10% DISCOUNT until 22.03 on photo books, photo albums by promo code: TOPGo over
10% DISCOUNT until 22.03 on photo books, photo albums by promo code: TOPGo over


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Prices, discounts, deadlines

Buy magnetic calendar for 2023 year

Magnetic calendars for the refrigerator
We will print magnetic calendars on the refrigerator of any size and shape. Simply order in the online editor by selecting a layout from the catalog of ready-made designs. Printing from 1 piece, delivery in Minsk and throughout Belarus.

The original solution for the calendar
Magnetic calendar is a printed image with your photo, text and calendar grid on a vinyl magnetic base. The calendar magnet is placed on the refrigerator, any metal surface. A strong magnet secures the product securely.

Make your calendar 2023 online
Choose a ready-made magnetic calendar design from our catalog, just add a photo and text. The best price for magnet calendars is available for making "Online Promo 48 hours". If you need to get a magnetic calendar as soon as possible - choose the manufacturer "Online 24 hours" or "Urgent, with advice". Order a magnetic calendar for yourself, please your children and loved ones with an original gift!

Prices, discounts, deadlines
Magnetic calendar 10x15 cm6,836,15,434,42
Magnetic calendar 10x15 cm, production time - 48 hours6,836,15,434,42
Magnetic calendar 20x30 cm26,7523,919,1316,44
Magnetic calendar 20x30 cm, production time - 48 hours26,7523,919,1316,44
Magnetic calendar 30x40 cm52,8247,4438,0932,83
Magnetic calendar 30x40 cm, production time - 48 hours52,8247,4438,0932,83
  • Other sizes, shapes and materials are possible. Call: +375 17 3 290 290 .
  • Printing from a layout prepared in an online editor or in accordance withRules for preparing layouts. When printing from the catalog of designs, the price increases by the price of using the design of the Printing Center "Pencil". The full system of prices and discounts is presented in our price list. Calculate the price of magnetic calendars for your layout.
  • The production time is 24 hours (for orders up to 200 rubles). Super-urgent production is possible: check the possibility and cost with the operator by phone +375 17 3 290 290 .

Calculate your layout


Your project files
Max file size - 200 MB.
Cost of manufacturing
Automatic order without operator call
Urgent printing and operator consultation
Number of copies
for 1piece
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for online payment
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Prices are for printing from the ready-made layout. The shipping cost is not included, delivery is possible all over Belarus

Dimensions and materials

Dimensions and materials of calendars on a magnet

Choose your size
You can choose the following sizes for magnetic calendars:
  • 10x15 cm
  • 20x30 cm
  • 30x40 cm
When calculating the cost of the order, the system will display information about the recommended quantity for the best price:
  • for 10x15-multiple of 8 pcs.
  • 20x30-multiple of 2 pcs.
We can develop for you an exclusive design of a magnetic calendar of any size (width up to 600 mm), as well as a different shape, for example, in the form of your company's logo.

Best quality even for small sizes
To get the best image quality even for the smallest elements (for example, a calendar grid for the year for a 10x15 layout with your photo), we use professional laser printers and original consumables.

Premium paper and reliable magnet
The picture for the magnetic calendar is printed on super glossy premium paper with a density of 250 g/m. The printout is securely glued to magnetic vinyl with a self-adhesive layer. In order to preserve the presentable appearance of the magnetic calendar for as long as possible, select the "Rounding corners" option when ordering.

Примагнитит внимание

Календарь-магнит - оригинальный и практичный аксессуар:
  • Всегда навиду - календарь на холодильнике - отличное место для вашей рекламы, которая не останется без внимания и будет продвигать ваши услуги или товары целый год.
  • Сувенир с фото - фотографии близких людей или снимки с отдыха, которые вы разместите на магнитном календаре, надолго сохранят приятные воспоминания.
  • Эффектный подарок - календарь на магните станет необычным и эффектным подарком даже при ограниченном бюджете.
star star star star star
The Brand Factory company expresses its gratitude to the staff of the Pencil printing center for high-quality work and quick results. It is not the first year that we have been ordering printing and souvenir products at the center. I am glad that all the work can be planned directly through the site using a convenient constructor. There is no need to go anywhere, coordinate. Everything is visually visible at once, you can just give it to print.
Skopinov Artem
star star star star star
Good afternoon. I made a photo book as a gift. I was very satisfied with the quality of work and speed. Despite the poor quality of the photos, the album turned out to be colorful and high-quality.
Tikhomirova Ekaterina
About design
The paperback album turned out to be very beautiful.
About print
The print quality is excellent.
About delivery
The service is very fast.
star star star star star
Tikhonovich Elena
About print
Thank you "Pencil" for the excellent quality of T-shirts and printing. You have decorated our family holiday.
star star star star star
Many thanks to the employees of your center, the order is executed qualitatively 😊 The delivery time and price were very pleased👍👍👍 I will contact you again ☺️👌👌
Ekaterina Kuhlevskaya
star star star star star
We ordered various products - posters, photo albums, labels for laptops and labels for lunchboxes, and a lot of photos. All online via order designers, convenient and fast. Only here it was possible to do everything together and still get a general discount. And the prices for printing photos are generally the lowest. I didn't like that to order a photo album, you need to work in the online designer yourself. Respect to the professionals, thank you. And parking nearby is free.
Kasperovich Vasili
About design
design as design
About Product
all kinds of printing in one place, like a hypermarket
About print
About delivery
everything is standard , nothing special , but fast
star star star star star
I liked everything very much, the quality is super
Alexander Samusevich
About design
About Product
Everything is done qualitatively
About print
Everything is fine
About delivery
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