Wall flip calendars from 4.41 BYN when ordering "Online promo 48 hours". More detailed
Wall flip calendars from 4.41 BYN when ordering "Online promo 48 hours". More detailed

Digitization of video tapes

  • Prices and terms
  • Cassettes and recording formats

Prices and terms

Digitization of videotapes at affordable prices

Video digitization is the process of converting a video recording from a videocassette into a digital file for viewing, storing, further converting, processing and other use. First of all, digitization of video cassettes helps to preserve the video recording - due to the imperfection of the data storage technology on video cassettes, the film demagnetizes over time, stripes appear on the video, image clarity disappears, sound deteriorates.
We accept orders for digitizing videotapes at affordable prices in Minsk in pavilions No. 1,4, 7.

Prices, discounts, deadlines
Название/количество1 и более
Оцифровка видеокассет VHS, VHS-C, miniDV, Video8 (HG 8 mm), за 1 мин0,31
Обработка видео (разбивка на разделы, создание меню диска, конвертация), за 1 мин0,22
  • The minimum cost is calculated based on the cost of 1 hour. An incomplete hour is calculated by the minute
  • Video output format - VOB or MPEG-2, 25 fps, 720x576 pic; or WMV, 25 fps, 640x480 pic
  • VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Video8 (HG 8 mm) cassettes are accepted for digitization
  • The preliminary deadline for the order is up to 7 days, please specify by phone. +375 17 3 290 290
  • Orders for digitization are accepted in Pavilions No. 1, 4, 7 of the Pencil Printing Center

Cassettes and recording formats

Videotapes that we accept for digitization
  • VHS is the most common type of videocassette, it is also called a "large videocassette"; such videocassettes were used in standard video recorders.
  • VHS-C is a videocassette format for compact video cameras, through a special adapter such a videocassette could be viewed in a conventional video recorder. They are often called a "small cassette for a video camera" or a "16 mm cassette", which is not entirely true, because the width of the film of this cassette is 12.65 mm.
  • Mini DV is a digital video cassette format. Due to the high quality, these videotapes were used for both amateur and professional videography.
  • Video8 (HG 8 mm) - analog video cassettes with 8 mm magnetic tape.

Video recording formats
When placing an order, you can choose the desired file format based on the equipment on which you plan to view the digitized video:
  • DVD-Video (for burning to a DVD disc) is the most common video file format: it is convenient for storage, can be read by almost all DVD players and personal computers with DVD players.
  • Windows Media Video, WMV (for recording to a flash drive, external hard drive or DVD) - the format is supported by Windows systems, the video is recorded as a single file, takes up relatively little space, and is played on most computers, tablets, TVs with USB. At the same time, we recommend clarifying the support for WMV files on your device.
  • AVI (for recording to a flash drive, external hard drive or DVD) - ideal for viewing on a personal computer, laptop, tablet. It is played by almost all DVD players. At the same time, we recommend clarifying the support for avi files with the MPEG-2 codec on your device.
We can burn the digitized video file to your flash drive or to our flash drive, CD-R or DVD-R discs.

Сохраните свои видео из 90-х

  • Семейные торжества, свадьбы, юбилеи, снятые на видео в 90-е годы прошлого века - эти воспонимания действительно бесценны, и хочется сохранить их для себя и будущих поколений.
  • Качество видео на кассете со временем ухудшается - при этом цифровая запись хранится практически вечно. Не откладывайте в "долгий ящик" оцифровку ваших видеокассет.
  • Видео после оцифровки легко обработать - добавить титры, музыку, спецэффекты может не только профессионал, но и обычный пользователь компьютера.

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