Design Souvenirs, design of souvenir production

Разработка дизайна сувенирной продукции
Design of souvenir production
We carry out the design of business and promotional gifts with logo, corporate gifts in the same style. Based on your ideas efficiently develop the design on a t-shirt, cap, mug, sticker on the laptop etc.
Дизайн подарков и сувениров
Design of corporate gifts
Give partners and potential clients functional Souvenirs with symbols of your business! Order your design business Souvenirs, pens, flash drives, wall clocks, mugs and other accessories.
Дизайн сувениров для вашего бизнеса
Souvenir designs for Your business
Create design Souvenirs that you enter your accessories in the right interior, accentuate the uniqueness of the brand: pillows for hotel or Agriturismo, aprons and plates for the restaurant, the hours for the office.
Разработка дизайна подарков
Design gifts for loved ones
We developed the design of Souvenirs with pictures of a loved one, creative captions and prints. For You - custom design services of labels on bottles, clocks, phone cases, t-shirts and other Souvenirs. Why personalized gifts are more valuable than standard? The answer is simple: it is always nice to exclusive.
The estimated cost of the design of souvenir products:
  • Baseball cap, Panama 11,50 RUB. | 23,00 RUB, | 41,40 RUB
  • Mug - 34,50 RUB. | 62,10 RUB. | 103,50 RUB
  • Shirt, bag, jigsaw puzzle, pillow, apron, watch 41,40 RUB. | 82,80 RUB. | 110,40 RUB
  • First level: the creation of a design layout based on existing layouts, layout of existing materials
  • Level II: create a design layout based on one of the finished ideas with the selection of some materials in a similar style
  • Level III: create a design layout based on one of the finished ideas with the selection of new materials in the selected style
The cost of the design services depends on the time that the designer spends on your order. In order to obtain the best price and to promptly receive the order, prepare the following for your layout:
  • the text you will use
  • logo and other relevant images
  • examples of style and other design features
With us you get a professional design layout quickly, safely and easily.
Possible remote execution of the order and work online.
Experience in the printing industry - more than 20 years. Working seven days a week.

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Thank you Catherine and Michael working in the 5th set. You so quickly and with creative ingenuity figured out how to make my "burning" idea! Friday evening, an hour before closing time! Really appreciate it!! You guys are Pros and good people! It was nice to chat with you! And pleased with the souvenir! Thank you!
Manzhulina Ms. Natallia
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The website chic. It's very simple and clear...the Speed, quality and responsiveness of staff all at the highest level! Ordered 56 pieces photo figure 48 A4 and I paid only 30 rubles!!! Pleases discounts. When paying via SSIS 3%, and when the first order collage with their layout gave 10% on your next order! It is now my favorite in printing pictures...
Grudnichka Olesya
About design
Just Shine.
About Product
Quality customer 100%
About print
Super. All doubted the choice, but it turned out that in vain
About delivery
I love it..from the moment of ordering and the finished photo on hand it's only been three days. Ordering
star star star star star
Design beadwork in the frame of a baguette. Ordering is done quickly and efficiently.
Natalia Kuzma
About delivery
Thank Victoria, who took the order, for assistance, consultation in a double frame.