Paintings A series of 3d texture металла_4

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Prices are indicated for printing from a ready-made layout. Delivery in Belarus from 75 rubles for free.

Центры обслуживания, самовывоз
Ул. Гикало, 3
Ул. Б. Хмельницкого, 7
Площадь Независимости
(ТЦ "Столица")
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12,00 руб или бесплатно от 300 руб.
Минск и Беларусь
12,00р. или бесплатно от 100р.
Минск и Беларусь
12,00р. или бесплатно от 100р.
Минск и Беларусь
15,00р. или бесплатно от 300р.
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48,00р. или бесплатно от 1000р.
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When choosing a delivery, pay attention to the limitation of the maximum dimensions of shipments.


the Printed image can be repeatedly turned off in a roll. This option is useful, for example, to transport in a tube.
On solid ground
Image pasted on a solid base: plastic or foam Board. This option can be used as a ready-to-install design.
On the subframe
Printout on canvas stretched on a wooden frame. The volume of the sub-frame gives the image expression, the product adopts a finished look.
Printed on paper image is framed in a wide frame from the art Board. Passepartout focuses on the painting, giving it more expression.
In the frame
the Image is drawn in a frame of baguette. For giving additional expressiveness is used Passepartout - one or more. Installation of glass protects the painting from external influences.

Execution type

On paper
Professional paper medium density (190 g/m) perfectly conveys the bright, saturated colors with many shades and gradations.
On self-adhesive film
self-Adhesive tape with reliable adhesive. Great color. The film thickness of 80 microns.
On the canvas
a Dense material with the natural texture of the canvas. The reflection of the print mimics an oil paint. Great color rendition, is not susceptible to fading from sunlight.

Solid heel

On solid ground
If this option is not selected, the printed image is glued to the back Mat, which is pre-cut window. Taping runs along the perimeter of double-sided adhesive tape which is not visible from the front side. If this option is selected, the design is additionally enhanced on the back of foam Board with a thickness of 3 mm.

Cropping options

Trim to size
the Trim material is performed in selected image size
Crop fields 5 cm
the Trim material is performed with margins of 5 cm on each side. Fields can be used, for example, taping or stretching on a frame.
Crop fields 10 cm
cutting of material is done with the fields at 10 cm from each side. Fields can be used, for example, taping or stretching on a frame.


Plexiglass 2 mm
Transparent plastic, a material less fragile than glass.
the usual Glass 2 mm
Standard glass, suitable for all types of work.
anti-reflection Glass 2mm
Glass with a grainy texture, minimizes the reflection of light.
the Glass 2 mm
Invisible glass with a UV filter, protects the painting from exposure to daylight.


Coating a transparent film. Protects from external influences and gives a presentable appearance.


Foam Board 10 mm
is Lightweight and durable sandwich panel from polyurethane foam, both sides covered with white cardboard. The material is glued to the printout on self-adhesive film.
Plastic 4 mm
Lightweight and durable material, keeps the properties and geometry for a long period of operation. Used both indoors and outdoors. The material is glued to the printout on self-adhesive film.


Without attachment
the Product is not supplied with mount for mounting on the wall.
the Cable metal
Special elastic rope products for the frame shop.
metal Strap
sleek metallic strap with a holder for mounting on the wall. Gives the product a finished look. Includes 2 pieces (top/bottom). Width 6 mm. the Color of gold.
Profile plastic snaps at the top and bottom on the printout, giving the product a finished look – you just have to hang it on the wall. Profile, if necessary, easily snaps, so you can use it with different paintings, posters. Color profile (depending on delivery) - white, gray or transparent.
The metal holder is pressed into the foam board from the back side, securely fixed in the material. The plastic holder is securely glued to the back of the plastic sheet.
Velcro 3M
a Pair of strips with the adhesive on both sides. Included 6 strips. One pair to hold the weight to 1.35 kg..
Reliable lace is made of strong synthetic material. Color - black.

Hook for wall

Hook for wall
Reliable plastic hook Toly with thin tiny nails made of hardened steel.
Paintings A series of 3d texture металла_4

3D, hi-tech,

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star star star star
The order was received on time. Portrait (painting). I'm happy. I am not happy with the A-4 and A-3 photo portraits - the photos are very light and the A-3 portrait has even slightly cropped the hair of the image from above, i.e. the exposure is not correct. There is still a background above the head on the original file.
Volotskova Galina
About Product
About print
I didn't like the print quality of the photo portraits. The photos are very light and the A-3 format is incorrect exposure - there is not enough image on top.
About delivery
The service and delivery are good.
star star star star star
They did it quickly. The paint is of high quality. Everything is OK.
Aksenov Andrey
star star star star star
I ordered photos of large sizes , with knurling on a solid base ...very cool done !!!!
Voynar Tatiana
About Product
top-level services
About print
the print quality is excellent
About delivery
I am happy with everything
star star star star star
I am pleasantly surprised by the work of your center. Very quickly. Thanks. I will contact you constantly
Podgayskaya Tamara
star star star star star
Great company! I ordered the printing of paintings on canvas - the quality is at a high level, the order was executed promptly and quickly sent by mail. I was very pleased with the packaging, the products were delivered in perfect condition! Thanks to all your team! Good luck and prosperity!
Kolb Svetlana
About design
About Product
High quality
About print
At a high level
About delivery
Prompt delivery, attentive attitude to customers
star star star star star
A wonderful center with professional employees who love their work and are friendly to customers! I have repeatedly applied and received, in addition to the quality work done, a pleasant impression from the willingness of the staff to please the customer in everything 100%! Recently I ordered another painting on canvas, in a baguette, so not only did they do everything at the museum level, they also corrected at their own expense what I myself was guilty of! Thank you for your work! If anyone needs the services of guaranteed high-quality printing - do not waste time - contact the printing center "Pencil"! The result will exceed your expectations!
Irina Baliunova
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