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Prices are indicated for printing from a ready-made layout. Delivery in Belarus from 75 rubles for free.

  • Prices, discounts, deadlines
  • Materials and technologies

Prices, discounts, deadlines

Printout of drawings

Printing of drawings at favorable prices, delivery in Belarus
Download the prepared pdf files and get the best price for printing the drawings.  Printing urgently and to order with maximum discounts. The order type is 24 hours, as a rule, we complete it faster than in a day. Free delivery when ordering from 100,00 rubles to pick-up points in Minsk and throughout Belarus.
See here the video instructions for ordering drawings.

Color and black-and-white printing, any formats
Upload your files, select the print color (for groups of pages up to A3 format and larger than A3): black and white, color, or with the option to select color or black and white printing for each individual page of each uploaded file. The system will automatically detect the color filling and formats of all pages, while you can change the size of any page manually. In the additional settings, select the printing material, if necessary - folding, packaging in a tube, and other parameters. You can calculate your project without downloading files, while the calculation will be performed based on the color filling of up to 10% for formats larger than A3.

Prices, discounts, deadlines

A2 (420x594 mm), CB laser printing, 80 g/m paper, urgency - 24 hours1,61,61,61,6
A1 (594x841 mm), cb laser printing, 80 g/m paper, urgency - 24 hours2,322,322,292,29
A0 (841x1189 mm), cb laser printing paper 80 g/m, urgency - 24 hours4,644,584,584,58
A2 (420x594 mm), CB laser printing, tracing paper 90 g/m, urgency - 24 hours5,333,773,763,76
A1 (594x841 mm), CB laser printing, tracing paper 90 g/m, urgency - 24 hours7,547,547,517,51
A0 (841x1189 mm), CB laser printing, tracing paper 90 g/m, urgency - 24 hours15,115,0415,0415,04
A2 (420x594 mm), color and CB inkjet printing, 80 g/m paper, urgency - 24 hours3,33,32,922,92
A1 (594x841 mm), color and CB inkjet printing, 80 g/m paper, urgency - 24 hours6,686,686,686,44
A0 (841x1189 mm), color and CB inkjet printing, 80 g/m paper, urgency - 24 hours13,3813,3812,911,83
A2 (420x594 mm), color and CB inkjet printing, 160 g/m paper (watman), urgency - 24 hours4,774,774,774,77
A1 (594x841 mm), color and CB inkjet printing, 160 g/m paper (watman), urgency - 24 hours9,559,559,559,55
A0 (841x1189 mm), color and CB inkjet printing, 160 g/m paper (watman), urgency - 24 hours20,0320,0419,8618,43

  • Other sizes and materials are possible. Please call: +375 17 3 290 290 .
  • The cost of printing is given for filling <10%. The cost to fill in is >10% - see Printing A1, A2, A0. The option to crop fields is enabled.
  • Printing from a layout prepared in accordance with the Layout Preparation Rules.
  • Super-urgent production is possible: check the possibility and cost with the operator by phone +375 17 3 290 290 .
  • The full system of prices and discounts is presented in our price list. Calculate the cost of printing your drawings.

Materials and technologies

Materials and technologies

Professional printing and materials
We perform printing of drawings, diagrams, projects, patterns, patterns on various materials. Printing is done using large-format laser or inkjet printers. Among the most popular materials:
  • Premium office paper 80 g / m-economical thin paper, mainly used for printing drawings and other graphics without dense fills
  • Drawing paper (watman) 160 g / m-thick paper without additional coating, for printing various drawings, contour drawings; it is easy to draw on top with pencils, ink, watercolors
  • Tracing paper translucent 90 g / m-translucent moisture-resistant material for printing engineering documentation, patterns; it is possible to make notes with pencil or ink, as well as copying drawings by various means
  • Photo paper 120-180 g / m-professional matte paper of high density, for printing images with high resolution
  • Banner is a dense and durable material for use both indoors and outdoors. Suitable for repeated long-term use

Convenient options
  • Folding - if you need to fold the printed drawings, select this service and specify the type of folding and format: under the folder, binding (binder), A4 or A3 format
  • Packaging in a tube-select this option if the drawings need to be packed in a lightweight and practical tube for storage and transport
  • Large format printing of drawings and project documentation in Minsk
    Any standard (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0) and arbitrary formats

    Print drawings of urgency and ordering

    • The longest working hours: from 7.00 am to 22.00 PM on weekdays and Saturday. 10.00 - 22.00 Sunday
    • Working seven days a week
    • Free delivery in Minsk and Belarus
    • Online ordering on the website without payment

    Our works
    Printing drawings, projects on paper, watman, tracing paper A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 urgently and to order
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    I ordered the printing of drawings through an online editor. I chose the time of order production in a day. Nevertheless, I agreed on the phone with the operator that if there is a "window", they will try to do it earlier. I stopped by the pavilion on the way, there were free people and cars, but for the "urgent" production (about 6-7 hours have passed since the order was placed online), they offered to print at half the price. Fortunately, the girls in the pavilion turned out to be understanding and professional, called the management, asked me to print the order in front of me and left the agreed price. What I didn't like: a good share of bureaucracy - there are both free people and cars, but we will start printing in a day, because the order states "production time is 24 hours", if you want faster, pay twice as much. Ie, everything seems to be correct, but the residue remains. What I liked: the employees communicated as correctly as possible, as a result they did everything, even though they spent at least three times more time talking to the management than on the printing itself))) Thank you for your understanding and good attitude to the client.
    Kirill Ismakaev
    star star star star star
    I regularly use the services of this printing center to print my projects. Everything is clear and on time.
    Sergey Zhebelev
    star star star star star
    Excellent printing center. You can place an order online. Fast, high quality, reasonable prices. I recommend it
    Tatiana Kukresh
    star star star star star
    Did you print 3 pavilion. I want to Express my gratitude to the employee of Xenia for the promptness and friendliness! Service high!I wish you success.
    About print
    star star star star star
    Printed out the drawings that I sent you by email without payment. Somehow I was surprised when I came to pick up, and they are ready. Thanks guys, it was all very sudden and great. Good luck to all.
    Sergey Rusetsky
    About delivery
    Pleasantly surprised
    star star star star star
    Dear Pencil! Thank you for the wonderful website and the types of services offered — everything is clear and understandable. The order I placed was completed on time, and even ahead of schedule, which turned out to be very useful! Comprehensive answers were received to all questions, more favorable offers and visual original layouts were provided - many thanks to manager Maxim. The error on the site, which caused minor difficulties in completing the order, was eliminated, and all problems were immediately resolved. I will be happy to cooperate with you further and offer you to my friends.
    Natalia Malakhova
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