
for online payment
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Prices are for printing from the ready-made layout. The shipping cost is not included, delivery is possible all over Belarus


Photos and photo collages on canvas are printed on professional equipment for interior print. For printing used natural canvas with textured surface. They are completely safe for use in residential area.
The images have a high precision color. Canvas can be glossy or matte. Glossy surface gives the image brightness oil paintings, matte canvas makes it stylish.
Thanks modern printing capabilities, the picture maintains its brightness and clarity to 100 years without additional protection. The image is resistant to scratches, it just wipe away dust with a damp cloth. Water resistance allows you to hang beautiful art work in high humidity areas such as kitchen, tub, steam room or sauna.

Stretch on a frame

For a beautiful completion each panel is manually stretched on stretcher bars – the wooden frame. It gives your image impressive volume and completeness. The finished canvas is ready its easy and convenient location on the wall in any interior!

2 subframe:
Standard subframe
Натяжка на подрамник - стандартный подрамник
  • Suitable as for paintings on canvas without frame, and for subsequent registration in frame.
  • High quality wood stretcher securely holds the canvas in stretched form.
  • The height of the subframe – 25 mm.
  • Maximum dimensions up to 2000×2000 mm.

Gallery subframe
Натяжка на подрамник - галерейный подрамник
  • Ideal for decoration canvas without frame.
  • The impressive volume and simultaneous ease.
  • The height of the subframe – 40 mm.
  • The maximum size of a subframe – 2000×2000 mm.
Making the frame, baguette

Any a photo on canvas will become a unique piece of furniture, if it to draw in a stylish frame. Order your unique frame for your photo on canvas in our framing of 150 variants of the baguette. A properly sized prints will make the picture really artistic piece of furniture.

Other possibilities

  • Photo processing designer
  • Want to give your photo any photo effect or your photo requires artistic treatment? Maybe you want many photos to create a montage?
  • Photo wall
  • Why not create a series of canvases? Family portraits and panoramic landscape shots and just loved the photo looks spectacular in modern interiors. Arrange them on one wall and create a group of such works, combined with your own idea.
  • Visualization of photos on canvas in the interior
  • To see how the photo or photo collage on canvas will look in the interior you can use a visualization service.
  • Hand drawing canvas
  • Another stroke of turning a painting into a piece of art! The drawing manually will give the "effect of the brush strokes", like your painting drew quite the artist!
    For further details and ordering hand drawings painting artist, please contact the design Studio.

Make an appointment with the designer by phone.+375 17 3 290 290

Photo on canvas - great gift

Sharing a photo on canvas in the style of Instagram is a perfect gift for loved ones. Wedding photo on canvas anniversary will not leave anyone indifferent.

Canvas as a gift for a housewarming party decorate the interior of a new home, will be for many years to please owners.

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