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Labels are round

You can order Pencil labels of various shapes in the printing center, a very popular option is round labels.
Round labels are convenient to glue on packaging or containers of irregular shape - sandwiches on packaging paper, cone glasses, bags with bulk goods, etc... Or in the case when the same labels will be glued to the packaging or products of different shapes or sizes.
Round-shaped labels are printed on an inkjet printer and then cut out with a plotter, so the size of the round outline can be any size. On the website, the calculator offers optimal sizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you make round labels of any size?

Yes, we can produce labels of almost any size Please specify the desired size when placing an order.

Do you print circular labels on film or on paper?

We produce round self-adhesive labels on self-adhesive film. It can be matte or glossy to choose from.

What is the production time of labels?

We can produce labels within a few hours. We work without weekends and without lunch.

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Stickers, labels round

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star star star star star
Wonderful shopper. Arrived on the same day that the post office opened. Everything is done very efficiently and beautifully. It's great when you can portray your creativity in such high-quality things. Thank you very much❤️
Krukovich Vladislav
star star star star star
Thank you very much for the high-quality and fast work, at a very good price! I've been looking for a printing center for a long time to print business cards! And it turned out that the best price in Pencil! Thanks
Maria Paltseva
star star star star star
For the second time I order my graduates these 20* 30 photo albums for a bracket. Prices are very democratic, children and parents have a lot of impressions. A great memory for many years. Thanks!
Tsurankova Olga
About design
We used a ready-made template, diluting it with our own pictures. Even a schoolboy can cope with an online editor.
About Product
We completed the albums efficiently and quickly. Students are delighted with the gift of the class teacher.
About print
Everything is on top. Even the old, scanned photos turned out well
About delivery
Super fast, always in touch.
star star star star star
I urgently ordered a T-shirt and stickers on the morning of August 6. Completed in less than an hour! The shirt fits perfectly, the quality and the result are very pleasing. And the stickers had to be cut urgently (there are 3 logos on one sticker), so the employee Nikita helped us with this, while he himself. Many thanks to Pencil and his staff, as well as separately to Nikita
Borisyuk Andrey
About design
About Product
About print
About delivery
At altitude
star star star star star
Thanks for your assistance! I had to print out a graduate's photo album, there were problems with the template editor. 08.06 manager Tatiana helped me a lot, 10.06 manager Egor. We managed to hand over the album before graduation. Thank you very much!
Kornilov Sergey
About design
I liked the design of the graduate's photo album
About Product
About print
the quality is good, especially considering amateur photos
About delivery
The quality of service is excellent
star star star star star
I have been using the services of the Pencil printing center for several years. I made several paperback and hardcover albums, ordered a calendar as a gift. It is convenient to use the editor, everything is clear. The score is 10 points.
Vorozhtsova Natalia
About design
It's great that you can choose an album design for every taste, for any event.
About Product
Everything is done on time.
About print
The print quality is decent.
About delivery
The quality of service is good.
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