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Prices, discounts, terms

Manufacturing, printing, notebooks to order

Notebooks for spring
The notebooks in order — an original souvenir and individual accessory for any man: Housewives, students, office worker or entrepreneur. PENCIL can produce notebooks, A4, A5, A6 or customized. It is possible to print both the lower and the upper cover with the outer one or two sides. You can place on the cover of the greeting text, or photography, advertising, products, the program of the training seminar. The cover can be laminated to give it extra strength. Add to your notebook divider sheets, where you can also post pictures or advertisements.

Notepads with logo or photo
Brand notebooks has long established itself as a universal corporate gift for employees and partners. Print notepads with your logo enhances the company's image, and also reminds about your products or services. Our catalog presents universal design notebooks for corporate events, New Year and other occasions. For personal gifts order a notebook with a photo, add inspiring words and rest assured that your notebook will give positive emotions every day. Need help with your layout? Our designers will design notebook for any occasion!

Templates notebooks for any occasion
In our catalog you can find original designs of notebooks, which you can order for yourself or as a gift. Notepads for boys and girls or school notebooks in which the child will be convenient to make notes. Notepad with symbols of Belarus will become a wonderful souvenir for guests from abroad. Feel like a designer: edit ready layouts notebooks in our online editor, and create unique gifts.

Prices, discounts, terms
105x148 mm (A6), cover 300g/m, bottom - white13,446,125,424,68
105x148 mm (A6), cover 300g/m, bottom - white, lam. ch. 250 mk26,049,427,896,74
105x148 mm (A6), cover 300g/m, bottom - with seal13,446,375,644,95
105x148 mm (A6), cover 300g/m, bottom - with seal, lam. ch. 250 mk19,748,847,76,86
148x210 mm (A5), cover 300g/m, bottom - white15,6411,129,548,99
148x210 mm (A5), cover 300g/m, bottom - white, lam. ch. 250 mk28,2416,0713,2212,81
148x210 mm (A5), cover 300g/m, bottom - printed17,6611,5710,29,36
148x210 mm (A5), cover 300g/m, bottom - with seal, lam. ch. 250 mk27,315,6913,8813,04
210x297 mm (A4), cover 300g/m, bottom - white23,3716,7715,6314,81
210x297 mm (A4), cover 300g/m, bottom - white, lam. ch. 250 mk42,6524,1322,9921,74
210x297 mm (A4), cover 300g/m, bottom - printed22,6418,0916,6115,56
210x297 mm (A4), cover 300g/m, bottom - with seal, lam. ch. 250 mk32,2825,4523,9722,49
  • Other dimensions and materials. Call: +375 17 3 290 290.
  • Printing from the layout prepared in accordance with the Rules of the preparation of layouts. When printing from a catalogue of designs price increases on the cost of using design Printed center "Pencil".
  • A complete system of prices and discounts shown in our price list. Calculate the price of printing notepads for your layout.
  • The manufacturing time is 24 hours (for orders up to 200 RUB.). Possible supercrane manufacturer: the possibility and cost specify at the operator on the phone +375 17 3 290 290.


You can make a notebook with lots of pages?

Standard number of pages in Notepad - 50. But as we can make Notepad with almost any number of pages - make your request to the operator when ordering.

Some sheets are in Notepad, white or plaid?

You can select paper type when ordering. If you order the pavilion, you can specifically look at and touch the materials.

If you can print a Notepad with pages from kratova paper?

Yes, this option is available when ordering in the pavilion - you can use any materials from our catalog.

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Prices are indicated for printing from a ready-made layout. Delivery in Belarus from 75 rubles for free.

