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По техническим причинам прямая печать на майках временно недоступна. Возможна печать другими технологиями. Справки по тел. +375173290294

Yay, school! Properly organize the academic year of the child

New year – fresh the knowledge necessary to open and experience. The child's comfort while studying not only provides a school uniform, backpack and workplace. There are other important details, which should also be given attention.
Organize the school year right – prepare right products along with our printing center.

For September 1

04040 priglashenie karandash school
02357 visitka dlya roditelei karandash school
05431 plakat karandash school
Prepare the invitation to the Day of knowledge to each student. A first grader will remember this momentous day for a long time. And grandma and grandpa will be flattered and will keep this invitation as a commemorative postcard.
Very handy when meeting with teachers, heads of circles and other parents to present their personal card. The text of the cards in addition to your name you can just write "mom Arseniy Ivanov". Choose a design with or without a photo, comic, or business style.

For lessons
02955 beidg karandash school
Заказать блокнот
05067 plakat karandash school

The badge need not only the duty of the school or at school activities. But baby, who just first came to school. After all, a first-grader can get lost in the long school corridors and lose the way to his class. Different types of attachment badges will allow you to pick the best option for everyone.
Individual zakladki is a pride for a child. Reading books and completing assignments easier and more exciting with bookmarks depicting favorite characters or your own photos.
The study, for example, the English alphabet is easy and fun with the Alphabet poster. Zoo Alphabet on the wall at home or in school will interest kids illustrations. Personal photo on the poster will create a comfort zone.

For the safety of things at school

03179 stiker karandash school03180 stiker karandash school

Labels, stickers
05114 znachok karandash school
01824 sumka s foto karandash school
03645 chehol ipad karandash school

01762 maika karandash school

00364 maika karandash school
05250 maika karandash school

The stickers will provide safety supplies.
Pick any number of the optimum size. On one sheet A4 is placed from 16 to 65 labels. It can be stickers from the rather large size 3,3x9,9cm up quite small – 2,1x3,8 cm
Bag with photo is a good solution for sports uniforms or other personal belongings of the child. In case of loss of the bag picture will certainly help to find the owner in the short term.
Personalized t – shirts- the key to the safety forms for the physical education of your child!
While carrying out any activities in school or outside it use t-shirts with the logo of the institution or the ongoing events. As a reward, the contestants make t-shirts with interesting prints or labels "the most clever", "the best in the race".

For the holidays

03910 etiketka-na shokoladky karandash school
03147 otkritka chitelu karandash school
05026 svitok karandash school

For the awards

04195 diplom karandash school
04696 kruzka karandash school
05017 svitok karandash school

For self-organization of the child

05071 bloknot karandash school

04005 bloknot karandash school

04100 bloknot karandash school

04690 chasi karandash school

04002 chasi karandash school

01132 chasi karandash school

05081 kvartalniy kalendar karandash school

05194 nastolniy kalendar karandash school
03987 kalendar poster karandash school

For home and leisure

04321 kruzka karandash school

04998 kruzka karandash school
<04331 kruzka karandash school
03995 kovrik dlya mishi karandash school
02595 superoblozka karandash school
05272 podushka karandash school

04666 nakliika na steny karandash school
02808 fotooboi karandash school
Create a favorable environment in the baby's room – decorate the walls with interesting pictures or posters. Stick on the wall or furniture stickers height chart and mark on it your child's growth - start with 1 class. A mural with a children's map of the world – an easy way in the game to learn the continents and oceans. And also mark places that want to or already visited.
Print a center Pencil wants an easy and exciting new school year. Knowledge and discovery is always nice and necessary. Forward to new victories and achievements together with your children!
05225 plakat ura kanikuli karandash school
A little bit, and forgot the last integral nuance school days. Each student as if he didn't love school, always looking forward to the holidays. This is a time of joy, of healing, of filling forces – makes this poster the beginning of vacation at home and school. Fill yourself with positive emotions every minute of your vacation!

REMEMBER! Designs in online editor:
  • easy to edit text
  • add photos and images
  • use for any occasion.
So, the design says "Cheers!!! The holidays" can be used for the announcement of any school activities. For example, to inform about the drawing contest or a beauty contest. As well as for other occasions.
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