10% DISCOUNT until 22.03 on photo books, photo albums by promo code: TOPGo over
10% DISCOUNT until 22.03 on photo books, photo albums by promo code: TOPGo over

Paintings, posters, prints

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Painting styles

40% DISCOUNT on printing Pictures, posters, reproductions when choosing the production of "48 hours"PROMO.
Select the image in the directory, then make an order specifying the amount and type design

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  • Prices, terms, discounts
  • Calculate your layout
  • Mounting methods
  • Materials and manufacturing

Prices, terms, discounts

Print to order, to buy ready-made pattern in Minsk

Picture in a frame or on canvas with stretcher saturate the space of paints make it dynamic and original. With bright pattern you will be able to decorate any interior in the home or office. The paintings on the wall will look great in a cosy living room and simple office.

3000 pictures in the catalog is to buy a ready - made or order prints
We have prepared a professional high quality images for all interior styles, different art schools in different colors and shades. Use the filter to conveniently choose in the catalog. All paintings have enough resolution for printing big size - A0 and more.

User-friendly editor and calculator online
After choosing an image, you can specify all of the print settings, specify the desired size of the picture, crop the image, specify the duration of the order, to choose methods of mounting on the wall. Ready to order you can pick up at our pavilion or get it delivered to Minsk or Belarus.

Painting on canvas or frame of your picture
Upload your photo or any other image and create a unique painting from the comfort of home. All services for printing paintings and baguette shop is now available online. All functions are available and working on the computer, and smartphone.

Any printing options and design, paintings online
You can order prints of the work:
- on a roll (on paper, canvas or film)
- the plastic or foam Board
- on the stretcher, without a baguette
- Mat
- prints: on paper, glass or on canvas.

Great prices and 40% off when you order 48 hours
We automated the reception and execution of any order to get the best prices in Belarus for printing paintings. To get 40% off select urgency "Online promo 48 hours." When the urgency of "24 hours", the discount will be 20%.

The price of printing paintings

20x30 cm, in a roll on photo paper, cut to size5,334,735,26
20x30 cm, on plastic, printing on self-adhesive film18,4113,8213,61
20x30 cm, on a stretcher, canvas printing, metal cable fastening.29,5729,5729,44
20x30 cm, in passepartout (2750)18,9818,3818,91
20x30 cm, framed (profile 101), printed on photo paper27,3126,7127,24

40x60 cm, in a roll on photo paper, cut to size18,5418,4415,02
40x60 cm, on plastic, printing on self-adhesive film40,4438,2937,91
40x60 cm, on a stretcher, canvas printing, metal cable fastening.68,0457,3956,03
40x60 cm, in passepartout (2750)44,4544,3540,93
40x60 cm, framed (profile 101), printed on photo paper72,7172,6269,2

60x80 cm, in a roll on photo paper, cut to size30,5528,4828,43
60x80 cm, on plastic, printing on self-adhesive film68,7467,1767,09
60x80 cm, on a stretcher, canvas printing, metal cable fastening.109,04105,99105,95
60x80 cm, in passepartout (2750)71,3869,3169,26
60x80 cm, framed (profile 101), printed on photo paper119,71117,64117,59

  • Other dimensions, materials, fastening. Call: +375 17 3 290 290.
  • Printing from the layout prepared in accordance with the Rules of the preparation of layouts. When you print a picture from a catalogue of designs price increases on the cost of using design Printed center "Pencil".
  • The production time of 48 hours, 24 hours is specified for orders up to 200 RUB.

Calculate your layout

Paintings, posters, prints

Your project files
Max file size - 200 MB.
Cost of manufacturing
Automatic order without operator call
Urgent printing and operator consultation
Number of copies
for 1piece
3% discount
for online payment
add basket
Prices are for printing from the ready-made layout. The shipping cost is not included, delivery is possible all over Belarus

Mounting methods

Attaching pictures to the wall

The online editor provides mounting options for all types of painting design - choose the appropriate one when placing an order:

Wall Hook
Reliable plastic Toly hook with thin miniature nails made of hardened steel.

Metal cable
Special elastic rope for the products of the baguette workshop.

Metal bar
Elegant metal bar with a holder for mounting on the wall. Gives the product a finished look. Included 2 pcs. (top/bottom). The width is 6 mm. The color is gold.

The plastic profile snaps at the top and bottom of the printout, giving the product a finished look – you just have to hang it on the wall. The profile can be easily clicked off if necessary, which allows you to use it with different paintings and posters. The profile color (depending on the delivery) is white, gray, or transparent.

The metal holder is pressed into the foam board from the back side, securely fixed in the material. With the help of a metal ear, the product can be easily hung on any hook in the wall. For works larger than 60 cm, two holders with a cable are used.

