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The design is easy to change text, photos, pictures. It is convenient to edit and visualize their ideas.
When ordering in the online editor:
  • Guest book and wish book hard photo cover, a spring and a panoramic
  • Additional sheets in the panoramic guest books, books of wishes
  • Production time: 24 hours (for orders up to 200 RUB.)
  • You can order from your smartphone, with full functionality accessible from the computer
Designer paper, other materials and sizes, print, white, editorial services and design when ordering available in the pavilion.


Back on the mounting bracket
Hardcover photo album using two metal clips in the middle of the sheets at the bending place.
Hard cover with leaves held together with metal spine.
Back in the spring
the binding of the album on metal spring.
hard cover of the binding cardboard with the printed image affixed to pages of album with endpapers.
Soft photo cover
Cover of heavy paper with printed image.
Cover of solid cardboard, covered with textured polymer film.
Hard photo cover
Cover of solid cardboard with a printed image.
Solid with window
Cover of solid cardboard, covered with textured polymer film, with a rectangular window in the center.
Solid printing
Cover of solid cardboard, covered with textured plastic film with printing on the front side the inscription or logo.
Solid with dust jacket
Cover of solid cardboard, covered with textured polymer film, with additional paper cover, printed on thick semi-gloss paper.

Color covers

"Leatherette" white
Cover with a textured (imitation leather) polymer film white.
Len Bordeaux
Cover with a textured polymer film Burgundy.
Len blue
Cover with a textured polymer film is blue.

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Wish book, guest books Lilac classics

Book wish book, guest books Lilac classics for your occasion:

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star star star star star
I made a book of reviews based on a guestbook in an online editor. Everything is simple in the design. It turned out great! Everything corresponds to its design!
Olga Shulyak
About print
About delivery
Pleasant treatment
star star star star
Hello. We decided to print a lot of photos, searched for a long time and stumbled upon this organization. It is very convenient that you can online. They downloaded it themselves and corrected it with the help of an editor. Sent for printing. The invoice was issued quickly, many thanks to the employees for re-invoicing, since the first time there was a failure. We are nonresidents, so it was decided to choose delivery via dpd. Bribed delivery time, faster than by mail. They printed it out and notified me that they had sent the order for shipment within a day, which made me very happy. And that's why the minus star. An SMS notification came that it would be in 3-4 days, then again a message that the deadlines were shifting again and as a result, the order arrived 8 days after the order was handed over to the forwarder. Which upset me. And so, if you do not take into account the delivery, then everything was pleasant, fast-quality-inexpensive. I recommend this printing center.
Vashchilova Ekaterina
About Product
About print
The quality is excellent, even if the photos are taken from the phone.
About delivery
Does not correspond to the delivery dates stated in advance. They came with a big delay from the original stated.
star star star star star
Thank you so much for the great photos. Ordered for the first time online. I was worried about the print quality. But all the photos (344 pieces) are just super. And the price is also great! Thanks again! I will order more)))
Berko Julia
About design
The design is amazing
About Product
Everything is of the highest quality
About print
The print is bright, clear, without defects
About delivery
The photos were ready within two days
star star star star star
Hello, for 10 years, a huge number of photos have accumulated, I have long wanted to print photos with the whole family.It was very expensive everywhere, but here it was cheap and the quality was normal.It's just a pity, I made a mistake with the thickness of the photos.Well, nothing, now we need to buy photo albums and carefully insert photos there.And everything will be great.Thanks to the pencil printing center for the fast and high-quality execution of the order.I will know where you can print good photos.
Vrublevskaya Kristina
star star star star star
I printed a lot of photos from the iPhone, they were done as quickly as possible and everything was delivered on time. The photos came out wonderful: bright, clear! Thanks!
Kulevets Kristina
About print
Excellent photo quality
About delivery
Fast delivery, pleasant service
star star star star star
I applied for the first time.Attracted low prices.The very next day, the photos were printed out and sent to me by mail.I was satisfied.Normal quality at a low price .The number lux 48 was ordered.I will continue to apply.Thanks!
Rubina Natalia
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