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To order plates

Information, address plaques help you to quickly find buildings, houses, shopping centers, cafes and offices. Signs on the doors of the offices provide information about the names and positions of employees which simplifies the process of communication.

Signs – the first point of contact with the client at the entrance to the office, when referring to a specialist. The first impression is very important for further cooperation with the customer. What it will be, depends on the quality of the plates.

Graphic design in the corporate style, the use of ready-made designs or the development of individual layout works really in no time!

The most common types of signs we produce:

  • facade
  • advertising
  • address
  • navigation
  • plate on the house
  • plate on the door
  • signs video surveillance
  • signs prohibiting
  • signs of safety
  • tablets with the mode of operation
  • information signs
  • fire safety signs

Shapes, sizes, materials


изготовление табличек в МинскеPrinted center "Pencil" offers the manufacture of plates and signs of various forms. The most common is the rectangular shape. While our equipment for shape cutting of plastic and foam Board allows you to plate almost any shape. Signs on the building, Hungary, arrow, round plates, only certain types of plates, for the manufacture of which use curly cutting.


информационные таблички заказ МинскMaximum sizes of rectangular plates is limited only by the size of the materials used:
  • plastic — 3,05×2.03 m (thickness 4 mm), foam Board — 3×1.4 m (10 mm)
  • self-adhesive film – 1.58 m (width of the printable area)
Maximum sizes of plates with scalloped sharp plastic - 1x1,5 m
Minimum size of nameplates on plastic – 5x5 cm


таблички в Минске
  • Full color printing on white self-adhesive matte or glossy film. High quality ecosolvent ink provide image stability to adverse external influences - we produce plates that can be used both indoors and outside.
  • For additional protection from external influences printouts can be laminated.
  • Colored self-adhesive film Oracal are used to create one or two colored labels and images. Solid color film for a long time retains an attractive appearance and does not lose shape.
  • Printed or carved image is pasted on plastic or foam Board, While the base may not be used: a sticker with the image directly glued on a flat surface: a wall, door, glass, etc.
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Prices and terms

Prices and discounts

A complete system of prices and discounts presented in our price list.


When the finished layout (or from a catalog of designs) simple signs production time 1 PCs.:
  • when ordering in the pavilion of the operator: up to 1 hour
  • when ordering by e-mail: up to 4 hours


  • the address plaque on the house - an original way to decorate the house and showcase their individuality.

  • wedding signs for photo shoot - the fashion accessory that allows to make original and live shots.

  • a sign "beware of dog" can be supplemented with a picture of your dog and funky label that will warn uninvited guests of the evil pet

  • navigation in a shopping Mall or office building – this is an important point to attract the attention of potential customers. Indicate on such signs not only of direction, but also distance. For example, "Shop Flowers – 100 meters."

  • signs "Entrance", "Exit", "Open", "operation Mode" to the buyer's positive emotions and the feeling that taking care of him. "Closed" sign is better to use in combination with an explanation. For example, "Sorry, the shop temporarily does not work" or "We open at 13:30". This option causes positive associations and awakens the desire to return at the right time.
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Quality customer 100%
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Design beadwork in the frame of a baguette. Ordering is done quickly and efficiently.
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Thank Victoria, who took the order, for assistance, consultation in a double frame.
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Order prints of the photos , was dealt with very quickly! I will seek another
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