3M Velcro Straps
A pair of strips with an adhesive layer on both sides. The set includes 6 strips. One pair can withstand a weight of up to 1.35 kg..

Reliable lace made of strong synthetic material. Color - black.

Materials and manufacturing

Design options for paintings

The method of making your painting

In a roll
The printed image can be repeatedly rolled up. This option is convenient, for example, for transportation in a tube.

On a solid foundation
The image is pasted on a solid base: plastic or foam board. This option can be used as a ready-to-install structure.

On the stretcher
The printout on canvas is stretched on a wooden frame. The volume of the subframe gives the image expressiveness, the product takes a finished look.

To passepartout
The image printed on paper is framed in a wide frame made of art cardboard. Passepartout focuses on the picture, gives it additional expressiveness.

In the frame
The image is framed in a baguette frame. To give additional expressiveness, passepartout is used - one or more. The installation of glass protects the painting from external influences.

Type of execution

On paper
Professional paper of medium density (190 g/m) perfectly conveys bright, rich colors with many shades and gradations.

On self-adhesive film
Self-adhesive film with a reliable adhesive layer. Excellent color reproduction. The film thickness is 80 microns.

On canvas
Dense material with the texture of natural canvas. The reflection of the printout imitates oil paints. Excellent color reproduction, not subject to fading from sunlight.

On a solid foundation
If the option is not selected, the printed image is pasted to the back of the passepartout, in which the window is previously cut out. Pasting is performed along the perimeter with a double-sided adhesive tape, which is not visible from the front side. If this option is selected, the structure is further reinforced with a 3 mm thick foam board backdrop.

Crop Options

Crop to size
The material is cropped to the selected image size

Crop with 5 cm margins
The material is cut with margins of 5 cm on each side. The margins can be used, for example, for pasting or stretching on a stretcher.

Crop with 10 cm margins
The material is cut with margins of 10 cm on each side. The margins can be used, for example, for pasting or stretching on a stretcher.


Transparent plastic, the material is less brittle than glass. The Plexiglass frame can be delivered by mail. The thickness of Plexiglass is 2 mm.

Ordinary glass
Standard glass, suitable for all types of work. Thickness of 2 mm.

Anti-glare glass
Glass with a grainy texture, reduces the reflection of light as much as possible. Thickness of 2 mm.

Museum glass
Invisible glass with UV filter, protects the painting from the effects of daylight. Thickness of 2 mm.


Transparent film coating. Protects against external influences, gives a presentable appearance.


Foam board 10 mm
Lightweight and durable sandwich panel made of polyurethane foam, covered on both sides with white cardboard. A printout on a self-adhesive film is pasted on the material.

4 mm plastic
Lightweight and durable material, perfectly retains properties and geometry for a long service life. It is used both indoors and outdoors. A printout on a self-adhesive film is pasted on the material.

Print the pictures on the order

You can buy ready-made pattern or order printing with us. When printing you can choose your desired size, material, color baguette or glass type.

To order the picture, select an image from our catalogue of designs or upload your own photo.

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Print pictures, posters, reproductions from the catalog online
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I ordered photos of large sizes , with knurling on a solid base ...very cool done !!!!
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I am pleasantly surprised by the work of your center. Very quickly. Thanks. I will contact you constantly
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Great company! I ordered the printing of paintings on canvas - the quality is at a high level, the order was executed promptly and quickly sent by mail. I was very pleased with the packaging, the products were delivered in perfect condition! Thanks to all your team! Good luck and prosperity!
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Prompt delivery, attentive attitude to customers
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A wonderful center with professional employees who love their work and are friendly to customers! I have repeatedly applied and received, in addition to the quality work done, a pleasant impression from the willingness of the staff to please the customer in everything 100%! Recently I ordered another painting on canvas, in a baguette, so not only did they do everything at the museum level, they also corrected at their own expense what I myself was guilty of! Thank you for your work! If anyone needs the services of guaranteed high-quality printing - do not waste time - contact the printing center "Pencil"! The result will exceed your expectations!
Irina Baliunova
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More thanks to the center! I ordered online, everything was done very quickly and efficiently!!! I picked up the order at the post office, worried that the picture might be spoiled during transportation. I was worried in vain, it was packed conscientiously. I think that there are no non-performing tasks for the center. Thanks!
Podolyak Anna
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I was printing posters. I placed the order online. I messed up with the design and as a result, not all the posters were printed in the size I needed. I discovered this when I arrived to pick up my order. But the staff is gold! They fixed everything on the spot and gave me posters in the size I needed (although I was ready to pay for them), having sorted out the situation with the registration through my personal account. Thank you so much for the excellent work! And the quality of the posters is simply gorgeous)
Natalia Grishchenko
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