Wall flip calendars from 4.41 BYN when ordering "Online promo 48 hours". More detailed
Wall flip calendars from 4.41 BYN when ordering "Online promo 48 hours". More detailed

Printing and binding presentations

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Prices are for printing from the ready-made layout. The shipping cost is not included, delivery is possible all over Belarus

  • Printing presentations
  • Materials and technologies

Printing presentations

Printing presentations

The presentation of your project at the highest level
Successful performance at a lecture, seminar, workshop or other event is not possible without print a presentation. Bright graphics, images and concise presentation of the paper allow students to learn the material in full. Printed center "Pencil" executes orders any edition 1 PCs.

Printing a presentation online, delivery in 1 day
Use the calculator to calculate and print a presentation on our site: choose required options (format, binding, paper, etc.) and send it to print. Save time on the trip to the pavilion — arrange courier delivery of the order in the office or home.

Prices, discounts, terms
Print a presentation in a hurry or to order. Select urgency print "Online promo 48 hours" to get the best prices.

Printout of 48 hours
А4, ч/б печать на бумаге офисной 80 г, срок изготовления - 48 часов0,110,10,090,08
А4, цветная печать на бумаге офисной 80 г, срок изготовления - 48 часов0,410,210,180,13
А4, цветная печать на бумаге мелованной (глянцевой) 115 г, срок изготовления - 48 часов0,450,230,20,15
А3, ч/б печать на бумаге офисной 80 г, срок изготовления - 48 часов0,150,120,120,12
А3, цветная печать на бумаге офисной 80 г, срок изготовления - 48 часов0,410,410,240,24
А3, цветная печать на бумаге мелованной (глянцевой) 115 г, срок изготовления - 48 часов0,450,450,280,28

Urgent printing
Название/количество1 - 1920 - 4950 - 99100 - 199200 - 499500 - 9991000 - 19992000 - 9999>9999
Печать А4 черно-белая0,350,280,260,240,190,150,120,100,08
1 - 910 - 2425 - 4950 - 99100 - 249250 - 499500 - 24992500 - 4999>4999
Печать А3 черно-белая0,700,560,520,480,380,300,240,200,16
Название/количество1 - 910 - 1920 - 4950 - 99100 - 149150 - 249250 - 499>499
Печать А4 цветная3,302,201,801,701,300,900,450,25
Название/количество1 - 45 - 910 - 1920 - 2425 - 4950 - 99100 - 149150 - 249250 - 499>499
Печать А3 цветная5,504,002,702,502,302,001,300,900,450,25
  • Printing from the layout prepared in accordance with the Rules of the preparation of layouts. A complete system of prices and discounts shown in our price list.
  • Production time - 24 or 48 hours (for orders up to 200 RUB.). Possible supercrane manufacturer: the possibility and cost specify at the operator on the phone +37517 3 290 290.

Materials and technologies

Materials and technologies for printing presentations

We use high-quality materials for printing presentations. The list of available materials is determined by the type you choose seals.

Paper for color or black-and-white professional printing
  • Semi-matt premium
  • Coated (glossy) premium

Paper for black and white printing
  • Office paper
  • Premium semi-matte paper
These types of paper are available when ordering presentations "Urgent, with consultation" and "Online 24 hours". For urgency "Online promo 48 hours" for office paper of 80 g is available for black-and - white printing, office paper of 80 g and glossy (coated) 115 g are available for color professional printing.

Binding of the presentation
By default, the calculator for calculating the order for printing presentations is set to a metal spring binding, since it is most often used when printing presentations. At the same time, you can choose a different type of binding, for example, on a plastic spring, hard or soft. You can see the details of the selected parameters by clicking on the ⓘicon.
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The website chic. It's very simple and clear...the Speed, quality and responsiveness of staff all at the highest level! Ordered 56 pieces photo figure 48 A4 and I paid only 30 rubles!!! Pleases discounts. When paying via SSIS 3%, and when the first order collage with their layout gave 10% on your next order! It is now my favorite in printing pictures...
Grudnichka Olesya
About design
Just Shine.
About Product
Quality customer 100%
About print
Super. All doubted the choice, but it turned out that in vain
About delivery
I love it..from the moment of ordering and the finished photo on hand it's only been three days. Ordering
star star star star star
Design beadwork in the frame of a baguette. Ordering is done quickly and efficiently.
Natalia Kuzma
About delivery
Thank Victoria, who took the order, for assistance, consultation in a double frame.
star star star star star
Order prints of the photos , was dealt with very quickly! I will seek another
Maxim Kasonka
star star star star star
Amazing!! Well done guys! Ordering is done very efficiently and in the fastest time possible. Thank you so much ! I advise all)
Fomenko Vadim Konstantinovich
star star star star star
Addressed in Pencil to print posters of large dimensions. Sent it via the editor. Employee Nikita I almost immediately called back , explained the details of my order and the next day the order was ready. Thank you for quickly and efficiently fulfilled order.
Alexander E
star star star star star
Everything is fine. Printed photos for the first time, photos are great quality, ordering was easy to do, convenient to take, for 96 photos paid 9.60, it's very cheap. Will be ordering more. Thank you, I am very pleased.
Olga Chechko
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