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Ул. Гикало, 3
Ул. Б. Хмельницкого, 7
Площадь Независимости
(ТЦ "Столица")
Курьер Карандаш
12,00 руб или бесплатно от 300 руб.
Минск и Беларусь
12,00р. или бесплатно от 100р.
Минск и Беларусь
12,00р. или бесплатно от 100р.
Минск и Беларусь
15,00р. или бесплатно от 300р.
Минск и Минский р-н
тарифы Яндекс.Go
Грузовое такси
Минск и Минский р-н
48,00р. или бесплатно от 1000р.
Безопасная оплата
  • Картой или ЕРИП
  • Безналичный расчет
  • При получении в Карандаш или Белпочта

Materials and technologies

The standard notepad consists of:

  • indoor unit
  • top cover
  • bottom cover
  • binding springs

Manufacturing options for the indoor unit
  • Standard checkered box. In a block, there are usually 50 sheets per cell. This is the most popular indoor unit option.
  • Personalized layout. The sheets for the notebook are printed in the corporate style, the layout is developed individually. You can place the company logo on the background of the entire page, or in the corner. This means that information about your company will be placed on all pages. Color or black-and-white printing is possible. The number of sheets can be any. Sometimes several sheets of advertising information are printed and inserted before the standard block.
  • White sheets as the most economical option. The number of sheets can be any. You can also choose the page density. It is possible to use color sheets (check the colors with the operator when placing an order).
Изготовление блокнотов - внутренний блок листики
Top cover
It is usually made of thick semi-matte premium paper or designer paper. Advertising or contact information is printed on it, and the company logo is placed on it. Printing can be in color or in black and white. The cover can be additionally laminated.

Bottom cover
If the back cover is planned to be printed, then it is also made of thick semi-matte premium paper. For extra density, it can be laminated. If you do not plan to place the information on the back cover, then use a thick plastic cover for binding. You can choose the cover of the desired color from a wide range. This cover will keep a nice look of the notebook for a long time.

Binding of the notebook
For binding notebooks, use a metal spring, which is attached to the narrow or wide side. It can be white, black, or silver. The binding can be made on the top or on the side of the notebook.


Standard Notepad formats

When ordering from the operator in the pavilion, you can order a notebook of any format, when ordering independently in the online editor on the site, standard formats are available:
  • A6 (105 x 148 mm)
  • A5 (148 x 210 mm)
  • A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Блокноты на заказ в Минске
Binding on the wide and narrow sides is possible:
блокноты фирменные - переплет

You can also order notebooks in landscape orientation with a binding on the wide and narrow sides of your choice.
A new look at the printing of notepads

Notepads and notebooks — the subject of daily use in office, school and home. Order notepads to promote your brand or as a gift with a logo or photo. Look at the notepads new: planing is the excellent assistant in work and life, use to write goals, objectives and plans for each day.

We will produce notebooks up to A3 any size, square or rectangular, horizontal or vertical orientation. Our designers will develop a customized layout according to your wishes. Add emotions in your daily routine and make your notes with pleasure!

Our works
Printing notebooks with logo and photo, online and to order
star star star star star
Tatiana is a very good specialist. She told me everything, explained everything. Great job!
Alexander Naumov
star star star star star
I ordered a notebook with art print on the cover, A5 format, matte cover
Savchuk Yana
About design
Everything is neat and presentable, helped to solve with the drawing on the reverse side, which was very useful))))
About Product
Well packed, it was ready the next day after the order, it came pretty quickly: 4 days by mail to the village
About print
10/10, I advise you, you won't regret it
About delivery
Very friendly staff, 10/10
star star star star star
Pryemnyya supratsoyniki. Kind yakas. Byvayut chergi
Vladimir Volchenkov
star star star star star
Many thanks to the head of the pavilion Oksana. When placing an order, I did not notice the transparency, I called to explain why there is a color discrepancy. They responded to my problem and solved it in a short time! Many thanks for your customer orientation and friendly communication with customers!
Alexandra Techuesheva
star star star star star
We ordered notebooks as a gift. Everything was done on time and efficiently. Thank you for the good work!
Olga Rizhkovich
star star star star star
Turn to Karandash not the first time. Ordered notepads for kids with their picture on the scroll and graduation for the teacher. Everyone was just in awe. I would like to thank the employees of the center, for making an exception for me and took my order without payment, saving me time, because it is so lacking on the eve of graduation. With You we always have unique gifts. Thank you.
Natalia Korotkova
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