Printing photos

Premium URGENT
Premium Photo Printer
From 2.70 rubles

Standard URGENT
Standard photo printer
From 1.26 rubles .

Standard 24
Standard photo printer
From 1.10 rubles .


Figure 48
Laser Photo Printer
From 0.13 rubles. 1

1 only when ordering online 10x15 times 8 pieces, from 96 photos – 0.18 rubles, from 496 – 0.13 rubles.

Free mail delivery of orders from 50 rubles.

Pick-up points in all major cities of Belarus, delivery throughout the country. Wherever you are: in Minsk, Brest or any other locality - we will deliver you a photo!

When ordering photo printing, pay attention to the possible cropping of images! Photos when printed will look the same as on the screen in the editor. Images are sent to print automatically, not viewed by the operator

Standard photo printing formats: 9×13, 10×15, 13×18, 15x20(21), 18x24, 20x30, 21x29,7, 30×40, 30×45, 40x50, 40x60, 60x80, 100x100 cm.
For Digit 48, additional formats are available: 10x13.3, 8.8x10.7 (Polaroid), 9x9. 8x8. 6x9 cm.

We also print non-standard sizes. Photo printing can be done online without leaving home. It is very easy to order photo printing - download files from your smartphone, computer, social networks and send the order. Photos of non-standard sizes are printed one at a time, not in bundles, a separate page on the website has been developed for them, you can print them in different sizes, on different materials, on a solid base, pull them on a stretcher and even put them in a baguette online. 

Retouching, photomontage, color correction of photos and other photo services are performed promptly and professionally by our design studio.

High quality printing is provided by professional equipment and original consumables. We print photos as quickly as possible. If you come to the pavilions, we print right in front of you.

Deadlines for online orders (excluding delivery time):
  • Premium URGENT: 1-3 hours
  • Standard URGENT: 1-3 hours
  • Standard 24: 24 hours
  • Figure 48: 48 hours
  • Prices and discounts
  • Standard photo sizes
  • Printing Characteristics

Prices and discounts

We print photos as quickly as possible – most orders received from our website can be ready within 1 hour (Premium, Standard). The seal in the pavilion is immediately with you.

15x20 (15x21)20,517,28
20x30 (21x30)34,531,45
A4 (21x29,7)16,513,28
A3 (29,7x42)30,527,45
A3+ (32,9x48,3)32,629,34

15x20 (15x21)4,84,32
20x30 (21x30)11,510,35
A3 (29,7x42)19,3513,85
A3+ (32,9x48,3)21,0621,05

15x20 (15x21)2,151,9
20x30 (21x30)4,23,7
Name/Quantity1 - 9>9
29,7x42 (A3)8,27,3
32,9x48,3 (Super A3)10,69,5

9x6 (multiple of 18 pieces)0,350,310,20,170,130,130,130,130,130,130,13
8x8 (multiple of 15 pieces)0,350,310,20,150,150,130,130,130,130,130,13
9x9 (multiple of 12 pieces)0,350,310,20,160,160,160,130,130,130,130,13
9x11 (multiple of 9 pcs)0,350,310,210,170,170,170,170,170,170,140,14
9x13, 10x13, 10x15 (multiple of 8 pieces)0,360,330,270,240,220,210,20,190,180,160,13
13x18, 15x20, 15x21 (multiple of 4 pcs)1,050,70,520,430,430,430,430,430,430,430,4
18x24, 20x30, A4 (multiple of 2 pcs)2,091,41,050,860,860,860,860,860,860,860,8
25x38, 30x40, A34,182,82,091,721,721,721,721,721,721,721,59

Standard photo sizes

In the Printing center "Pencil" you can order the printing of photos of any format.

  • You can order the printing of photos in standard formats: 9×13, 10×15, 13×18, 15x20(21), 18x24, 20x30, 21x29,7, 30×40, 30×45, 40x50, 40x60, 60x80, 100x100 cm. 
  • It is possible to print images of non-standard formats. The maximum width of the print is 1.5 meters, the length is practically unlimited. This allows you to print images for any purpose.

Standard photo sizes

Печать фотографий онлайн в Минске

Стандартные форматы фотографий

Be careful when printing framed photos - often, in this case, millimeters are important. When ordering a photo, measure the exact dimensions of the frame, or bring it with you to the printing center. Our operators will crop the photo to the desired size.

