Artistic photo processing

Художественная обработка фото
Pop art portrait
Photo processing will make your photo irresistible and original. For example, pop art images have high contrast and resemble drawings from comic books. This design is perfect for young and creative people, it will perfectly fit into a modern interior.
Эффекты для обработки фотографий
Realistic watercolor
A photo in the "watercolor" style looks like a real work of art. This treatment is ideal for family photos and romantic subjects.
Фото эффекты акварель, масло, пастель
The watercolor effect
Choose together with the designer the appropriate style for processing your photo: mother-of-pearl, large and small strokes, water spots, pastel effect, oils and others.
Черно-белые и сепия фото
Processing of black and white and sepia photos
Professional preparation of photos with sepia effect, as well as black and white photos, allows you to create stylish expressive images. The sepia color makes the picture more romantic and vintage, and black and white photos leave room for imagination, help to get a deep impression of the photo work.
Сделать картину из фото
A picture from a photo
You can make a picture from a photo that will be as similar as possible to the work of a real artist in our Design Studio. A designer imitation painting will turn your photo into an exclusive portrait. To get the maximum effect, print such a picture on canvas and order an artistic finishing service.
Мозаика из фотографий
Mosaic of photos
A mosaic of photos is an original gift to a loved one. From a distance, such a picture looks like a single image, and up close you can see each photo separately. To create a photo mosaic, provide the designer with the main photo (close–up image), as well as at least 300 (we recommend from 2000) photos - pictures from your phone, social networks, etc. A mosaic of photos can be printed on canvas, photo paper or make beautiful and unusual photo wallpapers.
Prices for photo processing - individual work of the designer:
The cost of design services depends on the time spent working on your order.
  • Photo processing in the style of "Pop art" - from 192,00 p.
  • Photo processing in the "Watercolor" style - from 112,00 p.
  • Photo processing for painting - from 112,00 p.
  • Mosaic design from photos - from 144,00 p.
All design services:
  • Initial consultation of the designer, up to 15 minutes - 48,00 p.
  • Designer's work, file preparation, consultation, 60 minutes - 192,00 p.
  • Making adjustments to the designer's layout, up to 10 minutes - 32,00 p.
  • Search and layout of elements in a similar style, 1 pc. - 32,00 p.
  • Font selection in a similar style, 1 pc. - 32,00 p.
  • Background search and selection, 1 pc. - 32,00 p.
  • Layout of ready-made elements and fonts, up to 3 pcs. - 48,00 p.
  • Layout of text blocks, 1 pc. - 32,00 p.
  • Placement of photos according to a template, up to 5 pcs. - 48,00 p.
  • Placing photos individually, up to 5 pcs. - 96,00 p.
  • Preparing a layout using images from photo banks - 32,00 p.
  • Retouching, improve photo quality, background removal, photo coloring, 1 pc. - 48,00 p.| 96,00 p.
  • Preparing the file for printing, for approval, 1 page - 16,00 p.| 48,00 p.| 144,00 p.
  • Rendering, cutting contour, restoration of old photos - individually
For remote work, the price includes 1 correction up to 5 minutes, preparation of 1 page of the file for printing 5 minutes.

In order to receive the order promptly at the best price, prepare:
  • original photos or high-quality scanned images (600 - 1200 dpi)
  • photo processing task
With us, you get a professional layout design quickly, reliably and conveniently.
Remote order fulfillment and online operation are possible.
More than 20 years of experience in the printing industry. We work seven days a week.

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Professional photo processing
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It was a very amazing experience. My briefcase. It was necessary to make a scroll of non-standard size and non-standard design in a day! Votik Anastasia immediately got into the orders and provided maximum assistance, and the tone of communication (and we communicated a lot, because I am a demanding customer) was positive and friendly. Thank you so much for your involvement, friendliness and wonderful and above all expectations result!
Ilya Stovba.
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I am very grateful for the prompt, high-quality work. I ordered stickers for gift bags for children at graduation in elementary school. The order was completed in a few hours and shipped on the same day, so everything arrived on time and made it possible to please the children. Thank you for completing the order very quickly. The quality is excellent. The price is affordable. I recommend the pencil printing center!
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They printed stickers on bags for gifts to graduates. The order was completed very quickly. The delivery is fast. The quality is good. We are very satisfied with the order!!!
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To be honest, I didn't know that a branch of the Pencil printing center had opened on Gikalo! I had an urgent order, but not printing a couple of sheets, but printing a roll-up! And this is far from fast! The guys did it in less than 2 hours! The cost of work has been increased for the urgency of the work, but it is not so important when it is on fire! Thank you very much for your help and assistance! For a professional approach to your work! Also, while waiting for an order, you can drink delicious coffee from the Varka network, they are in the same open space!
Maria Arbuzova
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Sad prints on T-shirts. Everything is fast, super. The girl has changed her mind, clarified everything.
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I printed postcards on Khmelnitsky for the first time, I had no idea what sizes and paper there were from the word at all. The operator Irina was very polite and immediately helped with the choice and showed illustrative examples!! It helped a lot and gave me a good mood for the whole day. I also told you about orders through the website, I will definitely print more!!
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