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Prices, discounts, terms

Printing on circles to order

Printing photos and inscriptions on circles
A mug with a printed inscription or photo is a great gift at an affordable price! A mug with a funny picture will not only emphasize your personality, but will also be useful at home or at work. Here you can print on various mugs: ceramic (white, colored, chameleons), enameled metal, printing on thermal mugs, as well as water bottles. The mug will last a long time and the picture will not be erased if simple operating conditions are observed.

Mugs with a logo
A mug with a logo and an inscription is a great business gift for partners and employees. Here you can order both ceramic and metal enameled branded mugs at affordable prices. Such a gift will increase brand loyalty, raise the corporate spirit of your employees.

Printing on Mugs Online
It is easy to make a mug with an inscription or a photo online. Choose the appropriate design of the mug on our website in the catalog of ready-made designs, just add a photo, an inscription and send it to print. If you need an exclusive design of the mug - our professional designers will create a layout based on your idea, take into account your wishes.

Prices, discounts, terms
Printing on mugs - order from 1 joke, production is urgent or to order. Delivery in Minsk and Belarus. Get the best price when printing on white ceramic mugs for making 48 hours.
Production time - 48 hours
Название/количество1 - 9>9
Керамическая белая15,813,3
Production time - 24 hours
Название/количество1 - 34 - 910 - 99>99
Керамическая белая29,22519,414,7
Керамическая цветная30,625,920,715,5
Production time-urgent
Название/количество1 - 34 - 910 - 99>99
Керамическая белая36,628,620,814,7
Керамическая цветная38,23022,315,5
Керамическая конусная39,630,822,816
Кружка черная39,630,822,816
Металлическая эмалированная39,630,822,816
Термокружка автомобильная51,94035,430,8
Бутылка для воды51,94035,430,8
  • Print from a layout prepared in an online editor. The full system of prices and discounts is presented in our price list.
  • The production period of 48 or 24 hours is specified for orders up to 200 rubles. Super-urgent production is possible: check the possibility and cost with the operator by phone +375 17 3 290 290.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you print on customers ' mugs?

No, special mugs are used for thermal transfer. We only print on our own mugs.

What is the volume of the mug?

The volume of a ceramic mug (white, colored, chameleon) is 350 ml, there is also thermal mugs - 350 ml.

Is the image erased from the mug?

The image is stable and does not erase when operating conditions are met.

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Order design
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The price of urgent production

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Free delivery by post in Belarus from 50 rubles.

Cash and non-cash payment

How to order?

Order online using ready-made layouts

You can order the mug at our online editor: from PC or mobile phone. To do this, select the finished design in the directory, upload the pictures and edit the labels.

Prepare layout

You can send the finished layout or to make a booking in the pavilion. Below to create your own layout, use our presets for layouts.
Note basic requirements:
  • Maximum the area of application on a mug – 20×8 cm
  • A color model is RGB
  • The format of the file .tif
Read more on the preparation of the file you can see our requirements to prepare files.
Image transferred with sublimation technology. This means that the picture first is printed on paper. Then, under the influence of high temperature is drawing pictures on the mug. It makes the picture bright and steady, paint is stored for a long time.

Types of mugs

We offer high-quality photo circles of several types that are ideal for applying images:

Straight ceramic mugs (volume 350 ml)

The maximum application area is 20×8 cm. This is enough for the drawing to fill the entire surface and look beautiful from all sides.
Печать на кружках Минск

There are several types of standard mugs available, which differ in color:

White mugs

It is ideal for the implementation of any idea. The printed image will look bright and saturated. In addition, white mugs are the most affordable option, which will allow you to save money when ordering a large print run.

Colored circles

In colored circles, the handle and rim can be red, blue,light blue or green. This will help you get a more stylish souvenir, emphasize the design elements.

Chameleon Mugs

These unusual mugs are very popular! At room temperature, they have a dark saturated color. But if you pour hot water into it, the mug immediately begins to change color. This is due to the heat-sensitive paint based on liquid crystals. The upper dark layer becomes transparent – and a hidden image appears on the surface of the circle.

Black ceramic mugs (volume 330 ml)

Ceramic black mug with a window for drawing pictures. The image size is 190x76 mm, the image size with a black filling is 220x90 mm.
Печать на черных кружках

Cone mugs (volume 330 ml)

The maximum size of the image application is 20×9 cm
Конусные фотокружки 330 мл
Крафтовая упаковка
Крафтовая упаковка

Каждая кружка упакована в коробку из крафтового картона. Вы можете дополнительно заказать печать стикеров с поздравлениями и пожелаяними.

Печать на кружке срочно
Печать на кружке срочно

Когда до праздника совсем не осталось времени, выручит срочная печать на кружках. Выполним нанесение на кружки в течение часа, в вашем присутствии. Или доствим курьером по Минску. Возможность срочного изготовления уточняйте по телефону +375173290290.

Именная кружка для каждого
Именная кружка для каждого

Закажите именную кружку для каждого члена семьи и создайте сервиз. Такой набор создаст хорошее настроение за семейным чаепитием. Теперь никто не будет спорить где чья кружка.

Подарочный набор
Подарочный набор

Создайте уникальный подарочный набор с кружкой, добавив в него открытку, блокнот, конфеты, чай или другие сладости. Всё будет красиво упаковано в коробоку нужного размера.

Convenient online ordering

You can order the mug at our online editor: from PC or mobile phone. To do this, select the design directory, upload the pictures and edit the labels.

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Printing on mugs with a photo, inscription, logo
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Well done guys. Mug made in less than two days. Very satisfied.
Lebow Novel
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Service is very good
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The wonderful centre of all my wishes have always been fulfilled promptly. Appealed three times well done. Mug use for three years and no problems!!!! Thanks guys you are the best!!!!
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Ordered print on the mug, making the layout in the online editor. The next day the order was ready. The result I liked, very happy with it. The only thing it would be great if the online-editor you can see the end result - the image (layout) not strip, as projected on the object itself.
Arisawa Olga
star star star star star
Ordered a mug with photo printing. The order was carried out on the Internet. After the operator called back, all said. The circle was ready the next day. In the evening went to pick up)) Despite the fact that it was rush hour, queues in the pavilion were absent. Made it perfect! Packed in box))) it was my first address in pencil, but certainly not the last))) I advise!)) Thank you for Your work!))
She Solarevic
star star star star star
Great center. Addressed many times in different orders: cover, print photos, print on mugs. All orders are completed efficiently, quickly, with useto all my wishes and also the operators have proposed alternative solutions to improve image quality. Very pleased, will refer, if necessary, only in this printing center. Thanks to the staff!!!
Olga Levkovskaya
star star star star star
Thank you so much for a gorgeous gift for the New year)) it Was hard 2 Jan to get to the computer, but I did and now am the owner of cool clubs. Great marketing move and an excellent execution! Thanks again, prosperity to Your business at a difficult time.
Soloviev Denis Yuryevich
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Great experience!
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