Printing Characteristics

Print Type
Production time 1
Size 2
Shelf life 3
Photo paper
Premium URGENT
8-color pigment
color coverage is close to sRGB
within 1-3 hours
9x13...100x100 4
up to 100 years in a photo album, frame
professional photo paper
Standard URGENT
4-color sublimation
within 1-3 hours
up to 20 years in a photo album, up to 5 years in a frame
optimal photo paper
6-color water-soluble
up to 20 years in a photo album, up to 5 years in a frame
8-color pigment
25x38...100x100 5
up to 100 years in a photo album, frame
Standard 24
classic photo lab
24 hours
up to 100 years in a photo album, frame
ordinary photo paper
6-color water-soluble
up to 20 years in a photo album, up to 1 year in a frame
8-color eco-solvent
25x38...100x100 6
up to 20 years old in a photo album, frame
Figure 48
4-color laser
48 hours
up to 100 years in a photo album, frame
semi-gloss paper

1 production dates are specified for most orders
2 when ordering in pavilions, other sizes are possible
3 the shelf life is approximate and depends on the actual storage conditions (temperature, humidity, illumination, etc.)
4 when ordering in pavilions No. 3, 7, printing up to 1.10 m wide is possible
5 when ordering in pavilions No. 3, 7, printing up to 1.05 m wide is possible
6 when ordering in Pavilion No. 6, printing up to 1.50 m wide is possible

Note. Based on the technological features and capabilities, the Contractor independently determines the type of printing within the type chosen by the Customer (Premium urgent, Standard urgent, Standard 24 hours). If the Customer needs a specific type of printing, he informs the Contractor about it before the start of the order. The specified type of printing is used by the Contractor based on technological features and capabilities, the Contractor reserves the right to use a different type of printing within the type of printing chosen by the Customer.

Photo Printing modes

Read also in our blog:All ways to print photos

Printing photos in Minsk urgently and to order

  • Really, great print prices
  • Printing is carried out on professional equipment with mandatory quality control of printing
  • Both when ordering online and in the pavilion, any printing formats, matte and glossy paper, and framing types are available to you
  • Delivery in Minsk and all over Belarus
star star star star star
I ordered the printing of photos in an online editor several times. Excellent print quality (even old pictures) at a reasonable price, the work is done on time. I thank the Pencil team for their excellent work. I will continue to be your client. And I advise others to contact Pencil.
Galaburda Tamara
About print
About delivery
the service is excellent
star star star star star
Thank you very much for the photo album! Bright, made of good quality paper. And a very nice price!
Romanyuk Natalia
About design
You can experiment to your taste!
About Product
The bright moments of our life seem to be in front of us again.
About delivery
The order went into operation very quickly. The album arrived at the post office in 3 days. Nice is not the right word.
star star star star
Hello. We decided to print a lot of photos, searched for a long time and stumbled upon this organization. It is very convenient that you can online. They downloaded it themselves and corrected it with the help of an editor. Sent for printing. The invoice was issued quickly, many thanks to the employees for re-invoicing, since the first time there was a failure. We are nonresidents, so it was decided to choose delivery via dpd. Bribed delivery time, faster than by mail. They printed it out and notified me that they had sent the order for shipment within a day, which made me very happy. And that's why the minus star. An SMS notification came that it would be in 3-4 days, then again a message that the deadlines were shifting again and as a result, the order arrived 8 days after the order was handed over to the forwarder. Which upset me. And so, if you do not take into account the delivery, then everything was pleasant, fast-quality-inexpensive. I recommend this printing center.
Vashchilova Ekaterina
About Product
About print
The quality is excellent, even if the photos are taken from the phone.
About delivery
Does not correspond to the delivery dates stated in advance. They came with a big delay from the original stated.
star star star star star
Hello, for 10 years, a huge number of photos have accumulated, I have long wanted to print photos with the whole family.It was very expensive everywhere, but here it was cheap and the quality was normal.It's just a pity, I made a mistake with the thickness of the photos.Well, nothing, now we need to buy photo albums and carefully insert photos there.And everything will be great.Thanks to the pencil printing center for the fast and high-quality execution of the order.I will know where you can print good photos.
Vrublevskaya Kristina
star star star star star
I printed a lot of photos from the iPhone, they were done as quickly as possible and everything was delivered on time. The photos came out wonderful: bright, clear! Thanks!
Kulevets Kristina
About print
Excellent photo quality
About delivery
Fast delivery, pleasant service
star star star star star
I applied for the first time.Attracted low prices.The very next day, the photos were printed out and sent to me by mail.I was satisfied.Normal quality at a low price .The number lux 48 was ordered.I will continue to apply.Thanks!
Rubina Natalia
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