Life's special moments deserve more than just finished goods from the shelves. Unusual gifts cause a storm of positive emotions. Get personalized greetings is always nice.
The solution from the printing center "Karandash" – personalised gifts to order. In the catalog of designs are many creative gifts for family, friends, colleagues. Among them you will surely find the option, even "for those who have everything". This gift will look very precious in the eyes of the owner.
foto v ramke karandash do i posle 

1. To adapt for yourself

Designs from the catalog can be adapted to the desired case. For example, on the "Delicate Laurel" posted a picture of a dog. Place photos of children, make positive the lettering, and stylish frame for children's room ready.
foto na bumage malchiky karandash do i posle 

2. For any age

The designs in the catalog is appropriate for all ages. In the example photo shown on paper "turquoise vintage" photos of adults, which is perfect for children's photos. Choose the right size and number of photos, arrange them, change text and your customized solution is ready!
otkritka karandash do i posle 

3. For any gender

Each design can easily be applied to any gender. Change text, add photos. If you want to replace the background editor online contains a database of various backgrounds. The example posted postcard design "Royal" with a photo of a man, perfect to congratulate a female.
novogodniy-magnit karandash do i posle 

4. To arrange according to your taste

Select a design and personalize it according to your taste: change background, text, images, upload favorite photos. The image shows the magnet-calendar "Christmas". This is the perfect gift for your family and friends. He will decorate a refrigerator or magnetic Board and will fill you with positive emotions every time you look.
luboe-kolichestvo-foto karandash do i posle 

5. Any number of photos

In addition to turnkey solutions for filling of the product photographs you can add extra space for photos or to remove unwanted. In many designs, depending on the format we can accommodate different number of photos. For example, the photo on the paper "Stylish dog" shows how to use 9 photos.

Choosing the appropriate size in the editor and see what number photo it is possible to have:
  • 40x30 cm – 8 photos
  • 50x40 cm – 9 photos
  • 60x40 cm – 13 photos
  • 80 x 60 cm – 18 photos
kalendar_stili-stranic karandash do i posle  
Many designs in the online editor you can change the page styles. The image shows different styles of pages in the flip calendar "Bright holiday". As you can see, the styles contain different number of photos, background color, font, pictures. There is a possibility to apply it to all pages at once, and for each to appoint its own.

kalendar karandash do i posle

6. Different page styles

The above image shows the option of using a different style of page flip calendar "Bright holiday". The design is easy to arrange to your liking, place the desired number of photos and get the joy of watching it after printing.

The catalog contains a large selection of designs stickers:
  • Christmas
  • with gratitude
  • on envelopes, gifts
  • for students, favorite
  • for condiments, jam, cereals
  • for handmade products

stikeri karandash do i posle

7. Hit right on target

Choosing one or the other design, you can order a set of stickers with the same text. Or do the different labels and use different purpose. To optimize for your ideas, choose a suitable design and make the desired label. For example, editing the text in the design "grandma's Jam", the stickers will fit on jars of jam from any fruit, compotes, jam, honey, etc.
produmat-detali karandash kalendar 

8. To get every detail right

The ability to make decals is a great way to create a personal design. Precision in details allows you to make the finished product a part of your photos. So in the design table flip calendar "<Ancient world map", replace the text in the image wooden signs. A performance calendar will be thought out to the last detail and will not leave anyone indifferent.
plakat karandash do i posle

9. To add the colors in everyday life

The modern pace of life leaves too little time for the sincere feelings and emotions. Bring some colour to everyday life – order your poster "Cute bear" and Express your love.
To order the poster need no more than 5 minutes of your time:
  • find a design in the catalog, choose the format
  • click "edit and order", if necessary – edit the text
  • click "order", choose the payment method and delivery
The design Studio of our printing centre is continuously developing new collections of designs. Order as a gift or for a custom set of mugs, pillows, calendar, photo frame , etc.
karmanyi-kalendar karandash do i posle 
Pocket calendar from the collection of "Colored rectangles" – personalized calendars for the baby, grandparents, parents.
holst karandash do i posle
Photos on canvas from the collection of "Colored rectangles" – bright interior.
<pazl karandash do i posle
A puzzle from the collection of "Colored rectangles" a memorable gift.

10. The set of goods in the same style

The image above shows an example of the manufacture of products from the same collection. In online editor is easy to change color rectangles and text, make your labels, add photos. Products in the same style will please their owners and choosing the right color scheme will decorate the interior.
obertka-na-shokoladky karandash do i posle 
Place on the wrapper for chocolates with the design of the "Vintage purple" photo of young as shown in the design, this chocolate will be a great compliment from honeymooners or addition to a gift for them. Or order this design for the anniversary by posting a photo of the birthday boy, and gave a sincere gift.
nakleika-na-shampanskoye karandash do i posle
Decorate the celebration champagne labels from the collection "Vintage lilac".
Such a souvenir will be:
  • the prize for the raffle at the event
  • young gift, birthday, favorite
  • decoration for wedding or anniversary table
  • a wonderful way to make an offer hands and hearts
  • gift for wedding anniversary beloved, friends, parents

11. To decorate a holiday

The example designs "Vintage lilac" shows a great way to brighten any day. This collection of designs will help with a range of accessories for the decoration of the celebration. They include invitations, place cards, flags, tablecloths and napkins, certificates, badges, magnets, posters, press Valli, stickers, etc. All you have to do is decide on a design, add online photo editor and labels and place an order. With such accessories and personalized gifts, the holiday will be bright and showy.
kruzki karandash do i posle 

12. For the reason

The catalog contains a large number of designs for different occasions. Almost every one of them easily adapted to the desired event and desires. When you find a design which used the promise of a Birthday, you have the opportunity to change labels and order him to March 8, the teachers Day, the birth of a child. So mug design "marry me" shown in the image above, just to adapt for a gift for a Birthday.

Among the more than 4 thousands of designs you will find the right options. Personalize them and give unique gifts!
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