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Разработка дизайна сувенирной продукции
Souvenir product design
We design business and promotional souvenirs with a logo, corporate gifts in the same style. Based on your idea, we will promptly develop a design for a T-shirt, cap, mug, laptop sticker, etc.
Дизайн подарков и сувениров
Corporate gift design development
Give partners and potential customers functional souvenirs with symbols of your business! Order the design of business souvenirs – pens, flash drives, wall clocks, mugs and other accessories.
Дизайн сувениров для вашего бизнеса
Souvenir design for your business
We will create a souvenir product design that will successfully fit your accessories into the desired interior, emphasize the uniqueness of the brand: pillows for a hotel or an agricultural estate, aprons and plates for a restaurant, watches for the office.
Разработка дизайна подарков
Gift design for loved ones
We will design souvenirs with photos of a loved one, creative signatures and prints. For you - services of individual design of labels on bottles, watches, phone cases, T-shirts and other souvenirs. Why are personal gifts more valuable than standard ones? The answer is simple: it's always nice to receive an exclusive.
Prices for the design of souvenirs - - individual work of the designer:
The cost of design services depends on the time spent working on your order.

Level I (without searching for elements): creating a design layout based on one idea and ready-made materials: selecting a design from a catalog, arranging a font and ready-made elements up to 3 pcs., inserting photos, ready-made text blocks without font selection, without searching for elements.
Level II (search for up to 3 items): creating a design layout based on one idea with the selection of materials in a similar style: selection and layout of similar elements or font up to 3 pcs., inserting photos in a given order.
  • Baseball cap, panama - 48,00 p. | 96,00 p.
  • Mug - 48,00 p. | 96,00 p.
  • T-shirt, bag, puzzle, pillow, apron, watch - 96,00 p. | 192,00 p.

Standard works:
  • Printing and souvenirs, 1 page, up to 3 elements - 96,00 p. | 192,00 p.
  • Printing and souvenirs, 1 page, up to 3 elements and layout of text blocks - 144,00 p. | 240,00 p.
  • Multi-page printing in one style, up to 3 elements - 144,00 p. | 240,00 p.
  • Multi-page printing in one style, up to 3 elements and layout - 192,00 p. | 288,00 p.
  • The logo is 192,00 p. | 384,00 p.
For remote work, the price includes 1 correction up to 5 minutes, preparation of 1 page of the file for printing 5 minutes.

All design services:
  • Initial consultation of the designer, up to 15 minutes - 48,00 p.
  • Designer's work, file preparation, consultation, 60 minutes - 192,00 p.
  • Making adjustments to the designer's layout, up to 10 minutes - 32,00 p.
  • Search and layout of elements in a similar style, 1 pc. - 32,00 p.
  • Font selection in a similar style, 1 pc. - 32,00 p.
  • Background search and selection, 1 pc. - 32,00 p.
  • Layout of ready-made elements and fonts, up to 3 pcs. - 48,00 p.
  • Layout of text blocks, 1 pc. - 32,00 p.
  • Placement of photos according to a template, up to 5 pcs. - 48,00 p.
  • Placing photos individually, up to 5 pcs. - 96,00 p.
  • Preparing a layout using images from photo banks - 32,00 p.
  • Retouching, improve photo quality, background removal, photo coloring, 1 pc. - 48,00 p.| 96,00 p.
  • Preparing the file for printing, for approval, 1 page - 16,00 p.| 48,00 p.| 144,00 p.
  • Rendering, cutting contour, restoration of old photos - individually

In order to get the best price and receive the order promptly, prepare the following data for your layout:
  • the text that you will use
  • logo and other necessary images
  • examples of style and other design features
With us, you get a professional layout design quickly, reliably and conveniently.
Remote order fulfillment and online operation are possible.
More than 20 years of experience in the printing industry. We work seven days a week.

Make an appointment with the designer by phone. +375 17 3 290 295 or send the order description files

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Free mail delivery in Belarus from 75 rubles.

star star star star star
It was a very amazing experience. My briefcase. It was necessary to make a scroll of non-standard size and non-standard design in a day! Votik Anastasia immediately got into the orders and provided maximum assistance, and the tone of communication (and we communicated a lot, because I am a demanding customer) was positive and friendly. Thank you so much for your involvement, friendliness and wonderful and above all expectations result!
Ilya Stovba.
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Above all praise
About delivery
Very quickly!
star star star star star
I am very grateful for the prompt, high-quality work. I ordered stickers for gift bags for children at graduation in elementary school. The order was completed in a few hours and shipped on the same day, so everything arrived on time and made it possible to please the children. Thank you for completing the order very quickly. The quality is excellent. The price is affordable. I recommend the pencil printing center!
Komarova Elena.
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Everything's fine
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I'm happy with everything
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star star star star star
They printed stickers on bags for gifts to graduates. The order was completed very quickly. The delivery is fast. The quality is good. We are very satisfied with the order!!!
Komarova Elena.
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Decent quality
About delivery
star star star star star
To be honest, I didn't know that a branch of the Pencil printing center had opened on Gikalo! I had an urgent order, but not printing a couple of sheets, but printing a roll-up! And this is far from fast! The guys did it in less than 2 hours! The cost of work has been increased for the urgency of the work, but it is not so important when it is on fire! Thank you very much for your help and assistance! For a professional approach to your work! Also, while waiting for an order, you can drink delicious coffee from the Varka network, they are in the same open space!
Maria Arbuzova
star star star star star
Sad prints on T-shirts. Everything is fast, super. The girl has changed her mind, clarified everything.
Ksenia Openko
star star star star star
I printed postcards on Khmelnitsky for the first time, I had no idea what sizes and paper there were from the word at all. The operator Irina was very polite and immediately helped with the choice and showed illustrative examples!! It helped a lot and gave me a good mood for the whole day. I also told you about orders through the website, I will definitely print more!!
Daria Pogranovskaya.
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Everything is super
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At the height
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