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Prices, discounts, deadlines

Order large-format lamination of posters, posters, films and paper

Additional protection of the printed image
Large-format lamination provides the printout with additional protection from the effects of the external environment - humidity, sun burnout, etc., prolongs the service life. Order the lamination of a poster, knurling on plastic, foam board, or other large-format printout to give an additional matte effect or glossy shine. Large-format lamination can be used both for interior printing and for printouts that will be used on the street. Lamination is also used to protect floor graphics - printouts on self-adhesive film, glued to the floor (advertising, signs, etc.).

Prices, discounts, deadlines
Name/Quantity1 - 45 - 78 - 1516 - 2425 - 3233 - 4849 - 81>81
Lamination with a width of 0.61 m., for 1 p.m. (matte, glossy)17,215,714,112,911,810,79,58,5
1 - 23 - 45 - 1011 - 1516 - 2122 - 3233 - 54>54
Lamination with a width of 1.05 m., for 1 p.m. (matte, glossy)28,126,523,721,619,617,71614,3
до 2,82,8 - 55 - 1010 - 1515 - 2020 - 3131 - 52>52
Lamination with a width of 1.24 m., for 1 p.m. (matte, glossy)35,433,12926,624,3222017,6
до 1,81,8 - 33 - 66 - 99 - 1212 - 1919 - 31>31
Lamination with a width of 1.58 m, for 1 p.m. (matte, glossy)45,142,237,534,331,428,225,422,6
1 - 123 - 67 - 910 - 1314 - 2021 - 37>37
Double-sided self-adhesive film (for decoration works) 1.3 m wide.72,768,961,255,450,646,141,535,5
Laminate for floor graphics, width 1.3 m.102,49997,59084,78075,969
  • We carry out lamination from 1 The minimum cost of an order for large-format lamination is calculated as the cost of: 1 sq.m. lamination with ordinary laminate; 0.5 sq.m. - double-sided self-adhesive film; 0.5 sq.m. - laminate for floor graphics
  • Prices are indicated for 1 linear meter of one-sided lamination. The price of a two-sided is equal to double the cost of a one-sided
  • Cutting price is not included
  • Lamination density 80 microns
  • Prices are indicated for urgent production. Deadlines for the execution of large circulation orders are negotiated additionally. Learn more by phone.+375 17 3 290 293.

Dimensions, materials, technologies

Dimensions, materials, technologies of large-format lamination

Characteristics of laminating films
Roll lamination film allows you to laminate A2, A1, A0 and other formats. The film of the following characteristics is always available:
  • Roll width - 610, 1030, 1240, 1350, 1580 mm - there are practically no restrictions on the length of lamination
  • Coating - matte, glossy
  • Thickness - 80 microns
  • Protection - from UV radiation, humidity (partially); does not add additional rigidity
Hot lamination is used for lamination of A3, A4, A5 and smaller documents.

Technology of large-format lamination
A large-format laminator is used to apply the laminating film. The film (due to the presence of glue on it) under the influence of the laminator shafts (without heating) is securely fixed to the surface of the printout. You can order one-sided (film coating on one side, for example, paper) or double-sided lamination (for example, for self-adhesive film). During cold large-format lamination, the edges of the product are not sealed, so the edges of the product may be exposed to moisture.

Features of lamination of the customer's originals
We perform large-format lamination services efficiently and on time. At the same time, we do not guarantee the quality or do not perform lamination in special cases:
  • for originals made on thin paper (up to 100 g/m)
  • for the customer's contaminated originals
  • for the customer's originals with additional layers of paper, adhesive tape applied (glued) to them, glued from several parts, dilapidated, crumpled, deformed, having bends, creases, incisions, etc.
In particularly critical cases, it is recommended to pre-scan the original in order to be able to restore it in case of a marriage.
Our works
Large-format lamination of posters, signage, stands, growth figures urgently and to order

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I express my great gratitude to the employee who completed the order PH157553. I was making an album for the first time, especially a very important one for me - a wedding album👰♀️💍 Everything is done efficiently, quickly, there are no complaints and there can not be!) I am very happy, the photos turned out juicy, bright, I want to review the album) I will definitely come to you for printing photos and will advise you to my friends and acquaintances☺️
Konkova Olga
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Super!Especially the album cover)
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The quality is amazing!
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Thick sheets and perfect printing!
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100 out of 100
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I ordered and edited 3 photo albums for the first time in November 2022 . I have asked for advice several times by landline. Responsiveness, attentiveness, sociability and politeness of specialists, production time and postal delivery in 1 day, and most importantly - the super-quality of the albums received exceeded my expectations! Everything is great! A nice bonus was the discount for the order. I am delighted with your service! In the near future I will order several more albums and print photos. Showing your photo masterpieces, I recommend your site to friends and acquaintances!
Golovan Marina
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Excellent, you can add more styles to photo albums
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I want to express my gratitude for the good work of the Pavilion No. 4 specialists who worked in the late evening on 11.11.22. Skillful and competent consultation helped to solve the issue promptly. Thanks!!!
Stanislav Zholkevsky
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I ordered the printing of photos number 48. Pleasantly surprised. Firstly, for such a price, the quality is simply wonderful. Secondly, they promised within a week, and sent it the next day. I didn't even have to wait. And packed the photos securely and neatly. Thirdly, a very convenient built-in editor, I have all the photos from different devices, I easily set up the print area myself. Thank you very much! I will order more.
Makarova Anna
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They did it quickly. The paint is of high quality. Everything is OK.
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I ordered the printing of business cards. The color rendering is good. Delivery on time. I was worried about sending it by mail, but everything came neatly packed in a box, a bag and a bubble wrap, not a single business card was crumpled. I took the payment by cash on delivery, for which I also thank you, it was more convenient to pay upon receipt. Thanks to the Pencil team👍
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I did the design myself
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All super performed
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